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Bartlesville Enterprise

This weekly Republican-oriented newspaper was founded by William Johnstone in 1904. It became an afternoon daily in 1905. The papers featured local, territorial, and national news along with advertising.

Added: March 2013.

Bartlesville Examiner

These daily and weekly newspapers hail from the area encompassing Bartlesville, Osage and Washington counties published from 1903 to 1910. The papers include local, state, and national news as well as advertising.

Added: March 2013.

Beaver County Democrat

Claiming to be the only Democratic paper in Beaver County, the Democrat served the area from 1906 until 1912.

Added: May 2014.

Beaver County Republican

The Beaver County Republican was a weekly newspaper published in Beaver, Ecter, and Plainview in Oklahoma's panhandle, published from 1906 to 1918 by H. W. Hill.

Added: September 2013.

Beaver Herald

The fluidity and dynamism of the Oklahoma Territory are mirrored in the history of the Beaver Herald, the state's oldest weekly newspaper.

Added: April 2012.

Bixby Bulletin

Still published in Bixby to this day, the Bulletin has claimed political independence since it was first established in 1905.

Added: January 2015.

Blackwell Times-Record

The Blackwell Times first appeared on November 1, 1893. The first issue of the consolidated Times-Record was printed on March 1, 1894.

Added: June 2019.

The Blair Progress

The Blair Progress was published in Greer County in the early 1900s until 1914. T. Milton Reid published and edited it until 1910 when J. B. Owen took over.

Added: April 2017.

Branding Iron (Atoka, Okla.)

This weekly was the official organ of the Choctaw Nation. Because a title plate failed to arrive before publication, the Branding Iron debuted nameless on February 23, 1884 in Atoka.

Added: May 2013.

Broadening Access to Books on Texas and Oklahoma

Out-of-print books related to Texas and Oklahoma history, made available as ebooks thanks to a Humanities Open Book Program grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence.

Added: April 2017.

Albert D. Bryan Collection

Photographs of students and locations in Crescent and Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Added: November 2019.

The Buffalo/May Bugle

The May Bugle began publication in May, Harper County, Oklahoma sometime around 1913, replacing the Buffalo Bugle. H. E. Sehy served as editor and publisher of the weekly paper.

Added: April 2017.

Our Brother in Red

This religious newspaper was published in Muskogee, Indian Territory beginning in 1882 as well as Ardmore in 1897 and in McAlester in 1898.

Added: May 2014.

The Black Dispatch

This weekly African American newspaper was established by Roscoe Dunjee circa 1915 in Oklahoma City and Guthrie. It included local, territorial, and national news along with advertising.

Added: March 2013.
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