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Description: Wreckage of small plane. Daylight photo. Tail number NC 78483. Caption: "Wreck of the Piper Cruiser flown by Charles Sherman Vanderveer, Perry, was found at 11 AM Sunday near Agra in Lincoln County after an all-night search. Above is part of the plane. Wreckage was scattered more than 200 yards."
Date: April 26, 1948


Description: Light aircraft wreckage in culvert. Daylight photo. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Death Plane- Clarence A. Baggett's plane ended a heap of rubble and Baggett was killed when this plane went into a spin and crashed. Baggett, 27, of Enid, was flying the plane owned by the Aero club Saturday when the crash occurred just north of Woodring field. Witnesses said the plane went into the spin after making a loop. Baggett was alone."
Date: November 1, 1948


Description: Two young boys examine the tail of a wrecked airplane where two men where killed while adults can be seen in the background. The wreckage was found near Temple, Oklahoma in a field and crashed while the men were searching for the plan of R.G. Rapp and three others. Photograph taken for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper. Caption: "Rescue flight Fatal For Sooner Pair- Two unidentified boys, above, examine tail structure of a B-26 plane which crashed Monday in flames near Temple, Okla., after its two occupants plummeted to death when their parachutes failed to open. Victims were Lt. James H. Salmon, 26, pilot, a student at the University of Oklahoma, and Lt. Philip J. Clinton, 24, 411 W Park, Also a pilot, who was acting as observer on a mercy flight. They were aiding the search for the Rapp plane, which crashed last Thursday, killing R.G. Rapp, president of the Denver Producing Co. and three others near Matador, Texas."
Date: November 2, 1948


Description: Close-up daylight photograph of plane wreckage in a wheat field near McKinney, Texas which crashed during heavy fog and taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Tulsan's Plane Wrecked- Wreckage of a light plane lies in a wheat field near McKinney, Texas, where it was found Thursday by two boys hunting rabbits. The plane apparently crashed Monday during a heavy fog. Those killed were H.J. Happel, president of the Happel Construction Co; C.W. Healey, an engineer, and W.J. Crawley, the pilot. The three Tulsans left Monday for a flight to Dallas, Texas, and had been hunted since they were reported missing in the fog. The wreckage was found about 35 miles from Dallas."
Date: December 23, 1949


Description: Daylight photo of plane wreckage being put on a trailer. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Pilot Dropped Out Before This Happened-- Above is what was left of an F-51 Mustang fighter plane after its pilot, Capt. Harry L. McGraw, 27, of Sioux City, Iowa, abandoned it in mid-air near Purcell and it crashed to the ground near a farm house. Capt. McGraw, member of the 174th Fighter squadron of the Iowa air national guard, parachuted to safety and was uninjured. He was en route to Tinker Air Force base."
Date: February 1, 1950
Creator: Johnson, Bill


Description: Photograph of two men near crumpled plane. Caption: "One Man Killed- This is what was left of an airplane in which a Dallas oilman tried to fly under the guy-wire of an oil rig two miles east of Lawton. Robert Dee McCain, 29, the oilman, was killed in the crash. Highway patrolman who investigated said they believed McCain, a former combat pilot, was killed almost instantly when the light private plane struck the cable. At the highest point the wire was about 50 feet above the ground and tapered to earth 125 feet away. The mishap occurred about noon Saturday."
Date: February 27, 1950


Description: Daylight photo of a child on the wing of an aircraft. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Pic identfitification Harold Sullins, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.K. Sullins, Red Rock. Standing on wing of crashed b-47 bomber."
Date: November 12, 1953
Creator: Green, Richard


Description: Nighttime photo of a group of men excavating plane wreckage with a shovel. An Oklahoma Highway Patrolman is holding a flash light. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Workers are shown digging in the wreckage of a T-33 jet trainer after it crashed into a plowed field and exploded 15 miles northeast of Duncan. the explosion blasted a crater 15 feet deep-- Jet Pilot Killed In State Crash- A T-33 jet trainer from Perrin Air Force base, Texas, crashed in flames and exploded 15 miles northeast of Duncan Friday night, killing the pilot and scattering wreckage over a wide area. The trainer was one of two planes running interception drills at 29,000 feet over southwestern Oklahoma. Tinker Air Force base officers here said they suddenly lost radio contact with one plane and never heard from it again. A fisherman on Lake Duncan 2 1/2 miles southwest of the crash scene said "he saw the jet pass overhead in flames and suddenly go into a nosedive. Then there was a muffled explosion" said the witness, Froggy Green of Duncan, who rowed ashore and drove over to the wreckage. The fiery crash, at 10:25 PM attracted several hundred curious residents from Duncan. The explosion blasted a crater 15 feet deep and the engine was buried in the ground. Pieces of wreckage, none more than three feet long, were scattered 150 yards away in the plowed field. Identification of the pilot was withheld pending notification of next of kin. Tinker officials said there was no indications of what went wrong. The pilot was blown to bits."
Date: October 31, 1953


Description: Daytime photo of a large jet resting on the ground without the landing gear down. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "3 Safe as B-47 Goes Down in State-- A giant six-engine jet bomber made a ""wheels-up" emergency landing in pea soup fog early Thursday morning on a Noble county wheat farm 8 miles northeast of Perry, but all three crew members escaped injury. It was reported only one wing of the B-47 was damaged when the pilot, Capt. Alfred E. Lloyd Jr., set the huge plane down on the Frank Jackson farm. First word of the plane being in distress was received by the highway patrol when it was reported the plane was giving "May Day" signals, "extreme distress" over the northwestern Oklahoma. All patrol units in the northwest section of the state were alerted to be on the lookout for the plane, flying through the heavy fog. Reports were received later from a northeastern farmer that the plane was flying at tree-top level and apparently in distress. Capt. Lloyd told Harold Clark, a service station operator near the scene of the crash-landing, the California-based plane was headed for Tinker Air Force base. The pilot said he was unable to reach Tinker because of the heavy fog that enveloped the northern and western sections of the state and had turned toward Wichita. That city, however, also was socked in by heavy fog. Running low on fuel, the pilot saw Perry's air force emergency landing field and was circling to land there but was forced to set his plane down in the wheat field. Clark said the B-47 flew over his station 5 miles north of Perry on U.S. 77,several times at an altitude of from 250 to 300 feet making a vain attempts ...
Date: November 20, 1953
Creator: Green, Richard


Description: Daytime photo of a group of men standing around plane wreckage. Photograph of a small airplane wreckage taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company of a large group of people viewing the wreckage.
Date: October 7, 1954
Creator: Lucas, Jim


Description: Ten men are inspecting ashes of an Air Force C-45 twin engine passenger plane that crashed just south of Tinker Air Force Base. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Smoldering ashes and twisted pieces of metal are all that is left of the cockpit section of an air force C-45 twin-engine passenger plane which crashed and burned, killing the pilot, seven miles southeast of Tinker field Friday. Air Force personnel are probing through the ashes above to learn what caused the crash. The plane was circling for an approach to Tinker when it crashed. It left the Wichita, Kansas Air Force Base an hour before the crash."
Date: June 1, 1954
Creator: Killian, Thomas F.


Description: Three rescuers are shown taking a body wrapped in a sheet away from the scene of a C-45 plane crash which killed Capt. Louis G. Messerli. The wreck occurred just southwest of Tinker Air Force Base after seemingly having engine trouble.Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Rescuers carry the body of the Wichita, Kan., pilot away from the wreckage of the Air Force C-45 plane. The pilot was the only person aboard. ---Borum's Pilot Crash Victim- Former Midwest City Man Dies In Plunge - By WAYNE MACKEY. The Air Force announced Saturday the pilot who was killed in plane crash near here Friday afternoon was Capt. Louis G. Messerli, Pilot for Maj. Gen. F.S. Borum prior to the general's retirement as commander of the Oklahoma City air materials area. Messerli and his family, which was understood to include three children, moved to Wichita, Kan., less than three weeks ago. Until his transfer Messerli lived in Midwest City. He was well known in Air Force and the military circles here. -Enroute To Tinker- Maj. Gen. William O. Senter, who assumed command of OCAMA following Borum's retirement recently, said services have not been set. The body is at Watts funeral home here. The former aide to Gen. Borum was originally from Turon, Kan, where he met and married his wife. When Messerli died, he was en route to Tinker Air Force base from Wichita in a twin-engine C-45 passenger plane which crashed and burned 7 miles southeast of there at 3:45 PM. The plane cut a swath 100 feet long through heavy blackjack timber and brush before coming to halt. -Engine Trouble- Before the crash, witnesses said, it appeared to be having engine trouble. First person to the scene, J.R. Scwartz, who lives southeast of the ...
Date: June 11, 1954
Creator: Killian, Thomas F.


Description: Four men tending to smoking wreckage while one stands on top of a car with two watching from inside the car. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company.
Date: June 11, 1954
Creator: Killian, Thomas F.