The Kiefer Searchlight was published weekly in Kiefer, Creek County, Oklahoma, from 1907 until 1911 by the Searchlight Publishing Company. Matt E. Edsell served as publisher until December 1910 when Clyde M. Robinson took over.

In the January 13, 1911, issue, the masthead stated that the Searchlight had been designated the “Official County Paper” by the Board of County Commissioners. The paper was printed in Kiefer through September 1911, then moved to Sapulpa, the Creek County seat, on October 6 and continued as the Creek County Republican. Robinson continued as publisher and editor and brought on Emry Jennings as manager. In October 1917, Jennings became the publisher, and the Republican continued to serve as the official newspaper of Creek County.

The final issue was published on August 12, 1921. Its front page announcement stated “…the weekly newspaper field in Sapulpa was overcrowded…” and other business demands on the publishers needed more attention. The Creek County Republican was purchased by and merged with the County Democrat-News under the direction of E. M. Scaggs.

The County Democrat-News billed itself as the successor to the Kiefer Chronicle, having grown out of that newspaper in the early 1920’s. While Scaggs served as publisher, the Democrat-News purchased not only the Creek County Republican but also the Tri-County News, giving it the largest circulation of any newspaper in Creek County. In November 1929, the title as shortened to the Democrat-News. It was purchased by Ed Livermore, owner of the Sapulpa Daily Herald, in 1965, and it continued to be printed weekly until September 16, 1975, when it ceased publication.

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