Searching: Search Forms

The Gateway provides search forms to suit any style of inquiry. You can navigate to the entire suite of search forms by clicking the light orange search button below the tag line on our home page.

Finding Search Forms on Home Page

On any other screen, click the search icon near the upper right corner to find the forms.

Finding Search Forms on Screens

About the Forms

Basic Search provides a quick, no-fuss way to search by keywords or phrases, but you can also use it to create more sophisticated searches.

Basic Search Form

Guided Search provides easy-to-use fields that allow you to specify keywords and phrases and combine them without the need to remember special symbols or punctuation.

Guided Search Form

Advanced Search gives you the most control up-front. You can achieve a high degree of precision by employing Boolean expressions and targeting your search.

Advanced Search Form

Proximity Search lets you specify the distance between words in your search. Proximity search syntax can also be incorporated into advanced searches.

Proximity Search Form

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