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Mark of Heritage

Description: Book discussing the history of Oklahoma's heritage, including descriptions about the state's historic sites and museums; also included is a folded map of over 270 historical markers in the state. Index begins on page 207.
Date: 1976
Creator: Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975; Shirk, George H. & Franks, Kenny Arthur, 1945-
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Removal of the Choctaws to the Indian Territory, 1830-1833

Description: Article details the actions taken by the United States government to remove the Choctaw tribe from Mississippi to Oklahoma during the 1830s. Included are the reactions of the Choctaw chiefs to their ordinances and an appendix of correspondences written to facilitate this change.
Date: Summer 1928
Creator: Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Editorial: Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 5, Number 3, September 1927

Description: Article consists of editorials regarding content contained within previous volumes of The Chronicles. The editorials are Letters to the Editor that contain proof that W. P. Brown was the governor of the Chickasaw Nation. This has been a mystery for several decades.
Date: Autumn 1927
Creator: J. Y. B. & Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Dr. Henry G. Bennett as I Knew Him

Description: Article describes the career and accomplishments of Dr. Henry G. Bennett, who was president of Oklahoma A & M College, now Oklahoma State University, from 1928 to 1951. Berlin B. Chapman, who was a professor of history during Bennett's tenure, describes his impression of the president's impact.
Date: Summer 1955
Creator: Chapman, Berlin B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Ferdinandina: First White Settlement in Oklahoma

Description: Article describes the establishment of the historical trading post "Ferdinandina" by French explorers and the American Indian groups who settled in the same area through exploration of accounts made by Claude du Tisné and Bénard de la Harpe. Leslie A. McRill compares these accounts to the excavation of village sites by Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn.
Date: Summer 1963
Creator: McRill, Leslie A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Seneca Sub-Agency, 1832-1838

Description: Article describes the history of the Seneca Sub-Agency, established after a group of Senecas were removed to the Ottawa and Delaware Counties of Oklahoma in the Antebellum period. Frank H. Harris discusses government relations with the groups and the agents that worked on their behalf.
Date: Summer 1964
Creator: Harris, Frank H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Drive for Statehood in Oklahoma, 1889-1906

Description: Article describes the development of Oklahoma statehood, including the divisive nature of the "Separate" vs. "Single" Statehood adoption of the Oklahoma and Indian Territories. Charles Wayne Ellinger provides documentation of the views of territory residents, representatives of the American Indian Nations, and government officials in the process.
Date: Spring 1963
Creator: Ellinger, Charles Wayne
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Memories of the Indian Territory Mission Field

Description: Article describes the author's personal experiences as a student and teacher in Indian Territory. Lilah Denton Lindsey explores her own experience in the mission field as well as those she worked with. Included is an excerpt of a story told to her by Dr. R. M. Loughridge about early mission work in the area.
Date: Summer 1958
Creator: Lindsey, Lilah Denton
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Pioneer Days in the Cherokee Strip

Description: Article describes the 1893 opening of the Cherokee Strip as experienced by the author and her family. Clara Williamson Warren Bullard describes her family's settlement of their claim, water scarcity, growth of communities, and the cultivation of land.
Date: Autumn 1958
Creator: Bullard, Clara Williamson Warren
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Hook Nine Ranch in the Indian Territory

Description: Article describes the establishment of the Hendrix and Royer Ranch, also known as the Hook Nine Ranch, in Indian Territory. Ellsworth Collings discusses the founders and the results of their cattle business, providing details about the ranch and its surroundings.
Date: Winter 1955
Creator: Collings, Ellsworth
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Inland Prairie Town

Description: Article describes life at inland prairie towns that were established before railroads, and how some became county seats in Oklahoma. Albert S. Giles, Sr., describes his own personal experience at towns like these, including the people who offered services there, circuit riders, and camp houses.
Date: Autumn 1965
Creator: Giles, Albert S., Sr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Our Debt to the Iroquois

Description: Article describes the history of the federation of the Six Iroquois Nations: the Mohawks, Onondagos, Senecas, Oneidas, Cayugas, and Tuscaroras. J. F. Page describes how this group formed a basis of organization that white settlers would imitate, and whose agricultural practices also enlightened early Americans.
Date: Winter 1951
Creator: Page, J. F.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society


Description: Article chronicles the author's search for the identity of the person residing in a grave inscribed with "Tryphena's Grave."
Date: Summer 1931
Creator: Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Necrology, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 11, Number 2, June 1933

Description: Necrology section for Volume 11, Number 1, June 1933. It includes a resolution honoring the fourteen society members who passed since the last necrology section was published. Also included are documents honoring Peter Hanraty, Frank Nicholas Korn, Benjamin Franklin Creason, Jessie Robb Hobart, Mrs. Anna DeWees Fears, Mrs. Kate Edwards Bemo-Mitchell, and Mrs. Sarah Motley Anderson Scott.
Date: Summer 1933
Creator: Oklahoma Historical Society
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

An Open Letter from Too-Qua-Stee to Congressman Charles Curtis, 1898

Description: Article outlines the author's disapproval of provisions of the Curtis Act that closed the governments of the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma. The article starts with an introduction by the editor explaining the background of the letter.
Date: Autumn 1969
Creator: Duncan, DeWitt Clinton & Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

First Oklahoma Oil was Produced in 1859

Description: Article chronicles how oil was found and produced within Oklahoma, beginning in the Cherokee Nation. The article focuses on the legislation passed by the tribal court regarding oil production.
Date: Winter 1926
Creator: Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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