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Tonto's Men

Description: Photograph of two of Tonto's men from the area of Pueblo Creek to the junction of the Rio Verde with the Salinas, December 1853 - January 1854.
Date: 1853~/1854~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Indians of Oklahoma

Description: Booklet published by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1966. This was the first in a series to be published on Indians of various regions. 16 pages, published material
Date: 1966
Partner: Ardmore Public Library

Hymns from the Choctaw hymn book

Description: Four hymns: "Sinners, Can You Hate the Savior?", "Prayer To The Holy Spirit", "Meditation On Death", Confessions Of Depravity And Helplessness", and one with no name in english (Uba Isht Taloa 35) 1 page, mimeographed obtained by Mac McGalliard at Kullihoma, Oct. 15 '66
Date: unknown
Partner: Ardmore Public Library

Chief Black Bird

Description: Accounts from the life of this chief of the Omahas, his leadership, superstious beliefs, death from smallpox and burial on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River are included. 3 pages, published material
Date: 1970
Creator: Peterson, Glenda
Partner: Ardmore Public Library

Indian Showcase Center Proposed

Description: Story of proposed Indian cultural center in the Checotah, Ok., area. Planned exhibits and attractions are outlined. This project was suggested by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Area Re-Development Admin. Newspaper article, original
Date: 2013
Creator: Goddard, Mary
Partner: Ardmore Public Library