Milton W. Reynolds founded The Edmond Sun in 1889. He was succeeded by J. E. Quein, who may have been involved in the production of the Sun from the beginning.

The paper was issued on Fridays and measured 18 by 24 inches. A year-long subscription was $1.00, a price which spanned the life of the paper. The following year the paper published on Thursdays, and the pages had grown to 20 by 27 inches.

In 1894, the paper changed to the Sun-Democrat to indicate the shift in its politics. Additionally, the issue day changed to Fridays, and the size changed slightly to 20 by 26 inches. In 1900, the paper changed hands and J. J. Kerwin took over as editor and publisher. Two years later, Blake and Jayne were listed as publishers.

The paper again faced a change in politics from Democratic to Republican and A. D. Dailey took over the job of editor in 1907. Under his leadership, the paper was issued on Wednesdays and measured 16 by 22 inches.

The Edmond Oklahoma Sun was a four-page paper published by A. H. Classen from 1892 until 1893 on a weekly basis. It was edited and published by J. E. Quein until the fall of 1893 when Kerwin & Thomas took over as publishers. The motto of the paper was “It shines for all.” Physical dimensions for the newspaper were 26 by 20 inches. Alternative titles include Edmond Sun, and preceding titles include Edmond Sun. Succeeding titles to The Edmond Oklahoma Sun include The Edmond Democrat and The Edmond Sun-Democrat. The Edmond Oklahoma Sun changed its name to the Edmond Sun and then to The Edmond Sun-Democrat.

The Edmond Democrat was published in Edmond, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma beginning in 1892. It was a four-page paper published by B. L. Hannah. In 1892 it was published every Wednesday and Saturday, and in 1893 it was published every Friday. During that time it was managed by R. Galbreath, published by Democrat Publishing Company, and was the official city paper of Edmond.

The physical dimensions of the newspaper were 26 by 20 inches. A subscription to the newspaper could be purchased for one dollar in advance, or for one dollar and fifty cents if not paid in advance.

Titles in this collection include The Edmond Sun, The Edmond Democrat, The Edmond Oklahoma Sun, and The Edmond Sun-Democrat.

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