Its banner stated it was “The Progressive Republican Paper of Pawnee County, Oklahoma.”

The Maramec News began in 1912 in the town of Maramec, Pawnee County, Oklahoma. It was published by George M. Caldwell on a weekly basis. Its banner stated it was “The Progressive Republican Paper of Pawnee County, Oklahoma.” It was published every Thursday and a subscription was $1.00 per year.


Maramec News comments on the start-up of the paper in its first paper dated March 7, 1912:

“With this issue we come before you with our first effort at publishing a newspaper, and if it is not up to the standard of a paper, we ask you to have patience with us, and stop to think for a moment that this is the first effort to publish a newspaper by a sixteen year old girl, who did it all from writing up most of the news items, setting up the type, making up forms and doing the press work. What little the editor did to help wouldn’t count for much. We are confident that in the future we will be able to give you a better paper. Our aim is to publish a paper that will be clean in every department, to print all the news as we can ‘earn them, but under no consideration will we allow anything to appear in our columns that reflects on the good name of any man, woman, or child. We will always boost for our little city and the surrounding country. We think well of our business men and our neighbors, and hope to be able to do some good by our work. And on the political question you will hear from J.S. McMurty who is associated with us on the editorial staff, also Chas C. Platt will furnish us with some articles on successful farming and Bee Culture from time to time.” (Vol. 1 no. 1)

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