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Oklahoma, as second class mail
one: It reads
One hundred and twenty-eight fan,- Under the above head, the Hugo
If every girl could realize that the j ilies are soon to leave New York Daily News has an editorial which 1
promise-to-niarry argument . means j City in 128 automobiles with trail-1 appeals to our sympathy yet its !
absolutely nothing to it the man who ers, for Idaho. Each family will take the same old story, but is' neverthe
is contemptible enough to use it, ! along $3,500 and each family will less a good and true
there \#ould be fewer tragedies like settle on an Idaho farm. Probably' thus:
I that of Virginia Lloyd and J. Q. Den- > there never was a better time for a «. A Hll„ M
— ny. Men have been making use of it back-to-the farm movement, if you ent s t t lk°^«S n c°rresP0™d*
Subscription $2.00 Per Year In Ad- ever since marriage was instituted, have a farm and the cash to make a D0i;f • n Oklahoma City
vance- land girls have been betrayed by it in start But the chief idea of the heads ( i-j-8'"' °., end P'°~ 1 fl
every generation. of these families, is to bring their !TL ™ lr dayS' . The !
Every girl who knows anything at children up away from city streets „„;.i * „g . °mmitted Suicide" |
! all about life as it is lived in this tb bring them up in the country. And vitatinn ^ a c<!e^ln^ an 'n~ | I
world, has heard that it is only the what these Idaho immigrants will. n„i;„We W C( lnt,° t'ie clanK"! y
very exceptional instance where a man save in railroad fare will pay theL.,_rf.m ^ n,*"?6 u" ,acec' to an j I
redeems his promise to marry the | expenses of a delightful trip. ' ^ ,jty ^ *e "sSJhilouf 2 ! j
men have no desire to marry women strated, that boys raised in towns in WoUnds in'her bare l^b-88^ ,^app'"g j I
It has been our custom to notify by whom they bold Kghtly. They make j idleness fill the jails today as men. death(" ,a J™ ",ent in j
mail every subscriber that his sub- to>'s of such womert- lavish gifts and There is very little ambition in a boy front of her m ^ ,an" in j o
scription had expired or would expire attentions and pleasures upon them, who is allowed to grow up in idle- ing tearg an(J d h . ... SCa'"" A
in a few days. Henceforth when |then abandon them for "good worn- ness. heart's blood, lav '
your time is out the paper will be dis- en" to whom they Sive their names ~
W. J. OLD, Editor and Manager
SUBSCRIBERS girl whom he betrays. She knows that, Every day it is more fully demon-
Yte Have full Lines of
continued. This applies to everybody.
a book of poems
with these lines underscored:
The Virginia Lloyds they usually Lee Giles has bought a new comb
leave stranded, forgetting them in an and has begun to train his hair to Backward, turn backward oh time in
stand up in front, so that nobody can your flight
Arkansas Make me a child again, just for to-
When a girl falls in love, and her tell when he gets scared.-
lover is a plausible talker, she is eas- Thomas Cat, Hot Springs, Ark.
'ly persuaded that hers will be the That's news to us, if Lee Giles ev
One of the most enthusiastic mass exceptional rase which proves the er combed his hair it's been in
meetings of citizens ever assembled I rule. Perhaps she never before has years.
in this county, met at the court house had a lover, and love always an in- ■
in this city last Saturday and held an toxicating experience, quite over- EDITORIAL NOTES.
all day session. There were present whelms her. What is more natural
representee citizens from all parts than for her to believe the one jjer-
of the county and they were ready for son in the world wh0 by word and
any move to better the condition, deed continually declares his devo-
(Pittsburg County Guardian.)
The fellow who has "all sorts of
ideas in his head" wouldn't be so bad
morally, of our county. Speeches J tion to her? If she cannot trust the if he would only keep them there.
were made by citizens from every one human being who is always think-
town and rural district in the county I ing, planning for her happiness, whom Out of the millions of people who Let no des,Jre ^ t
Mother come back—
late and there the trembling hand stoppedj
its underscoring. Just over a verse
pasted in the book and written in a
woman's hand.
"From Mother to Virginia."
Go forth into the world my girl,
I beckon now to thee,
And be as pure amid the strife,
As at thy mother's knee.
I f
i Rowland Hdw. & Furn. Co. '
Or quit the path of right,
But fix thy gaze on duty's goal,
And keep thine armour bright.
Denny had a wfie and child reft, here |
again this brute, this arch fiend of,
hell, lied to her again telling her j A writer in the Iowa Homestead
that he did not love, and would soon j has this to say about a rat trap which
divorce his wife and then the final one of his neighbors has been using,
tragedy, a public quarrel, publicity,, "One of my neighbors succeeded in
In the right hand held so tightly and then Denny .in the press de- ridding his place of rats by a trap
that it had to be pried open was a n°unced her as a woman of the made as follows: He procured a
clipping from a newspaper containing 1 streets who was hounding an inno- large barrel and nailed a small post
.. , a* i j * n , .I ■ * u i m i , a res°lution adopted by the House of cent married man and trying to in the center, half the height of the
His wife wall be entitled to But then, it had from January to al- Representatives of the great State of break up his home. barrel and placed the barrel where
3 ing in e woi , an e mos u..e or e jo . Oklahoma, expressing confidence in She went to the newspapers with most rats were likely t0 pass. He
the high moral character, rectitude, Denny's own signed letters which then filled the barrel half full of wat-
and uprightness of the Hon. J. Q. Pave the lie to his statements in the er or just to the top of the post and
, . , . . . , , , . , Denny, representative from Texas Paper, letters which he had used to put in a thick layer of corn silks cot-
ee_„K.._n -1.W county. and by implication branding deceive her, in which he claimed up- ton seed or some other material that
Virginia Lloyd as a woman of the (lyinK devotion and affection as pure will not become wet and sink soon,
world, a vile thing, t0 be loathed by as a mother's love. Then fate of On top of this he put a layer of corn-
mankind. fate's, the House rallied to his sup- meal and when he sees a barrel half
During 32 years of pioneering in ?0rt and passed a ^solution defend- full of it he jumps right in. He can't
Indian Territory the writer has oft- inK Denny amJ P«*ting about his jump out but finds the top of the post
en stood in the'prest of violent (jCath, spotless.charaett'r'.a"d by implication and crawls on it to keep out of the
but to look on utter hopelessness of f'enounc'nK Virginia Lloyd as an ad- water. His mate comes along
blank despair still visable on the '* 4 A ""
and many plans were suggested and can she trust ? graduate in English at our colleges
disdussed as to how we should elimi- It does not take a clever man to and universities why do so few of
nate the bootleggers and decrease the put up a convincing argument when them ever use it when they write for
murders in the county. Committies l his theme is that of love. the newspapers?
were appointed and a plan of organi- One man pleads some temporary ob- ♦ *
zation perfected. It is believed, stacle—business, finance, or the like. The recent legislature has approp-
within a very short time everything Just as seon as he can get his affairs riated $20,398,939.37 and riled the
will be working and much good will in better shape, he and the girl will whole state by its two-act comedy,
result from this organization. marry.
This meeting was suggested by a every good
prominent citizen of Broken Bow will not be in a position to set up for
some few weeks ago and the Gazette her the kind of establishment she The Idabel burglar who decided to
then called the attention of the matter ought to have until he puts that deal bring the diamonds back home must
editorially to Mr. Wilkinson, the through
county attorney who immediately The married man tells a girl that the McAlester police produced the
called the meeting for Saturday. he intends to get a divorce and marry diamonds a few days before from
It is time for action on the part of her, or that he will so manage his af- those Okmulgee hi-jackers.
the good people and there is not bet- fairs that his wife will sue for the 5 *
ter way to eliminatee crime, boot- divorce. In the meantime, he plead-? The Harvard professor who was
legging and other violations of the his desperate unhappiness. His wife arrested for having an illicit "still"
law, than law enforcement. The way never understood him, and he never in his house may be excused on the
to get law enforcement is to stand be- really loved her. In fact, he never theory that he was trying to follow
hind the officers in enforcing the law. realized what love was until he met the Edisonian advice of
It was fairly demonstrated Saturday this girL He so craves and needs a everything in the world.
in this meeting that the good citizen- real woman's sympathy. If it were " "
leaining beautiful face of Virginia Lloyd
' live in his memory forever.
.. and
verterous of the lowest type. That sees him sitting on the middle of all
resolution with the seal of the State that meal and he jumps in and so the
of Oklahoma attesting its adoption gathering continues. My neighbor has
Investigation quickly revealed that the eyes of Virginia Lloyd | caught as many as 25 rats several
Virginia was a daughter of a pioneer
ship was going to stand behind the not for the love of the gentle creature Over in Kentucky clever swinddlers
officers and if they fail to perform who has captivated him, life would secured $300,000 worth of whisbev r;, , t> a .v. * n.
then- duty they will be asked to re-, not be worth the living. It is just a from bonded warehouses by forged tu ■* Ta
matter of a little time, as J. Q. Den- permit, Over in- this secetio. they J T ,
The Gazette believes in giving cred- ny told Virginia Lloyd, until every- don't stop at forging the permits. , .,d , ™ ® 18 Kf?°d W'fe
it to any officer that tries to perform thing will work out right. If there They also forge the whiskev 8 Conference time. Many,
his duty. Attorney M. Foster Hud- is one argument that will subjugate * « * many years when Tulsa was 8
son, the newly elected city attorney, a woman, it is that of a man's depen- After all, that Jacksonville, Fla.,. ^e' once his presiding elder told
has unearthed one of the worst com- dence upon her for love and consoling pig that used to help the enforcement at " family, one of the proud
binations of violations that have been and sympathy. officers locate booze joints and now
in our town for several years and it Another man talks about the won- mourned as "lost, strayed or stolen,"
is the duty of every good citizen to derful power and influence of love and may have merely found a joint by
stand behind this young man and its divine transmuting force in the himself and not be able to return
help him ri«f the town of its toughs, lives of those who love. He talks home unassisted.
—————— about the high and sacred nature of
Last Sunday the pastor of the passion, and the futility of trying to The railroad labor board has an-
Thomas Cat attended church and lis- bring it under any personal control, nounced that wages of all unskilled
tened to a good sermon He also en- He talks about how love enhances the lailroad labor must come down, June ,
joyed the singing and stood up with life, how it has the power to release 1. Very well. Now, let's hear the Sj? e" 1 'gnways, t e screech lady smashers etc., all or nearly all, he presided over our District court,
the brothers and sisters as they sang in the human being all his or her la- main announcement — something a"_ j ^e, ,°^ bad the example of the father. During his 4 weeks term of court
and drove* its poison darts deep into different nights."
her soul. Her landlady ^ays she fell | T. „
as if shot through the heart when . " district judges in Eastern Ok-
she read it. Over and over she |ahon,a are of the type and sterling
moaned, "he called me common, he to i"t^rity of Jud^e Fay L^r, of
whom I gave all called me vile," and ^"burton, and Judge Harve Melton,
told his colleagues that he only knew °f thls dlstnct there need ** no worry
me by sight." 3bout a PTOPer enforcepieent of the
————— law or a proper legal proceedure in
est and richest in the great southern . Back of the delinquent boy you will district court matters in this end of
states had violently opposed her mar. usually find the delinquent father, the state. Communities are indeed to
nage to a penniless Methodist cir- —McCurtain Gazette. be congratulated on the elevation of
cuit rider, but they ran away and And the short-skirted mother, who such men to office. Their work in the
came to the then wilderness of Ok- delights in the toddle, the jazz and present term of district court is de-
lahoriia. the Bhimmy, instead of cultivating serving of cordial public commenda-
ears went by and passing through the sanity of home life.—Pittsburg tion.- Pittsburg County Guardian
the trials of the pioneer they saw County Guardian. Judge Lester made many friends
the trails of the red men widen into And the booze fighters and the in McCurtain County last fall when
them. Some of them were born in
the pioneer's dugout and it was hard,
on the meager salary, but then, with
the old fashioned poundings which the
Indians and the ranchmen oftimes held
that good hymn, "Shall We Know tent abilities, a valid enough argu- about a reduction of railroad rates to
Each Other There?" While it was ment in itself. He extols the joy of decent levels.
being sung he looked about and love's freedom, and he tells about how • * «
counted thirty members in the con- like faith, it sanctifies all things, how Wyoming legislature has enacted .
gregation who did not speak to each it makes everyday, humdrum like a law requiring male candidates for ,rom e,8 um 10US g ac es, 0 ' ,e *'
other on the street and elsewhere, scintillate with delights just as a matrimony to undergo physical exam-
The thought occurred to him why wheat field in summer blooms with ination before securing a marriage
they should know each other there, daisies or cornflowers, and what a license. Another law that will be
when they seemingly didn't know folly, even a tragedy, it is for tw0 be- about as beautifully enforced as the
each other here."—Arkansas Thomas ings perfectly mated, to reject love for Aolstead Act.
Cat, Hot Springs, Ark. the sake of upholding a stupid con- * •
————— vention. If the statements of the 20-year-old 80 bard, to raise and educate them all
The people of Nashville, Ark., have ' Less common is the argument of- fcir' wbo killed herself for love of a
turned their attention from the oil fered by men who are frankly Nietz- member of the Oklahoma legislature
game to diamonds. Several fine gems chean. There is nothing t0 marriage, are t™6 then the said legislature can- .....
have recently been found near that they tell women. Marriage may be not expect the people of the state to and by rigid economy, handing down
city. all right for the "herd," but it never believe or respect anything it says, clothing, from sister to sister, they
was intended to bind and hamper ex- when it goes and extends a "vote of managed somehow to get along and
each daughter was given an educa-
A Chicago bomber squealed on his But somehow the old circuit rider
pals when they failed to pay him for never got any of the rich appoint-
his part in a laundry strike, and now, ments in the cities some said it was
about 1!> fine candidates for the Illi- because his voice was never so good
nois penitentiary have come to light, after the winter he was caught in the
If thev are all sent up, it will have to blizzard trying t0 keep his appoint-
be acknowledged that he is not guch ment at the Ridge Schoolhouae and ^
a bum bomber after all. - vhe pneumonia which followed never
' * * left him the same.
That oil well at Ada is nothing if Virginia, their baby girl was the
not polite and accommodating. Last image of her mother, beautiful be-
week it waited until a large crowd yond compare, and oh, how they all
assembled and then, according to the had sacrificed and hoped and prayed
local paper, "belched forth a rich for her, but one day the dread hour
black oil," while the crowd yelled and 0f fate crossed her pathway. She
the cameras clicked. An oil well that was introduced to the handsome de-
has been fed as much Mellen's food as bonair representative from Texas
this Ada well ought to be spanked if county, Mr. Denny. One of the men
it didn't belch up something besides who were swept into office on a land
white elephants occasionally. slide which gave his party overwhelm-
ing control of the house for the first
The German music critic who as- time, and Denny immediately became
that there would never have a ieatjer. He represented to Virginia
world war if the kaiser had y0yj that he was a single man and
the automobile resound along his . „ more men were convicted than ever
ancient path. Magnificent steel your influence to every cause before flt tem of court fa ^
bridges span its rivers, majestic cit- '"e betterment of conditions m county
ies surplant its silent villages, until our county. It is immeterial whether ..
you think it right or not, if it has for A Oane has broken the bank at
demess he once traversed on horse- its PurP0Se the good of the county Monte Carlo. But that doesn't worry
back there came the choral song of and its People, it is a good move. The the bank any. The bank knows the
Oklahoma's contented millions. mass meeting Saturday will do good, Dane. like all gamblers, will return,
Seven daughters came to bless bas done good and will continue to lose all he has won and something
do good if you lend your influence to else besides. A gambler never quits
help enforce the laws in our county. unt'l be is "busted" and cannot beg,
— borrow or steal enough to stay longer
Its true, whiskey is not the direct ; in the game. This is why the Chica-
cr.use of every crime in our county, go Board of Trade has to "sell" 20
but it plays the biggest part of any billion bushels 0f grain a year to keep
other one cause.
its gamblers busy.—Ex.
Q——'V'** • -- yiri ri^in
,ceptionaI men and women, who have supreme confidence" in such a man.
a perfect right to freedom of choice.
Marriage is a wornout convention,
anyway. The very fact that so many
married folk are unhappy, that di-
vorce is growing by leaps and bounds.
i3 proof enough of that, they say.
Let the sticky old Puritans cling to
it, if they like it. For themselves,
they take a broader, saner and moro
liberal view of life.
If girls only could realize how spe-
cious are these arguments which fall
so glibly from a man's tongue, they
! would save themselves so much grief
and disappointment and suffering
! and humiliation, and sometimes a
i suicidc's grave. Men, the world ov-
j er, do not value that which they sc-
; cure easily. And contrary to popu-
j lar opinion, they are more conven-
S tionally-minded than most women
I are. No matter how much they love
; a woman, they do not want her for a st,rt9
fore bottled. Reeom- j wife- for a mother of their children, been
KyL- j when they bave had her without ben- been forced to ()ance jazz may uke breathe(J into her ear a tale of ,ove
Jf dl)l€S« e l o cergj. comfort from the fact that, if his jje so represented himself to her sis-
Goor] milk riff 'rSi ' \ u JUS one ,sa e ^theory ; correct, the kaiser will ters and relatives he discussed reli-
* DUlIe mllk Oil -ane rule to follow the pnee of the probably M,,.r ^ ,„otheP: eio„, „bjecUi wllh her ,„d ,h, wrot,
woman u> e man. . o n on, racket. He danced jazz all the way her preacher father sending him a
I from the "imperial headquarters" to paper written by Denny. He gained
the Dutch lire when he was getting the advantage of her and Virginia
out of reach of the American soldiers sinned under his promise of marriage.
in the fall of 1918. Then came the aw/ul awakening,
Fresh Butter deliver-
ed off of ice at your
door twice a day.
Sweet milk, cows
milked through
strainer top buckets,
strained through fil-
ter strainer, run
through cooler be-
of ice once a day.
in Oklahoman.
We have a nice line of visiting
cards.—GAZETTE office.
I have purchased the
Kuykendall Meat Mar-
ket and will take charge
June 1st.
I will handle only the
best Fresh and Cured
MEATS, and will ap=
preciate your trade.
Yours for good service,

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