The Hollis and Harmon County Tribune


The Harmon County Tribune, the official newspaper of Harmon County, was published in Hollis, Harmon County, Oklahoma from 1914 until 1922. It was published on a weekly basis (every Friday) by J.S. Soule. Preceding titles include Hollis Tribune and succeeding titles include the Hollis Post-Herald and the Hollis Post-Herald and Harmon County Tribune. A.K. Ramsey served as editor, and A.A. Baldwin served as associate editor of the Harmon County Tribune.

A subscription was $1.00 for one year until 1921, when the cost of a subscription went up to $2.00 for one year. Subscriptions could also be purchased in advance for $0.75 for three months, and $1.25 for six months. Further, subscriptions were available for different prices for readers outside the county: one dollar for three months, a dollar fifty for six months, $3.00 for a year, and $0.05 for a single copy.

During this time period, the Harmon County Tribune was published every Tuesday by J. Warren White, who served as editor and publisher.


An excerpt from the_ Harmon County Tribune_ reads, “Very frequently there is news in the papers of such a character that people will want to send copies away to friends or those contemplating locating here. One week just recently 50 extra copies were sold and another week 25. The papers will be on sale at the place above designated on the evening of the days of publication, the Tribune on Tuesday evenings, and the Post-Herald on Thursday evenings.

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