The Press-Democrat was established in 1893 by J. E. Hutchinson in Hennessey, Oklahoma Territory. Hutchinson acted as both editor and publisher before going on to become editor of The Eagle.

The paper was a weekly, published on Fridays and measured at 13 by 20 inches with eight pages. In 1895, W. P. Campbell, owner of the Hennessey Press purchased the subscription books of the Hennessey Democrat. The two papers were consolidated and the price for a year was $1.00.

From 1902-1903 A. C. Fisher issued The Press-Democrat. Under his leadership, the paper had grown to 15 by 22 inches. By 1907 Annette B. Hackett had taken over ownership of the weekly. In January of 1914, Grant Harris sold the paper and plant to Mabel Walker, the publisher of the Hennessey Clipper. From that point on the paper continued on under the name of the Hennessey Clipper-Press.

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