The Choctaw News and The Wellston News


The Choctaw News began printing at Choctaw in 1894 and supported the People’s Party. It was issued every Saturday with patent inside pages and had a circulation of 300. The motto of the newspaper is “For Choctaw City First, Last and All the Time.” The publication ended in 1898, and The Wellston News succeeded the title in 1899.

The Wellston News was a politically independent paper created in 1899 as the successor to the Choctaw News. It published every Friday and cost $1.00 per year. There were 12 pages that measured 11 by 15 inches, and ready-prints were equipped for the inside pages. The owners and proprietors were the Beeman Brothers with Frank E. Beeman as editor. The Wellston News is still being printed to this day.

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