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Primary view of 48 Hours in Atoka
Donovan-Wallis, Cindy
Spring 2013
Primary view of The 1969 Oklahoma City Garbage Strike
Lowitt, Richard
Winter 2010
Primary view of Alex Howat versus John Wilkinson: Power, Personality, and Ideological Battles in the United Mine Workers
Sewell, Steven L.
Spring 2005
Primary view of "Almost Hopeless in the Wake of the Storm": The 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic in Oklahoma
Sellars, Nigel Anthony
Spring 2001
Primary view of Amazing Grace: The Influence of Christianity in Nineteenth-Century Oklahoma Ozark Music and Society
Castro, J. Justin
Winter 2008
Primary view of "America, Love It or Leave It": Some Native American Initiatives to Move to Mexico, 1890-1940
Crum, Steven
Winter 2001
Primary view of "An American Tragedy": Oklahomans React to Martin Luther King's Assassination
Shadid, Kerri A.
Summer 2008
Primary view of "Among the Indians: The Peace at Muscogee."
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Primary view of Anatomy of an Oklahoma Lynching: Bryan County, August 12-13, 1911
Blaisdell, Lowell L.
Autumn 2001
Primary view of "And The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day": Drought and the Cherokee Outlet Land Run
Sweeney, Kevin Z.
Winter 2003
Primary view of Antisuffragist. Antifeminist! Pro-women? The Anomalous Alice Mary Robertson
Caldwell, Deah
Spring 2010
Primary view of "An anxiety to do right": The Life of Judge John Hazelton Cotteral, 1864-1933
Leitch, Kevin C.
Autumn 2000
Primary view of "Any Woman That Could Ride a Horse Could Fly": Dorothy K. Pressler Morgan, 1930s Oklahoma Aviatrix
Fugate, Tally D.
Spring 2006
Primary view of Bad Water and Epidemics: The Wages of Neglect at the Seneca Indian School
Bieloh, Christina
Spring 2009
Primary view of "The Best Our Country Has To Offer": Peace Corps Training at the University of Oklahoma
Hancock, Richard H.
Autumn 2002
Primary view of Bisque Dolls in the Archaeological Record: A Collection from the Town of Ingersoll
Brooks, Robert L.
Autumn 2001
Primary view of Black, White, and Read: The Muskogee Daily Phoenix's Coverage of the Sequoyah Statehood Convention of 1905
Mize, Richard
Summer 2004
Primary view of Boom and Bust in the Cultural Psychology of Oklahoma: An Interpretive Essay
Stein, Howard F.
Spring 2010
Primary view of A Brief History of the Oklahoma Poets Laureate
Holliday, Shawn
Summer 2013
Primary view of Bringing Back the Big Game: The Reintroduction of Elk to the Wichita Mountains
Pearce, Matthew Allen
Autumn 2010
Primary view of Bringing Nature into Focus: The Travertine Nature Center at Platt National Park
Savage, Cynthia
Winter 2011
Primary view of Broken Thread: The Choctaw Spinning Association, 1937-1943
Petty, Christina
Winter 2008
Primary view of Brother Bankers: Frank P. and Hugh M. Johnson, Founders of the First National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City
Hightower, Michael J.
Winter 2010
Primary view of Brothers of Influence: Auguste and Pierre Chouteau and the Osages before 1804
Hurt, Douglas A.
Autumn 2000
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