Indianola Enterprise was published in Indianola, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma every Friday and began in 1904. It was an eight-page, six-column paper measuring 15 by 22 inches. A subscription could be purchased for one dollar for a year. It was published and edited by B.W. Williams. It was also referred to as the Enterprise. Indianola Enterprise was independent in politics. In an issue from October 13, 1905 (Vol. II, number 8, whole no. 60) the Enterprise’s description reads, “A Local Newsgatherer, a Promoter of Home Enterprises, and a Cultivator of Public Spirit. Published every Friday at Indianola, I.T.”

The very same issue reads, “This paper will not be a political organ but a local newsgatherer, a promoter of home enterprises, and a cultivator of public spirit. If in giving the news it has occasion to speak of political events it will be independent, treating all parties fairly, reporting their doings correctly, and abusing nobody. We hope our readers will be satisfied to let us stay out of politics.” And also, “Regarding the Indianola Enterprise as a continuation of our former paper, the Moore (Okla.) Enterprise, we shall continue the volume and serial number from where the Moore paper left off. This explains why the date line on our first page reads, “Vol. II, No. 8,” etc., instead of, “Vol. I. No. 1” etc., as our readers would naturally expect it to read.” The Indianola Enterprise was published until at least 1909. The Canadian Enterprise succeeded Indianola Enterprise.

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