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_____,1 68 US? *gW *a’34Ste I ASSflfc
iWImm Striou ID*
mm Wu Overcome
Piahhta’i YfUbU
Garnett, Has.—“I first took Lydia E.
Ptakhwn ■ -'age table Compound for •
own follow-
er Lydia E.
i C—p—J.
ret took Lydli
Compound ft
complete norvi
breakdown foil
Inc the birth of my
oldest child. I fot
up too soon which
caused serious fe-
male trouble. I was
so weak that f was
not able to be on my
feet but very little
and could not do my
housework at all. 1
had a bad pain in my
—-—left side and It
would pain terribly if I stepped off a
curb-stone. One day one of your book-
lets was thrown in the yard and I read
•very word in it. There were so many
who had been helped by your medicine
that I wanted to try it and my husband
went to town and got me a bottle. It
seemed as though 1 felt relief after the
second dose, so I kept on until I had
taken five bottles and by that time I
was as well as I could wish. About a
year later I gave birth to a ten pound
boy, and have had two more children
since and my health has been fine. If
I ever have trouble of any kind I am
going to take your medicine for I give
ft au the praise for my good health.
I always recommend your medicine
Garnet^J^ssfc'^^™* *** *
New Life for
Sick Men
lEatonloWorks —agio [
"I have taken only two boxes of
Eatonlc and feel like a new man. It
has done me more good than anything
else," writes C. O. Frapplr.
Eatonlc Is the modern remedy for
acid Btomach, bloating, food repeating
and Indigestion. It quickly takes up
and carries out the acidity and gas
and enables the stomach to digest the
food naturally. That means not only
relief from pain and discomfort but
you get the full strength from the food
you eat. Big box only costs a trifle
with your druggist’s guarantee.
nmmi onrtm nmuurwiub
Teacher of English Blblo In U>« Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
(da. 1111, W..l.rn Newpapsr UalotU^^
Bad Colds
\Y7ET, stormy weather, ex*
W posure, sniffles, and the
heavy cold la on. Dr. King’* Mew
Discovery breaks It up quickly
•nd pleasantly. Head cleaned
up, cough relieved and you feel
better. At your druggists, 60c
and |L20 a bottle.
Fat coldsandeougbs
New Discovery
Bowels Begging for Help?
Dr. King’s Pills will bring you the
happiness of regular, normal bowela
ana liver functioning. Keep feeline
fit and ready for work or play. Mild
and comfortable to take but alwaya
reliable. Same old price, 25 cents.,
f \ Prompt( Won’t Gripe
L/r Kind s Pills
Get busy and relieve thoae pains
with that handy bottle of
Sloan’s Liniment
V W THAT Sloan’s does, it does thor*
\\ oughly—penetrates without rub-
" ” bing to the afflicted part and
promptly relieves most kinds of exter-
nal pains and aches. You’ll find it
c'*a t and non-skin-staining. Keep it
bandy for sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia,
over-exerted muscles, stiff joints, back-
ache, pains, bruises, strains, sprains,
bad weather after-effects.
For 39 years Sloan’s Liniment has
helped thousands the world over. You
aren't likely to be an exception. It cer*
tainly does produce results.
All druggists—35c, 70c, $1.40.
Cuticura Soap
-The Healthy-
Shaving Soap
UaUtar*Bmp skatesvlthoutmas. awrywhirsIS*.
E>Z Duetless-Ebony Stove Polish
g-l Iron Bnamrl von tus I’irs
M Mstsl Polish vor trr Nicerl
. KZ Sttoa Polish Rtvas Bunas
Ail Deelers-Moasy Lash ausrnntee
RAN> Uhl* t IIKAI'—It Its p»f Sit*
jJ^Wuril A Tevntisuith Minimum Ail
W. N. u , 'OHsboms City, No. 49-1920
Christmas Novelties
LESSON TEXT-Matt. 1J:*4-U.
GOLDEN TEXT—Fret not thyself be-
cause of avll-dopra.—Pa. 17:1.
PRIMARY TOPIC—Jeaus' Story About
Qood Heed and Bad Bead.
JUNIOR TOPIC—The Story of the Wheat
and tha Tares.
—Wheat and Tarea.
—How tha Kingdom of Heaven Grows
The parables of this chapter sot
forth In n graphic way the condition
of affairs In the Interval between
Christ's going away and His coming
I. The Parable of the Wheat and
Tarea (vv. 24-30, cf. 86-43).
1. The Sowers. (1) The Son of
Man (v. 87). He Is the One who sows
the good seed. The Held In which they
are sown Is the world. (2) The Devil
(v. 80). He Is In a peculiar sense
Christ's enemy. He Intensely hates
Him, and with relentless energy ta
striving to defeat His purpose In sav-
ing men. While men slumber, he sows
tares nmong the wheat.
2. The growing crops. They are
not easily distinguished while growing,
but the effeets produced when eaten
are quite different. The wheat la
wholesome, but the tarea produce Ill-
ness. The chief danger In the tares
lies In their resemblance to wheat. The
chief dnnger of the devil la that he
strives to Imitate God.
8. The hnrvests. There comes r
time when the fruitage of the growing
crops shnll be gathered. For the tares
there Is a furnace of fire where there
shall be walling and gnashing of teeth.
The righteous shall be gathered Into
the Lord's garner and shall shine forth
as the sun In the kingdom of the
II. The Parable of the Mustard
Seed (w. 31, 32).
1. Its Important beginning. It be-
gins ns the lenst of .all seeds and grows
to be the greatest among herbs. The
parentage and humble circumstances
of the King greutly perplexed the peo-
ple. Thut twelve unlettered fishermen
should be selected as His royal ad-
| vlsers Is still more amazing. The proph-
et said concerning Him that He
should be despised, rejected, forsaken.
2. Its vigorous growth. From very
small beginnings the Influence of the
Christ has gone forth so that there Is
no power or Influence so great as that
of Christianity.
| 8. Its lodging capacity. The birds
which And lodgment In the tree do not
represent the children of men which
find safety and salvation In the church.
Rlrds constitute no part of the tree.
The bird Is something foreign to and
Independent of the tree. The branches
Increase the growth of the tree, but
birds are Injurious and burdensome to
It. They are predatory—waiting to
pluck the tender buds or to prey upon
the ripened fruit. The effect of such
lodging Is evil, blighting and spoiling
to the tree.
III. The Parable of tho Leavened
Meal (v. 33).
1. The menl. Meal has a wholesome
and nutritious effect. It was used In
one of the sweet-savor offerings, which
typified Christ (Lev. 2:1-8, it. V.); It
wus food for the priests (Lev. 6:15-17,
It. V.); Abrnhnm had Sarah knead
a cake out of three measures of metil
for the nngellc messengers (Oen.
18:6); Solomon’s royul table was pro-
vided with menl (I Kings 4:22); KlIJnh
was fed upon n cake made of meal
(II Kings 4:41); Elisha used meal rR
an nntldote for the poison of deuth In
the pot (II Kings 4:38-41).
2. The woman. The woman Is not
the head of the home, but Its adminis-
trator. Her responsibility Is to take
the bread provided by the head, pre-
pare and distribute It to the children.
In Scripture we find false doctrine be-
ing taught by a woman (Hev. 2:20).
Dealing with doctrine Is forbidden to
woman (I TUn. 2:12). In I Tim. 4:1-3;
II Tim. 2:17, 18; 4:3, 4; II Pet. 2:1-3,
we find that apostasy will be brought
In through false teachings within
the ranks of God's people. The
meaning, then, of the parable Is that
the true doctrine, the inenl given for
the nourishment of the children of the
kingdom (II Pet. 2:2; I Tltn. 4:0),
would officially he corrupted by false
doctrine. The children’s food Is cor-
rupted by the mother.
3. Die leaven. In Scripture, lenven
Is Invariably a type of evil. Let the
following examples suffice as proof:
(1) All through the Old Testament
leaven Is a continual and unvarying
type nr evil (Ex. 12:15; Lev. 2:11).
(2) Jesus himself makes lenven to
denote sin (Mntt. 16:0. 12; Mark 8:15).
(3) Paul uses lenven In Its usual bibli-
cal sense (I Cor. 5:0-8; Gal. 5:^, 9),
Nothlno Too Little.
Our Lord tenches Hint nothing Is too
little to bn ordered by our Father,
nothing too little In which to see Ills
hand, nothing which touches our souls
too llllle to accept from Hint, nothing
too little to he done for Him. Mime
the hairs of our head are all mini
Pored, so Is every thrnb or shoot >f
pain, every heating or aching of tha
1 heart. Every fear which starts Is seen,
and If wept to Him Ib gathered up to
1 film Kvtry aecrat wish and prayer
«* hears while yat muttered or up-
1 formed -D-. FUSSf*
Christmas time brings out • lot of
hnndsnmt new pillows, because they
aro gifts suited to everyone. Above,
two aro pictured, ono made of
changeable taffeta end one of satin
ribbon. They will eult either living or
lied rooms. The circular pillow of
taffeta le shirred over cotton cord and
the oblong pillow In edged with g trill
Rag Dolls
Among tho best of the novelties In-
troduced for Christmas gifts are the
handsome beads made of sealing wax.
They are strung on silk cord with or
without glass or steel beads. The
wax Is heated over an alcohol flame,
the colors combined and the beads
shaped over a knitting needle while
the wax ta soft Pretty hatpins are
made In the same way.
Robe for Bair?
Every Christmas the rag doll makes
Its appearance. There are rug dolls
of high ami low degree. Two high-
class little persons are shown in the
picture. These are made of heavy
domestic cut by a paper puttern
which can be bought. Their faces
ore pointed with wuter colors, their
hair made of yarn, and they are com-
pletely dressed with clothes that af-
ford the Joy of taking them off and
putting them on. Even their sllppera
may be made of black oil cloth. One
of these baby dolls Is supposed to be
a boy and he haa a pair of rompers
Instead of a dresa under his coat
Gifts That Please
When his majesty, the baby, rides
out In stale after Christmas, he may
find himself possessed of something
splendid In the way of carriage robes,
like the rich affair shown In the pic-
ture. Satin ribbon makes the robe.
Light and Phone Screens
Of all the practical gifts that are
sure to please there are none more
dependable than good-looking waste
baskets. There are many kinds to
choose from but, valued most, are
those made at home of fabrics, as cre-
tonne, sateen, tapestry, eatln, colored
oilcloth and other things. Foundations
of heavy cardboard or light wood are
covered with these materials. Two
attractive baskets are shown In the
picture above, one of tapestry nnd
eatln and one of heavy sateen. Tha
latter Is provided with a handle of
braided cord for hanging.
Santa Claus Favors
Aa screens for electric lamps or for
telephones, beautiful ladiea from
France, dressed In the crinoline styles
of long ago, make useful aa wall as
highly ornamental Christmas gifts.
Their draperies of silk are supported
by a wire frame. Imported beads of
bisque ere required for them.
Netf Christmas Pillows
Christmas wouldn’t seem natural If
a new plncuahlon failed to make Its
Three new ribbon-covered cushions
shown above Include a long roll cov-
ered with moire and edged with a
frill of plain ribbon, a small round
affair edged with lace, and a barrel-
shaped, hanging cushion, decorated
with lace, baby ribbon and eatln-cov*
ered fruit.
Gift Muffs and Furs
......(•} • (')
Those wonderful plushes that ere
now known as "wool fure” make neck*
pieces and muffs that ere just as warm,
Just •• handsome end more durable
thin those made of iklns, and they
era not at all hard to make. A set
m4g «f aea plash is shewn keras
Kill That Cold With
roa and
Colds, Combs TQMV' La Grlpp*
Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Tabene eheaeea Keep this standard remedy handy for the Aral bombs.
Brtaks up a cold In 84 hours — Relievos
Orippe In 8 days—Excellent for Headache
Quinine In this form does not affect the bead—Cascsrs Is best Teals
Laxative—No Opiate la Hill's.
scribed it away back in 1852. On salo at your drag atom.
You’re as Old or D| ODD
aa Young ms Your DLUUU
blnM- Good for the whole family- Bold at your drug store.
lots Props. AKire. THACHER MEDICINE C0.t OSImeRTm, ft*. IL
Spohn’s Distemper Compouad
ndlapstuabia remedy for oontealoue ead It*
"d.btkmYkb! r.NK
le the one Indlepenesble remedy (or oontealoue ead iBloetleus
dle-BMB tmunji
end cure (or
and COLDS ( _____________
ute to lie mm It aa a medicine. ,, I* ,
men and live stock men In Amerlsa.
IS oents and 11.10 per bottle.
anu cure iui vidswus ssse( si«i* dm a map ssv« MveasvaMe. ______
and COLOR tor more then. twent^r-Ms years la the^hlghes^£rik*
*n, or*e ft /f rear armSSC
He Was No Gambler.
Tommy, a smull Presbyterian, waa
being examined In the catechism by
the visiting minister.
"VVhut Is meant by regeneration!"
asked the divine.
“Why, It’s Just being born again."
replied the victim, with some mater-
nal prompting.
“And wouldn’t you like to be born
No reply to this, even under pa-
rental pressure, until finally, In des-
peration, the truth came out: "I ain't
taking no chances on being a girl I"—
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
OABTOItIA, that fumous old remedy
tor Infente end children, and see that ft
fn Dee for Over 80 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher’s Caatoria
Needs Help to Keep IL
"Say, Bill, can Jim keep n secret?"
T. F.—You, but It would be Just like
him to tell some one that he couldn’t.
—Boys’ Life.
Famous Fish Family.
Pickerel Is dlmunltlve for pike, aa#
Is applied to the smaller apectss of
the pike family and to tho young if
the larger apeolea. It la most efts#
applied to the banded pickerel, whtdl
seldom exceeds 12 Inches In length. Tho
muskellunge le' a very large epeeleo
of pike, sometlpiee attaining a
of eight feet. It le found In
fresh waters of North America, and to
a famous game fish.
How*# This?
SaSP £
do what w# claim for I*---
the system, thus redueln
tlon and restoring----
, ana tcu uir—mm
iiiooua lurteoto of
Narrow Mftded.
A narrow-minded man Is one who
won’t admit It, but' really believe* that
the world would be better off If them
were no one living on It hat hlmeolf.—r-
Detrolt Free'Press.
Don't think n floating debt la
sarlly a light one.
farmers In Western Janede have
from ■ stasis crap, Tbs him
yours, for yo
Farm Land
near thri
ich grows
sine lands
le reap tai
Lmi* tha Fiefs Atari Western Needs
—low taxation (none on improvements), healthful aRMHRe, asm
schools, churches, pisesas« social rtlattoeehlps, e promsreue ini
f. I. HWIR, MU Ikla Stmt, KANSAS COT, ML
cenedlen Osvsrsmsnl

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