The Searchlight was published by James Kirkwood twice a week—on Tuesdays and Fridays. It was the “official organ of the Oklahoma Anti-Horse Thief Ass’n.”

A subscription could be purchased for eighty cents for a year of the newspaper. It was also the official paper of the Oklahoma-Indian Territory State Association, as well as the official paper of the Sheriff’s Association of Oklahoma.


An excerpt from the paper from Friday, July 6, 1906 reads:

“Stolen--$25 Reward

For the return of stolen horses described below and the conviction of the thief.  One mare, color, between [sic] a brown and bay, 16 hands high, weight 1600lbs, blockey build, 8 years old, rather short neck, of nervous disposition, letter C on left jaw.  One light bay mare, 16 hands hight [sic], rather lengthy, weight 1550 lbs., shod with heavy shoes, some wire cuts on feet, sluggish disposition. 8 years old  Was taken from the J.H. Howard farm one mile west of Payson, on Sunday night, May 27th.  G.E. Penn and J.B. Howard, R. 4: Chandler, Okla.”   (The _Searchlight_, Whole number 402.)

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