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Report of the Condition of
first State Bank
At Stigler, in the State of Okla-
homa, at the Close of Busi-
ness June 30, 1910.
Loans and discounts $1D,980 41
Overdrafts, secured and un-
secured t 231 33
Stocks, bonds, warrants, etc. 5,808 20
Furniture and fixtures 2,392 64
Due from banks 9,221 93
Guaranty fund 225 00
Checks and other cash items 945 00
Cash in bank 1,359 54
Total 40,164 05
Capital stock paid in $15,000 00
Surplus fund 300 00
Undivided Profits, less ex-
penses and taxes paid— 1 188 01
Due to banks 2,660 73
Individual deposits subject
to check 19,814 31
Time certificates of deposit.. 1,200 00
Cashier's Checks outstand-
ing' 100
Total 40, 164~o5
State of Oklahoma,
County of Haskell, ss.
I, J. C. Terrell Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief, so help
me God. .T. C. Terrell,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 6 day of July, 1910.
E. W. Holley,
Notary Public
R. F. Terrell and Fred H. Fannin,
Forbes Company
The Greatest Money Saving Opportunity Ever
Offered to the People of Haskell County
1/^ All Two and Three-piece Suits for Men
— r fl 11""* and Young Men. Sdle includes Blues,
** * * Grays and Fancies. Nothing Reserved
Men's Trousers and Overalls
$5 Pants - ■ $2.50
1.00 Overalls - SOc
1-2 OFF 1-2
All Boys and Children's
Suits and Knee Pants
1-2 Off
1 *■> rwnc All Men's and Boys' Shirts. Dress Shirts,
1"^ "rr Soft Collar Shirts and Work Shirts.
33 1-3 Off
All J. B. Stetson, Star, Soft
and Stiff Hats, Straw and
Panama Hats.
33 1-3 Off
Shoes at Half Price
High Shoes, Low Shoes, Cow
Boy Boots and Hunting Boots
Half Price
All Trunks Go at Half Price
33 1-3 Off
On Suit Cases and Hand Bags
33 1-3 OFF
1-2 Off On Neckwear
50c Tics ■ - 25c
25c Ties. Two for . . 25c
And get a Good Selection
Forbes Company
Stigler, Oklahoma.
City Marshal J. L. Tribble re-
turned Saturday from a business
trip to Oklahoma City.
Mr. Olford, of Lindsay, Okla., was
here Saturday attending the funeral
of County Commissioner Lee.
Bud Hickman of near Lindsay was
here last Saturday attending the
funeral of his uncle, D. M. Lee.
When a girl is in doubt hs to
whether she loves her lover it is a
sign that, he isn't rich.
"Squire J. "N. Powell of Keota
transacted bufiiues in Stigler Mon-
Every dog has his day, and some
of them get all the days of the other
Miss Fanie Hargis came up from
Keola Monday for a few day.? visit
with her brother, M. B. Hargis.
Really, it is not necessary that
"first aid to the injured" should al-
ways be in a snowy uniform.
Mrs. Dunn, of Olney, Texa3, and
daughter, Miss Ruby, are visiting
her sister, Mrs. B. P. Grace.
Jack Johnson says he prefers
chicken. Whose chicken?
An incompatible is a bridegroom
who begins by promising to let his
wife hold the purse and ends by
begging her to hold her tongue.
Our idea, of a spellbinder is a
man who would rather ring the wel-
kin than answer to the dinner bell.
Probably there is no poorer busi-
ness in the world than being a sol-
dier of fortune where there are no
T. H. McClinton's baby, which
has been very low for several days,
is reported improving.
W. T. Noblin, Olie Obson, city
clerk, J. H. McClanahan, manager of
the McClanahan Vehicle Company,
were here Monday from Quintan.
Attorney C. A. Phillips made a
business trip to Fort Smith this
Herman Byars, of the Stigler
Drug Company, and John Foster, of
the Stigler Beacon, attended the
Wilcox-Tidwell wedding at Kinta
There will be a big picnic at Quin-
ton pn July 29th and 30th which
promises to be one of the greatest
events in the history of that com-
munity. Big preparations are being
made for a stupendous blow-out.
The ladies of the Presbyferian
church served ice cream and cold
drtLks at the Palace drug store Sat-
urday for the benefit of the Presby-
terian cnuich and realized a good
profit from their work.
Hon. Lee Cruce, candidate for
governor of Oklahoma on the demo-
cratic ticket will speal^. in Stigler
Tuesday, July 19th. Mr. Crueo is
a good speaker and everybody shouli
hear him. He will doubtless be
the next governor of Oklahoma
Dobyns-Lantz Hardware Co., have
offered a prize to every boy and
girl in Haskell under IB years of
age between now and the time of
the starting of school in October.
The offer is liberal and every boy
and girl should take advantage of it.
Read the ad elsewhere in thi3 issue.
Dr. Wood of Huntington, Ark.,
Mr. McClane roadmaster of the Ft.
Smith & Western, came in Monday
in an automobile looking over the
country. They made the trip from
Huntington, a distance of 8T> miles,
in about eight hours, much of the
time being spent at Fort Smith.
They went from here to Quinton.
Pedro Henderson has been mak-
ing some nice improvements on his
property on Second street which'
adds considerably to the appsarante.
With a little energy every property
owner in Stigler could make the
town, look much nicer by cutting the
weeds in front of their residence. Mi-
Henderson has set the pace Fall
in line and do likewise.
The Socialist of Eureka and sur-
rounding country will give a picnic
at Eureka on Saturday, July 30th.
It will be an old fashioned basket
•picnic-everyone is - invited to
come. A good program is being
prepared for the ociasl-.n. Candi-
dates of all political parties have
been invited to be present and make
speeches. A. big time is expected.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank LeRoy as-
sisted by Mrs. Fred Parria enter-
tained Monday afternoon from 2
p. ra., until 9 p. m., in honor of theii
daughter, Thelina, being her second
birthday. Forty guests assembled
to celebrate the event, ice cream and
cake were served and all spent a
delightful evening. Her many frienc
bade her good bye at a late hour
wishing her many such birthdays.
Several handsome presents were al-
so given the little lady.
Why not try our service this
coming week? We will wash your
white clothes clean and sweet. We
will wash your colored clothes clean
without fading them. We'll starch
all the pieces that need it, and dry
them and the other clothing. We'll
Iron all the flat pieces, the bed and
table linen, towel and knit body
wear and give them a smoothe fin-
ish th#t no hand ironer could equal.
We'll call for this work on any-
day you request, laundry oit and de-
liver it quickly and promptly.
Our charges for this work is 6c
per pound and you get every thing
returned but the soil.
Telephone 122.
Oklahoma City, July 11.—In order
to encourage good citizenship-Gover-
nor Haskell and his assistants, with
George D. Conger, president of the
Anti-Saloon league, have ''naugura-
ted a plan of paroling men convic-
ted of selling liquor which *hn9 far
as been a success.
All paroles are granted condition-
ally. If the conduct of the person
paroled is not good, heis at once ar-
rested and returned to jail to serve
the maximum jail sentence and to
pay the fine and court costs.
"I believe in giving every man
the benefit of a doubt. I think in
a great many cases, when a boot-
legger is given his freedom he at
once reforms and becomes, nine
times out of ten, a good reliable cit-
izen, and I am always ready to re-
commend a parole, when I am con-
vinced that the person applying will,
when released, straighten up and
make a respectable citizen," said
Geo. D. Conger of the Anti-Saloon
league Saturday.
Governor Haskell expresses the
ing every person a chance to * make
same opinion. He believes in giv-
good" and if he does not take ad-
vantage of the opportunity, then
place him back in jail.
One pardon and six paroles were
granted by Governor Haskell.
Tulsa, Okla., July 12.—An In-
dian funeral is truly a sight that one
witnessed will never be forgotten.
This is said of such ceremonies as
marked the last obsequies, of Nona
Wilson, one of the Cherokees killed
on the Katy railroad at Sand Springs
on Thursday morning last.
The ceremonies were performed
at the Mowbray Undertaking com-
pany's morgue on Friday in the
presence of about twenty-five Chero-
kees—men, women and children.
No priest or minister of any
church was present, but the tall,
gray-haired mother of the young
man lying in the casket took charge
and, apparently without a tremor,
although her heart must have been
torn in twain as she regarded the
frightfully mangled remains, con-
ducted the ceremonies and said the
last words consigning the soul of
her son into the hands of a loving
Heavenly Father .
The venerable old relic of her race
read for fully an hour chapters from
the Bible In the language of her
own people She then led in the
singing of that grand old hvmn,
"Nearer My God to Thee," and oth-
ers of like sacred character and fin-
ally led the entire assemblage in
prayer all in the Cherokee tongue.
No civilized form of worship, as
white men know it, was there, but
the presence of aawful death and
the faith of the aborigine in the
future of the soul were so manifest
during the proceeding that one won-
dered if the Indian had not a bet-
ter grasp on things eternal than the
white man.
Henry Cooper and G. A. Blanton
have bought the livery business of
Frank Gilstrap and took charge Wed
nesday. The lot and buildlns were
not included in the deal. Messrs.
Blanton and Cooper have both been
engaged in the livery business in
Stigler and both have a great deal
of experience in that line. They
have practically a new outfit and
many nice rigs. The building is pro-
bably ope of .the. best of its kind in
the city, being built of concrete
blocks. AThe new managers expect
to keep the business up to if3 stan-
dard, giving the public good turn-
Never do what you would consid-
er a folish act in others.
Hear much, but tell but little for
you have two ears and only one
If you can't stand a laugh at your
own expense don't put the laugh
on others.
Better than being born with a
silver spoon in the mouth Is the
ability to provide use for the spoon.
Report of the condition of
The Bank of Tamaha
At Tamaha, Oklahoma, at the
Close of business
JUNE 30. 1910
Loans and Discounts $22,484.49
Overdrafts, secured and un-
secured 164.86
Stocks, Bonds, Warrants, etc.4,266.20
Banking- House 700.00
Furniture and Fixtures 500.00
Emergency Assessment Guaranty
Fund * 145.70
Due from Banks 4,100.60
Cash in Bank 671.16
Total $33,033.01
Capital Stock paid in $10,000.00
Surplus Fund 8,000.00
Undivided Profits, less Ex-
penses and taxes paid 1,084,87
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check 13,786.74
Demand Certificates of De-
Dosit 11.40
Time Certificates of Deposit. 150.00
Total $33,033,01
State of Oklahoma,
County of Haskell, ss.
I, A. P. Harrison, cashier of the
above named bank do solemnly swear
that the above statemept is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief, so
help me God.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo
this 7th day of July 1910.
W. W. Fisher,
Notary Public.
My commission expires February
16, 1910.
J. R. Porch,
W. H. Hopper
Report of the Condition of
Kinta State Bank, at Kinta, Okla.
At the Close of Business
June 30, 1910.
Loans and Discounts $37,321.25
Overdrafts, secured and un-
secured 848.33
Furniture and Fixtures 1,500.00
Guaranty Fund 142.82
Due from Banks 3,117.90
Checks and other cash items 127.25
Cash in Bank 3.156.10
Total $46,213.65
Capital Stock paid in $10,000.00
Surplus Fund 4,750.00
Undived Profits, Less Ex-
perfses and Taxes Paid. 1,957.47
Individual Deposits Subject
to Check 28,608.68
Time Certificate of Deposits 897 50
Total $46,213.65
State of Oklahoma,
County of Haskell, ss.
I, Park *J. Anderson, cashier of the
above named bank do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to
the best of my knowledge and belief,
so help me God.
c Jaanier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 9th day of July 1910.
Notary Public.
(My commission expires Feb. 16, '13
E.mmett Johnson,
Park J. Anderson
One thing move is certain—wo-
man will never cut a permanent fi-
gure in politics as long as she keepB
changing her own.
Percy Noodles says he used to
know a foolish young fellow who
hoped he'd never die until his sweet-
heart smothered him with '.dsses.

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