Help All Frequently Asked Questions

Notice: We just updated this site and our help content is now a bit out of date. New help material will be coming ASAP.

General Questions

  1. What is the Gateway?
  2. What is in the Gateway?
  3. Can you tell me the value of an item in my collection?
  4. Why did I get an error message?
  5. How do I report a technical problem?
  6. Whom can I contact if I notice a mistake or have additional information about an item?
  7. Do you have a Glossary?

For Genealogists

  1. How do I find census records?
  2. Can I search using Soundex?
  3. Do you index names?

Rights and Permissions

  1. What are the rules for using items in the Gateway?

Usage Statistics

  1. Do you collect data for reporting on collection use?
  2. Where can I find the "statistics" pages?
  3. How do you define "use"?
  4. How is a use different from a hit or visit?
  5. Can you tell what country users are coming from?

Programmatic Access

  1. Do you have any APIs for your system?
  2. Do your APIs require a login or access key?
  3. Are the records available via OAI-PMH?

About Newspapers

  1. Do you have a list of all the newspaper titles in the Gateway?
  2. How do I find Oklahoma newspapers by county?
  3. How do I find Oklahoma newspapers by city?
  4. How do I tell what dates you have for a newspaper?
  5. How can I make the newspaper text larger and easier to read?
  6. Can I turn keyword highlights on or off?
  7. How can I cut and save a particular newspaper article?
  8. You provide a citation for the whole newspaper issue, but can I get a citation for a particular article or page within that issue?
  9. How can I find obituaries?

About Photographs

  1. How do I rotate an image?