The Tecumseh Republican was created in 1892 for the town of Tecumseh, Oklahoma. It was printed every week on Thursday and cost $1.50 per year. It was composed of four pages with seven columns and measured at 20 by 26 inches. William E. Johnston and Edward M. Blackwell were the editors and publishers of the Tecumseh Republican when it originated in 1892.

By 1895 W. R. Asher became editor while Johnston stayed on as publisher. In 1900 the new publisher, C. A. Stauber, made changes to the paper; circulating on Fridays instead of Thursdays, the price dropped to $1.00 per year and measured at 18 by 24 inches. By 1902, Johnston and Blackwell were back in charge and five years later advertised that there were 800 subscribers to the newspaper. In 1937 the Tecumseh Republican ceased and became the Tecumseh Standard.

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