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[Photograph 2012.201.B0228.0308]

Description: Photograph taken for a story in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper. Caption: "Calling for a general strike by 7,000 members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in Ohio is Ted V. Clemans, executive director of the union."
Date: unknown
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.B0244.0068]

Description: Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Mary Cowan, a technician in the coroner's office will also testify at the Sheppard trial for the state."
Date: December 3, 1954
Creator: International News Photo
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.B0227.0283]

Description: Photograph taken for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper. Caption: "four of the lineman who have helped Ohio State earn the nation's No. 1 defensive record are brief by coach Lyal Clark as the Buckeyes prepare for Saturday's game with Northwestern."
Date: November 2, 1950
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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