The Ripley Record (Ripley, Payne County, Okla.) 1918-192?

The Ripley Record was a weekly newspaper first appearing in 1918 and running through the 1920s. It was published in Ripley, Payne County, Okla. by C.N. Van Pelt.

The Gateway to Oklahoma History currently provides access to 60 issues (482 pages) from 2 years of this newspaper's run. The earliest date held is February 13, 1919. The last date is September 30, 1920. Access to this newspaper is made possible in part by The Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.

If you are aware of the physical locations of missing issues, or can share additional publication details, please Send us feedback.

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Language: English


  • United States - Oklahoma - Payne County - Ripley
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  • LCCN: sn95076241
  • OCLC: 32715813

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