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The Hominy Journal began publication as early as 1920-1921. F. H. Blackford was the publisher and editor in 1934 during the paper's thirteenth year. The Thursday weekly reported almost entirely on local news, including the comings and goings of the local citizenry, and boasted of the bustling entertainment scene. Hominy was home to the Ritz and the Pettit Theatres, for which the Journal provided complete show listings. There were also weekly band concerts, softball games at Graham Park, and numerous swimming holes, fishing places, and picnic grounds. The paper's motto was, “Hominy-A City of 3485 Friendly People-A City of Opportunity.”

In January 1937, the Hominy Journal was consolidated with the Hominy News by the Hominy Publishing Company. Publication of the Journal was moved to Tuesday while the News printed on Friday. Paul F. Miller was president and managing editor of both papers, and Vera L. Moreland, former owner of the Hominy News, became vice-president. In April, both papers expanded from six columns to seven, offering their readers “a more attractive page arrangement.” In July, Roy Harding replaced Miller as president and managing editor, but he left one year later in June 1938 to serve on the Chamber of Commerce in Okmulgee. Vera Moreland then became president and Lemuel D. Groom acted as managing editor.

The last issue of the Hominy Journal was printed on April 2, 1940. It merged with the Hominy News, which took over the Journal's subscription list, with the hope that a single, combined publication would provide the community with a better newspaper. Beginning April 12, 1940, the masthead read Hominy News with which is combined the Hominy Journal. This continued until Oct 29, 1970.

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