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Notes and Documents, Spring 2008

Description: Notes and Documents column including an article honoring the individuals who were inducted into the annual Oklahoma Historians Hall of Fame in 2008. The honorees included in this issue are Danney G. Goble and Odie B. Faulk. The other two honorees, Lawrence Hart and Bob Klemme, appear in the Summer 2008 issue.
Date: Spring 2008
Creator: Wilson, Linda D.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Few Unreasonable Proposals: Some Rejected Ideas from the Cherokee Allotment Negotiations

Description: Article describes the Cherokee Nation's striving to preserve several important elements of their political culture when facing the allotment of their tribal land in severalty. Their proposals for land ownership, judicial administration, and representation in the United States Congress were summarily rejected by the members of the Dawes Commission during the 1898-1899 talks.
Date: Winter 2006
Creator: Denson, Andrew
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Building the Grady County Courthouse: The Public Works Administration Amidst Local Politics

Description: Article details the process of building the Grady County Courthouse. Designed by the prestigious architectural firm of Layton, Hicks and Forsyth and completed in 1935 using funding provided by the Public Works Administration, the Grady County Courthouse stands as a classic example of 1930s Art Deco architecture.
Date: Spring 2006
Creator: Savage, Cynthia
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A New Frontier in Science: Robert S. Kerr, James E. Webb, and Oklahoma in the Spage Age

Description: Article discussing Oklahoma's involvement in the space race through the collaboration of Senator Robert S. Kerr and Frontiers of Science Foundation Director James E. Webb to bring the space age to Oklahoma in the 1950s and 1960s. In concert with other state leaders they promoted a National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space, encouraged science education in public schools, and brought nationally prominent space-race advocates to Oklahoma.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Moore, Bill
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Revolution for the Hell of It: Abbie Hoffman Visits Oklahoma State University in 1971

Description: Article discussing the struggle between Oklahoma State University student activists and conservative students and administrators in 1970-71 regarding the push to invite Abbie Hoffman as a campus speaker. This fueled an enormous controversy that, in the end, upheld the constitutional rights of OSU students.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Johnson, Erica
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Little Buzz Buggies": Midget Auto Racing in Oklahoma City, 1946-1964

Description: Article details the phenomenon of midget auto racing in Oklahoma, which gained popularity after World War II. Midget auto racing, held in Oklahoma City's Taft Stadium drew huge crowds and gave several race-car drivers the experiences that took them onward to the Indianapolis 500 and other major races.
Date: Summer 2007
Creator: Kurth, Galen
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma's Air Ace: William T. Ponder and World War I

Description: This article chronicles William T. Ponder's training and testing in battle against the backdrop of World War I aviation history. Ponder served with the French Aviation Service as part of the Lafayette Flying Corps and the U.S. Air Service where he became Oklahoma's first aviation war hero.
Date: Summer 2008
Creator: Moore, Bill
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Broken Thread: The Choctaw Spinning Association, 1937-1943

Description: This article details the process of reinstituting the art of spinning wool among the Choctaw as part of a project led by the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to increase the income of Choctaw women through traditional native craft and analyzes the program's unfortunate demise.
Date: Winter 2008
Creator: Petty, Christina
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Sustaining the Cherokee's Lamp of Enlightenment: The Establishment of Northeastern State Normal School

Description: Article describes the political and social process of convincing the legislature to place one of the state's normal schools, or teachers' colleges, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. By this process local citizens of Tahlequah secured Northeastern State Normal School for their town.
Date: Winter 2008
Creator: Agnew, Brad
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Fall 2008

Description: Notes and Documents column including "The Busby Theatre," an article detailing the history of the Busby Theatre in McAlester, Oklahoma, including a short biographical sketch of Colonel William "Bill" Busby, the person the theatre was named after.
Date: Autumn 2008
Creator: Shuller, Thurman
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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