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"And The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day": Drought and the Cherokee Outlet Land Run

Description: This article details the difficulties that settlers of the Cherokee Outlet faced and how they coped with adverse conditions. Many environmental and economic factors contributed to their success or failure, including a major drought on the Southern Plains that coincided with the opening of the Cherokee Outlet in 1893.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Sweeney, Kevin Z.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"An anxiety to do right": The Life of Judge John Hazelton Cotteral, 1864-1933

Description: Article provides a portrait of John H. Cotteral, the first federal judge for the Western District of Oklahoma and the first Oklahoman to occupy the bench of the circuit court of appeals. The article explores both the man and the legal opinions he wrote throughout his forty-year career.
Date: Autumn 2000
Creator: Leitch, Kevin C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Arkansas City, KS

Description: Photograph of the A. T. & S. F. Depot in Arkansas City, KS before the trains leave for Oklahoma. Photo by Phillip A. Miller, Arkansas City, KS, April 22, 1889.
Date: April 22, 1889
Creator: Miller, Phillip A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Arkansas City, KS

Description: Photograph of men waiting to register at booth #9 in Arkansas City, KS, September 11-15, 1893. Photo by L.D. Hodge, Arkansas City, KS.
Date: September 1893
Creator: Hodge, L. D.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Arkansas City, KS

Description: Photograph of 4,000 wagons crossing the Salt Fork River on a Railroad Bridge, Arkansas City, KS. Photo by William S. Prettyman, Arkansas City, KS, c. 1889.
Date: 1889~
Creator: Prettyman, William S.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

B. R. Grimes Ranch

Description: Photograph of a "Chuck wagon on a roundup at the B. R. Grimes Ranch, Clark County, KS, Cowboys eating around the fire - L to R: 6. Java Fritzlin 7. Loe Stienbaugh 10. Percy Walden, his wagon is behind 11. (Front) Jess McKinney 12. (Back) 15. Vance Lackky 17. (Front) 18. (Back) Billy Lucas 21. E. D. Gurrier - F. H. Steele's buggy at top left, c. 1905-1939.
Date: 1905~/1939~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Big Bluestem in Full Bloom

Description: Photograph of Big Bluestem in full bloom eight miles north of Randolph, Kansas on Highway #77 facing east. The back of the photograph proclaims, "Big bluestem (Andropogon furcatus) in full bloom in northeastern Kansas on limestone hill."
Date: August 12, 1938
Creator: Shuhart, D. V.
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society

Bob Moore Spreading Bluestem Seeds to Dry

Description: Photograph of Bob Moore spreading bluestem seed out to dry. The back of the photograph proclaims, "Bob Moore of Edna, Kansas, a temporary employe [sic] of the Soil Conservation Service, spreads bluestem seed out to dry on the floor of the airport hanger [sic] at Coffeyville. All this seed was out in the vicinity of Nowata, Oklahoma. It had to dry several days before it could be stored permanently in sacks."
Date: October 8, 1948
Creator: Reid, Louis
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society
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