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African-American Newspapers

Newspapers published in Oklahoma by and for African-American communities.

Added: November 2012.

Albertype Collection

Postcard photos of early day buildings, street scenes, parks, ranches, and oil and gas fields.

Added: April 2019.

Altus Times-Democrat

This paper served the town of Altus from ~ 1900 to 1917. In 1917, it merged with the weekly The Oklahoma Democrat and became the Times-Democrat.

Added: May 2014.

Altus Weekly News

Starting in 1904, J.P. Orr published The Altus Weekly News every Thursday as an eight-page, five-column newspaper, also serving as editor.

Added: May 2014.


This paper was a weekly publication established in June of 1887 and was devoted to the "Education, Progress, and Advancement of the Cherokee Nation." B. H. Stone was the editor and publisher.

Added: November 2012.