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Civilized Captivity: Camp Gruber's Prisoner of War Camp

Description: This article describes the life of German prisoners of war as recorded in oral histories by the men who experienced incarceration at Camp Gruber, located near Braggs, Oklahoma.
Date: Summer 2015
Creator: Riley, Trent
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

One Succeeded, One Did Not: Bacone College and the Oklahoma Presbyterian College, 1910-80

Description: Article explores the success and failure of two American Indian institutions of higher education; Bacone College and Oklahoma Presbyterian College. While Bacone still serves students in the twenty-first century, Oklahoma Presbyterian closed in the 1960s. This article identifies the reasons why Bacone survived, and Oklahoma Presbyterian College did not.
Date: Spring 2013
Creator: Crum, Steven J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A. J. Smitherman: Pen Warrior

Description: Article traces A. J. Smitherman's tumultuous career in the Oklahoma press defending African American causes.
Date: Autumn 2011
Creator: Seals Nevergold, Barbara A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Jack C. Montgomery: A Little Big Man

Description: Article documents the life of Jack Montgomery and recalls his service with the Forty-fifth Infantry Division in World War II, where he received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the war.
Date: Winter 2004
Creator: Bean, Christopher B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Black, White, and Read: The Muskogee Daily Phoenix's Coverage of the Sequoyah Statehood Convention of 1905

Description: Article provides a portrayal of the Sequoyah Statehood Convention, a gathering of the leaders of the "Five Civilized Tribes" in Oklahoma to propose the creation of a state separate from Oklahoma Territory, Sequoyah. Richard Mize's account relies on the newspaper coverage by the Muskogee Daily Phoenix, and highlights the voice and opinions of the paper's editor, Clarence B. Douglas.
Date: Summer 2004
Creator: Mize, Richard
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Antisuffragist. Antifeminist! Pro-women? The Anomalous Alice Mary Robertson

Description: Article examining Oklahoma's first woman representative in the United States Congress, Alice Mary Robertson. In this article Robertson's attitudes toward suffrage, feminism, and women at home and in politics, are explored.
Date: Spring 2010
Creator: Caldwell, Deah
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Power for the People: Developing the Grand River Dam Authority, Part 2, 1945-1964

Description: This article is the second part of a two-part article on the Grand River Dam Authority. In this part, the author analyzes the state agency's history after World War II. Only one-third complete in 1945, the GRDA operated only Pensacola Dam. Over the next three decades Senators Elmer Thomas and Robert S. Kerr guided the federal legislation that would allow the Authority to complete its flood control dams and power generation/distribution facilities in the watershed of the Grand River.
Date: Autumn 2009
Creator: Lowitt, Richard
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

From Termination to Self-Determination: Indian Health in Oklahoma, 1954-1980, Part 2

Description: The second part of this two-part article continues the evaluation of the problems in Indian healthcare and the campaign led by Senators Fred Harris and Dewey Bartlett to correct a record of neglect. The healthcare problem after 1970 was linked to a new federal policy of tribal self-determination.
Date: Spring 2008
Creator: Lowitt, Richard
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Reading Room of Their Own: Library Services for African Americans in Oklahoma, 1907-1946

Description: Article discussing the struggles African American Oklahomans faced for access to public library services. The first forty years of statehood brought a few successes, and by mid-century only eleven communities provided a public library facility for the state's black citizens.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Cassity, R. O. Joe, Jr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Among the Indians: The Peace at Muscogee."

Description: Transcription of an article regarding a meeting about territorial government for Native Americans and citizenship. The article also discusses each of the commissioners present at the meeting, speeches, and various events.
Date: unknown
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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