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Primary view of From Bard to Speculator: Alexander Lawrence Posey and the Muscogee Nation, 1902-08
Widener, Jeffrey M.
Spring 2012
Primary view of Civilized Captivity: Camp Gruber's Prisoner of War Camp
Riley, Trent
Summer 2015
Primary view of One Succeeded, One Did Not: Bacone College and the Oklahoma Presbyterian College, 1910-80
Crum, Steven J.
Spring 2013
Primary view of A. J. Smitherman: Pen Warrior
Seals Nevergold, Barbara A.
Autumn 2011
Primary view of Remembering an Exceptional Team: Jerome Tiger and Nettie Wheeler
Tiger, Peggy
Autumn 2005
Primary view of Jack C. Montgomery: A Little Big Man
Bean, Christopher B.
Winter 2004
Primary view of Black, White, and Read: The Muskogee Daily Phoenix's Coverage of the Sequoyah Statehood Convention of 1905
Mize, Richard
Summer 2004
Primary view of "She Has Surely Done Her Share": Miss Bessie Huff and the Muskogee Junior College
Eversole, Dana
Winter 2001
Primary view of Antisuffragist. Antifeminist! Pro-women? The Anomalous Alice Mary Robertson
Caldwell, Deah
Spring 2010
Primary view of "A Nomad in White Man's Jungle": An Introduction to the Works of Louis Oliver
Schmidtke, Carsten
Winter 2009
Primary view of Power for the People: Developing the Grand River Dam Authority, Part 2, 1945-1964
Lowitt, Richard
Autumn 2009
Primary view of "Touch the Bottom and Lift": Black Women Home Extension Agents in Oklahoma, 1912-1935
Brooks, Cecelia
Spring 2008
Primary view of From Termination to Self-Determination: Indian Health in Oklahoma, 1954-1980, Part 2
Lowitt, Richard
Spring 2008
Primary view of Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 85, Number 4, Winter 2007-08
Mullins, Jonita
Winter 2007
Primary view of "With Great Difficulty and Labour": The Emigration of the McIntosh Party of Creek Indians, 1827-1828
Haveman, Christopher D.
Winter 2007
Primary view of A Reading Room of Their Own: Library Services for African Americans in Oklahoma, 1907-1946
Cassity, R. O. Joe, Jr.
Autumn 2006
Primary view of "Among the Indians: The Peace at Muscogee."
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