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14-acre Alfalfa Crop Ready for a Second Cutting on the Choska Drainage District

Description: Photograph of a 14-acre alfalfa crop ready for a second cutting on the Choska Drainage District. The back of the photograph proclaims, "Ready for second cutting as this 14–acre crop of alfalfa yielded two tons first cutting. Formerly too wet to be productive, field produced five tons of alfalfa in 1950 per acre. Drainage ditch on the right is just out of camera range. 18-acre field on other side of ditch that never produced anything before drainage yielded fifty bushels of corn in 1950. Other a… more
Date: July 12, 1951
Creator: Fox, Lester

30-Acres of Class VII Land Seeded By Airplane With No Seedbed Preparation on Earl Morris’ Farm

Description: Photograph of part of 30-acres of Class VII land seeded by airplane with no seedbed preparation on Earl Morris' farm. The back of the photograph proclaims, "30 acres seeded by airplane. No seedbed preparation. Class VII land. Terraces hadn't held it. Been out of cultivation one year. Seeded to weeping lovegrass in 1948 – no stand. Too rough to put tractor on."
Date: March 1949
Creator: Archer, S. G.

40 Acre Improved Irrigated Pasture

Description: Photograph of general view of 40 acre improved irrigated pasture. Cattle and several buildings are barely visible in the distant background. The back of the photograph proclaims, "General view of 40 acre improved irrigated pasture. Planted Sept. 1950 grazing started March 30, 1951."
Date: April 19, 1951
Creator: Fenner, Olen L.

I-44 Skelly By-Pass, Highway 75 Okmulgee Bee-Line, and the City of Tulsa

Description: Photograph of an example of the vast land needed to construct modern highways to serve metropolitan areas like Tulsa. The foreground shows the I-44 Skelly By-Pass and Highway 75 Okmulgee Bee-Line, while the city of Tulsa is in the background. The back of the photograph proclaims, “Intersection of I-44 (Skelly By-Pass) and Highway 75 (Okmulgee Bee-Line). Tulsa in background. Shows the vast areas of land needed to construct modern highways to serve large metropolitan areas.”
Date: February 18, 1970
Creator: Thomas, James W.

60-year-old Cottonwood Tree Grove Used As A Unsuccessful Windbreak

Description: Photograph of John Logan, Farm Forester, standing in a 60-year-old cottonwood tree grove used as a windbreak. The back of the photograph proclaims, "Row of 60 year old cottonwood trees planted by John Rhus. Present state of trees without understory is causing a more detrimental wind action than if no trees were present by funneling of the wind along the ground surface. Underplanting is needed. John Logan, Farm Forester is the man in the picture."
Date: September 27, 1949
Creator: Postlethwaite, Hermann

.71-Mile Single Field Drain

Description: Photograph of a .71-mile single field drain built in 1957 that drains 60 acres of cropland. The back of the photograph proclaims, "Single field drain built 1957. Drains 60 acres of cropland. It is .71 mile long. Shows good shaping and spoil spreading with farm equipment."
Date: May 14, 1958
Creator: Mackey, Carl E.

1949 Aerial Shot a Flooded Washita River and the Damage Caused by Floodwaters

Description: Photograph of an aerial shot a flooded Washita River and the damage caused by floodwaters to a bridge and the surrounding area in 1949. Note the condition of the bridge and road on the bottom of the photograph as large chunks of this bridge was washed away. The back of the photograph proclaims, "Damages - Washita Main Stem 1949 Flood."
Date: 1949~/1950-05
Creator: Ginter Photo Co.

1957 Grass Planting

Description: Photograph of a 1957 native grass planting-Bluestem and bluestem mixture. Excellent well prepared seedbed-planted in April. Good start up showing. Close-up shot by 3rd highline pole north of east turn in road. Soil Bank Program
Date: May 15, 1957

5000th GP Contract in Okla

Description: Photograph of the Board of Directors of Beaver county reviewing the 5000th Great Plains Contract of Oklahoma. Left to right; Charles Custer, Member, Glen Myers, Member, Raymond Watson, Vice-Chairman, John T. Riley, Jr., DC, SCS, J.S. Shaffer, Chairman, Jimmie Cole, Secretary-Treasurer.
Date: June 11, 1971
Creator: Searcy, William R.
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