Orlando Herald and Orlando Weekly Herald


The Weekly Orlando Herald was printed in 1892 with W. B. Ehrman as publisher. It was printed every Saturday and each issue had four pages with six columns and measured 16 by 22 inches. A subscription cost one dollar per year. The Woosley Brothers took over as editors and publishers after W. B. Ehrman left in 1900, then D. Ogle became the publisher in 1902. The Weekly Orlando Herald ended its publication in 1898 and was replaced by The Orlando Herald.

The Herald, or Orlando Herald, began in 1900 with the Woosley Brothers as the publishers. The weekly started in 1900, printed every Friday, and each issue had four pages with four columns and measured at 16 by 22 inches. Carl B. Woosley was editor of The Herald when it was founded and along with his publishing company issued the Mulhall Enterprise at the same time. He was replaced by D. Ogle in 1902 and E. R. Duvall was the business manager. There is no definitive date when the paper ended.

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