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Wagoner, I.T. "Queen City of the Prairies"

Description: Article describes the founding and growth of the City of Wagoner in the wake of its upcoming centennial. Brad Agnew discusses the conflict that occurred as one of the towns in Indian Territory attempted to achieve self-determination in a diverse area, the education system that evolved there, and the crime that threatened Wagoner's railroads.
Date: Winter 1986
Creator: Agnew, Brad
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Indian's Friend, John H. Seger

Description: Article continues to chronicle the life and accomplishments of John H, Seger by explaining the accomplishments of his wife, Mary Esther Nicholas, through newspaper articles. Segar was the principal and owner of the Seger Indian Trading School where he managed the education and training of Cheyenne and Arapaho youths.
Date: Summer 1933
Creator: Peery, Dan W.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Yakni Achukma, The School with a Soul": A History of the Goodland Indian Orphanage

Description: Article describes the founding and history of Goodland Indian Orphanage, one of the few mid-nineteenth century schools for Native American children that promoted inclusion of their culture and language along with assimilation initiatives. Ruby Wile includes personal recollections of the LaCroix family, four Choctaw children who lived at the Presbyterian institution.
Date: Winter 2002
Creator: Wile, Ruby
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Osage Plea for Freedom Revisited

Description: Article explores the history of the Osage Nation and their connections with the Catholic religion. James D. White examines their sense of disconnectedness from their spiritual life with their relocation to Indian Territory and the complications that ensued in the wake of their request for Catholic missionaries to be sent to the area.
Date: Summer 1995
Creator: White, James D.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

An Experiment in Education: The Osage Manual Training School, Views from Letters

Description: Article describes life and schoolwork at the Osage Manual Training School and the problems faced when trying to provide instruction to Osage children. Barbara Speas Havira uses letters from the period to construct a portrait of the experience of educators and students there, as well as negative attitudes towards the Osage people.
Date: Winter 1998
Creator: Havira, Barbara Speas Havira
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Eliza Jane Ross: A Pioneer Cherokee Educator

Description: Article provides a biography of Eliza Jane Ross, niece of Cherokee Chief John Ross and prominent pioneer teacher within the Cherokee Nation, paying tribute to her dedication as an educator and impact on the communities she taught.
Date: Summer 2009
Creator: McCullagh, James G.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 34, Number 4, Winter 1956-57

Description: Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 34, Number 4, Winter 1956-57. It includes additional information for Chronicles articles, a document about the history of Chickasaw education, some notes on the history of the Wyandot tribe, and an address delivered by Dr. Heman Humphrey about the rights of American Indians.
Date: Winter 1956
Creator: Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975; Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967; Nieberding, Velma & Humphrey, Heman
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Miss Sophia Sawyer and Her School

Description: Article provides historical background for the work of Miss Sophia Sawyer, who began a female seminary for both Cherokee and white students in the Cherokee Nation and also worked at several different missions. Carolyn Thomas Foreman examines her life and accomplishments through correspondence and newspaper reports.
Date: Winter 1954
Creator: Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

North Fork Town

Description: Article illustrates the history of North Fork Town, its settlement by the Creeks, the religious denominations that took root there, and the schools that were eventually built in the area. Carolyn Thomas Foreman discusses the missionaries that helped found these schools and the growth of the town.
Date: Spring 1951
Creator: Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Joe Kagey: Indian Educator

Description: Article describes the life and career of Joe Kagey. A. M. Gibson specifically focuses on his contributions at the Seneca Indian School and to the history of education of American Indian youth.
Date: Spring 1960
Creator: Gibson, Arrell M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Wyandotte Mission: The Early Years, 1871-1900

Description: Article discusses the history of the Wyandotte Mission from 1871 to 1900. A. M. Gibson describes the establishment of the mission school, the curriculum offered there, and the communities it served to educate and provide religious services to.
Date: Summer 1958
Creator: Gibson, Arrell M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Two Notable Women of the Creek Nation

Description: Article discusses the lives, careers, and influence of two women of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Mary Lewis Herrod and Kate Shaw Ahrens. Carolyn Thomas Foreman provides a biographical sketch of each woman and discusses how they provided education to the youths of their nation.
Date: Autumn 1957
Creator: Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Potawatomi Day Schools

Description: Article relates the history of Pottawatomi day schools, highlighting the Clardyville and Wagoza schools. Hobart D. Ragland explains the call for education among the Pottawatomis and tracks their movements across Oklahoma in the nineteenth century.
Date: Autumn 1952
Creator: Ragland, Hobert D.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Balentines, Father and Son, in the Indian Territory

Description: Article discusses the lives of Reverend Hamilton Balentine and his son, William H. Balentine. Carolyn Thomas Foreman first explores the career of the missionary teacher father and his work with the Wapanucka Institute, and then that of his son, who taught and also worked within the Cherokee government.
Date: Winter 1956
Creator: Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Until the Mothers are Reached": Field Matrons on the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation

Description: Article describes the process of attempted cultural assimilation by field matrons sent to the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Joel J. Schmidt explores the reasons for their failure, which included discrimination against the Indian women they were meant to teach.
Date: Winter 1996
Creator: Schmidt, Joel J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

There Are So Many Things Needed: Establishing the Rainy Mountain Boarding School, 1891-1900

Description: Article discusses the establishment of the Rainy Mountain Boarding School for Kiowa children on the Kiowa-Comanche Reservation and the many struggles it faced until its closing. Clyde Ellis discusses the administrative motivations behind its creation as well as some of the key figures, such as principal Cora Dunn, who kept the school running throughout hard times.
Date: Winter 1994
Creator: Ellis, Clyde
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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