The Medford Patriot began in 1901 and was published in Medford, Grant County, Oklahoma until 1913. Alternative titles to the paper include Deer Creek Anchor and Patriot. Its geographic coverage included Medford, Grant County, Oklahoma, and it was published on a weekly basis by Palmer & Son. Its preceding titles include The Deer Creek Anchor and The Medford Weekly Patriot. Succeeding titles include The Medford Patriot and The Medford Star.

The Medford Patriot was published every Thursday and edited by T. J. Palmer, who edited it until 1909. It was the official city paper of Medford, Oklahoma. For one year of the paper, a subscription was one dollar. Subscribers could also purchase the paper in advance for fifty cents for six months or twenty-five cents for three months. If subscribers wished to purchase it not in advance, the cost was increased fifty cents.


An excerpt reads, “Crazy Snakes Again—The Crazy Snake band of Irobert'ndians, who recently revolted against the United States government, are holding many meetings again, all discussion being done in their native tongue.” (The Medford Patriot, Volume 10, no 20, February 26, 1908).

The Medford Patriot-Star began publication 1893 by E. V. & E. O. Croxton on a weekly basis. Its motto was “Official Paper of Grant County” and had several alternate titles such as Deer Creek Anchor, Gibbon Flyer, Grant County Patriot Star, Medford Patriot and the Medford Star and Medford Patriot-Star and the Grant County Journal. O. V. Crorton bought and ran the Patriot-Star and sold it to C. E. Herschberger who edited and published it until 1928 when he sold it to G. V. Underwood. By 1931 Crorton bought the newspaper again. The paper ceased print on September 28, 1972.

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