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Description: Charred plane remains after a crash landing. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "LUCKY PILOT John McConnell Jr., 25 walked away unhurt from this wreckage Tuesday morning at Tulakes airport. McConnell, who lives at 5020 NW 16, is a student pilot. The plane belonged to his father, head of a construction company here. Firemen were unable to save anything but the tail assembly. McConnell said the craft smashed up between an access strip and the airport`s main runway as he was attempting to land after a local flight. Bethany firemen arrived 5 minutes after the crash."
Date: July 15, 1959
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society


Description: Photograph is the front of a wrecked wooden sided station wagon. A police officer is looking inside the window of the vehicle. The front windshield is broken and the hood of the vehicle is bent from the collision. The front wheels are askew as wwell. Caption: "SUDDEN END TO TRIP" Trooper G. E. Duggan, of the highway patrol, inspects the wrecked station wagon in which two Boy Scouts and their leader were injured Tuesday. The driver, Iredell Drew Polk, 32, of Beaumont, Texas, told Duggan the car went out of control and overturned. The accident happened a half mile west of Nicoma Park on U. S. 62. Polk said the group was homeward bound from a camping trip in New Mexico. Polk and two Scouts, Bob Harris, 14, and Troy Stidham, 15, suffered cuts and bruises and were taken to Mercy Hospital. Two other Scouts were uninjured."
Date: July 15, 1952
Creator: Miller, Joe
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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