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[Photograph: OHPG0468]

Description: Sinnett School, District 58., Pawnee County, I.T. The teacher picture far right was Mrs Van Pelt. Ida (Ackley) McCollum is located on the front row, 10th from left. The log cabin school was originally built in 1894. It was a suggestion from Ida McCollum that gave Indian Electric Cooperative its name
Date: 1899
Partner: Keystone Crossroads Historical Society

OSFA Conv. (1896) (167 MB)

Description: Photograph of twenty four people standing in front of a stable. The Norman FD team and wagon also appear. This is believed to be the oldest known OSFA Convention photo, taken in Norman, OK, in May, 1896.
Date: 1896
Partner: Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum

Frank Harrah's Store

Description: Photograph of Frank Harrah's Store: Grain Dealer, Dry Goods, Groceries, and Hardware in Harrah, Oklahoma Territory, c. 1899. Frank Harrah, third from the left, Cal Harrah, sixth from the left, and Jack Spencer, far right.
Date: 1899~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Large Group

Description: Photograph of L to R: Ruby Bailey, Ed Scott, Jennie Mckeever (Mrs. Sutton), Carl Leach, Alice V. Beitman (Mrs. Heaney), Daisy Jones, Nina Johnson, and UNKNOWN. (2nd Row Seated) UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, R. A. Sullivan, Ethel Walker, and UNKNOWN. (Front Row on Floor) A. J. Adamson, Rella Harbor, Bella Hendry, Hattie Dunn, and UNKNOWN, c. 1891.
Date: 1891~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians

Description: Photograph Of a Delegation Of Cheyenne And Arapahoe Indians, November, 1891. L. To R.: Front: 1. Cabby Bull, Arapaho; 2. Black Coyote, Arapaho; 3. Mrs. Left Hand, Arapaho; 4. Left Hand, Arapaho; 5. Cloud Chief, Cheyenne; 6. Little Chief, Cheyenne; 7. Wolf Robe; 8. Little Bear, Cheyenne; Back: 1. Row Of Lodges Arapaho; 2. Black Wolf, Arapaho; 3. Jessie Bent; 4. Capt. D. L. Wright; 5. Leonard Tyler; 6. Kish Hawkins; 7. Benjamin Beveridge. Photo By C. M. Bell, Washington, DC, 1891
Date: November 1891
Creator: Bell, C. M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Members of the First US Court

Description: Photograph of the members of the First US Court, Muskogee, Indian Territory. L to R: Pliny Soper, Clerk, James M. Shackelford, first Federal Judge. Back: Col. Thomas B. Needles, US Marshal, and Col. Zachary T. Walrowd. Photo by J.F. Standiford, Muskogee, Indian Territory, c.1890.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Standiford, J. F.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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