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[Photograph 2012.201.OVZ001.8448]

Description: Photograph used for a story in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper. Caption: "Pawhuska, capital of the Osage Indian nation and county seat of the largest county in Oklahoma, is pulling away from the oil and cattle economy that has been its mainstay always. Oil and cattle are still its lifeblood, but the war brought it a taste of industrail prosperity which it is still indulging to a great degree. During the war the big Blake Manufacturing Co. operated seven canvas-goods plant here and trained hundred of workers. Blake is retaining many of these peace-time operators, and other small businesses, which sprang up under the impetus of war contracts are absorbing others and branching into lines varied products. However, oil, and particularly cattle, continue as the city's economic foundation. Established by charter in 1906. Pawhuska now has a population of 7,000. It ispractically debt free and will have cleaned up the last of its bonds by 1950. Geographically, it is one of the most picturesque cities in Oklahoma. Laid out in triangular patterns, streets in the old townsite are angled and irregular. As a result, any business buildings angular affairs. The Osage Indian agency, which guides the affairs of the oil-wealthy Osage tribe, is an important factor in Pawhusk'a life. The old Osage Boarding school was where Adm. March Mitscher and the late Maj. Gen. Clarence Tinker got thier early schooling."
Date: August 10, 1946
Creator: Kaho, C. J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.B1010.0025]

Description: Photograph used for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "The rooms at The Inn at Woodyard Farms are named various wildflowers, and guests are encouraged to make themselves at home."
Date: January 15, 1994
Creator: Argo, Jim
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.OVZ001.8449]

Description: Photograph used for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "(aerial photo of businesses and buildings along the streets all around, residential area arounf the top right, and more. Frontside handwriting: "Don's Pawhuska.")"
Date: 1946
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.OVZ001.8447]

Description: Photograph used for a story in the Oklahoma City Times newspaper. Caption: "The steps from Ki-He-Kah boulevard up Agency hill at Pawhuska are a challenge to man during the hot summer days when it is easier to drive up the back road to the agency buildings. In early days the steps were used the year around and on the top level were held the first oil lease sales that eventually made the Osage Indians the richest per capita nation in the world."
Date: August 20, 1949
Creator: Miller, Joe
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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