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El Reno (Okls.) Daily Tribune
Friday, April 3, 1WW
The El Reno Doily Tribune
Serving ft Rina Ribbon Conunnnlty
tmmi Dally MMtpi Saturday from 101 North Rock Island Avttiug
and tnt*ffd aa second-class mall matt* undtr the act of March I
RAY I. Dim
It Looks Silly From Where We Sit!
'WOAf ’
Mr. Breger
By Dare Breger
I ♦*
of all the local news
rroae la tntftM txdualvtly to the uae foe repubUcadoo
printed In Uila newtpaper, aa weU aa afl W) newe
PtlURNKU Aftfl'N
■urecription rate*
In State—One Year
Three Montha----- U *W
Six Montha------—8*-®°
One Year—-----——M IO
..10 00-Out of State-$1100
lea TM
Irldsv, April 3. 1853
A Pi Meat on i»rore»M>r wrote a book, •'ll)# Direction of Human Fvoltition
The book ended In complete confualon and bewilderment. John waa dell-
nlte and specific To be like Chrlat I* a worthy ambition and life goal
New we are children of Clod, and II la not yet manlfeal what
be. We know • * • we ehaJI be like him. fee we shall aee him
Jim Lost Medals—Not Fame
••OIR. you nro the great eat athlete in the world/*
^ The time wan 1912, the apeaker the late King Guxtaf
V of Sweden, and the honored athlete wft* Jim Thorpe,
American Indian.
In the long interval from that bright moment in the
Olympic game* at Stockholm to hi* death just the other
day, Thorpe watched his fame remain undiminished. A
poll of sportswritera in 1960 Mingled him out as the greatest
athlete of the 20th century.
Son of an Oklahoma ranchman and descendant of the
Indian chief, Black Hawk. Thorpe blazoned his story across
the uporta pages of the world. Playing for tiny Carlisle
school in Carlisle, Pr.# he won All-American football honors
in 1911 and 1912 against the cream of the big eastern col-
ALMOST single-handedly he brought the Olympic cham-
A pionship to the United States in 1912, winning tour of
five events in the pentathlon and scoring an unequalled H412
out of 10,000 points in the decathlon.
At school he had won letters in five sports. His activi-
ties included running, jumping, lacrosse, boxing, basketball,
hockey, archery, handball, rifle shooting, canoeing, swim-
ming and skating.
Once Carlisle was booked to meet Lafayette at track.
A welcoming committee looked liewildered when just two
Indians got off the train. “Where's your team?” they asked.
“Thin is the team,” said i..vipe.
“Only two of you?” they |s rsisted.
“Only one,” smiled Thorpe. "This fellow Is the manager.”
1TNHAPPILY, soon after his triumphant return from the
^ Olympics, Thorpe was pulled from his pftdestal and
stripped of his medals and trophies. Charges of professional-
ism were filed against him. Not realizing it would harm his
amateur status, he had accepted small amounts of money
for some summer baseball he'd played earlier.
His honors and bis great record marks were never re-
stored officially. But thousands of dollars were raised for
him when he was discovered to be penniless in 1951, and that
summer a movie was shown honoring his career.
Although past service age, he joined the Merchant Ma-
rine in 1945 and served on an ammunition ship during
World war II.
It’s too late for Old Jim to know it, but it still would
l>e a fine idea if they'd put him back in the record books
and restore his medals to his family. He earned them,
Some modern homes are advertised to resist cold and heat
in fact everything but visiting relatives.
Short Stories
by GEORGE R. STEWART About Homt Folks
Os pmiuskot, liSw Hmm.
A 90-year-old Kentucky woman has used the telephone
only once. It's about time she hung up!
An ex-fighter was arrested on a worthless-cheek charge.
He prefers i><macing to diving*
Ohio twins celebrated their birthday together, lie’s 65
and she's 30!
Any day now we're exacting some politician to claim
he was misquoted in his tele\ don speech.
A food containing every kind of vitamin turns out to be
t cracker instead i banana split.
Children are startled by the idea of work, says a doctor.
Smarter than we thought.
Down Memory Lane
April 3. 1931
Twenty-five Inmates, trustees transferred from various
federal prison camps and penal institutions, were brought
to the new federal refoimatory west of El Reno late yester-
day, officials reported tjdiiv.
Mr. ; ,nl M s. (\ (’. Civg. 502 South Macomb, returned
hnt i f\ t from a few days' business trip to Denver, Colo.,
( hie: .go. 111., St. Louis and Kalis..s City, Mo.
Sirs. It. K. Levoin of Roswell, N. M., her daughter, Miss
Frames, and Oran L. Dj le, jr„ >tintents at Oklahoma A. and
M. colic it*. St ill’ vn ter, weio guests yesterday of Mr. Dale’s
parents, Mr. and Miv. 0. L. Dale, 501 South Rock Island.
VjlM war waiting for him. He laid
h down the immmer lie took
her Into bln arm*, or pcrhaiM she | seemed to
took him Into hern. Rut after that
he felt suddenly n new confidence.
Sometime* she did not agree with
Mm They had argued Junt the
night before about Charlie, but In
the end he knew that he would
renew his confidence from her.
They *at on the davenport, and
he poured out the story
She spoke at last:
"You shouldn’t have done It!
You should have had the boys to
bark you He might have shot you
right there You're strong at think-
ing and knowing things, not In
meeting a man like that.**
Then It was ahe who began to
take the next action
"Oo get F>.ra and Oeg£ge and
the boys/' she an Id "No. I'll send
ohe of the children No one can
move In on us like this, and say
what he and mr are going to do!"
George was the first to come,
and after him, Ezra. Ish caught
the movement as Ezra’s quick eyes
shifted from Oeorge to Em and
back again. "Hr has something,"
Ish thought, "he want* to say to
me alone" But Ezra made no at-
tempt to gain the opportunity. In-
stead he ended by looking at Em
In n hnlf-embarrassed manner.
"Molly’s had to lock Evte up In
cne of the upstairs rooms." he said
Ish could tell what a hard matter
It was for Dtra, a highly iwllte and
civilized person, to have to speak
In public thus about the burst of
passion that had suddenly come
upon a half-witted girl at n man’s
At the boys* coming, there was
a little relaxing, and people be-
gan to sit down and make them-
selves comfortable. In a moment.
Ish knew they would all expect
him to begin to aav something and
he felt again that this was all hap-
pening too rapidly. What he was
actually facing was almost like the
orgunlbitlon of a new state And
yet, they could not sit down quiet-
ly and start out by writing a con-
stitution with a good old-fash-
ioned preamble. No. a particular
and troublesome situation faced
them, and they must act In the
face of it.
Hr put the question sharply:
"What are we going to do about
Evte and this Charlie?"
There was n babble of talk, and
Ecru stood up That waa un-
usual of him, too. being so formal
And It was also unusual that he
be embarrassed Hi
florid face was even redder than
usual, and he glanced back and
forth, particularly at Em, It
seemed, in an uncertain manner
"I've got to say something
more." he said. "I talked with
that fellow. Charlie, last night
after we went home, quite a while
He’d been drinking a lot, you know
—talked pretty freely.",
Ezra glanced toward the boys, as
if realizing that they, poor half-
savages, would not know* really
what a cilivlzed man was discuss-
ing. "He told inc quite a bit about
himself, which was what I was
ftflM ’
Again he paused, and Ish could
not remember Drra ever having
been like this before
"Come on. Ezra." he said "Tell
us. This la Juat us."
Suddenly the bonda of Ora'a
reticence broke "Thla guy. Char-
lie!" he burst out. "He* rotten In-
side as a 10-day fish*."
Ish saw the news visibly shake
George’s big body us if It had
bean a Jolting blow on the chest.
He saw the flush spread over Em'a
creamy-colored face To the boys
the news was nothing They did
not know what Ezra was talking
• e •
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Warthoe and
daughter. Ellen, have returned to
'heir home In Fort Worth. Tex.,
following a visit with her parents,
Mr and Mrs. H J Powell. 112
Mouth Barker.
K A. Dick. 506 South Bickford,
and Clifford Smith, west of El Reno,
left Thursday for a fishing trip at
Lake Texoma.
Janet Huddart. student of the
Oklahoma Baptist university In
Shawnee Is spending the Easter va-
cation In the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs Ray T. Huddart, 706
Smith William*
IT la finished. These last words
1 from the erbaa do not Indi-
cate the end of the agmy of rru-
clfixlon They were not a mumbled
expression from tortured fleeh
They were a cry of exaltation. For
the period of hit life on earth
Jesus had followed the pattern set
down for him at his birth
He knew why he was here and
what he was expected to accom-
plish during his stay. He knew to
was fared with the crucifixion and
there would be no escape from It,
yet he prayed In the garden "Fa-
ther, if It be thy will, let this cup
pass from me" and he cried from
the cross "My Ood. my Ood. why
hut Thou forsaken me?" then
came the words "It la finished "
HU life as a human being was
over. His mission accomplished
and hla work was done He did not
finish It In a blaze of glory but
experienced the depths of degra-
dation; the lowest yet conceived
by the mind of man. Wearing a
crown of thorns he hung between
two thieves until the end
No shred of the pain and an-
guish that can be experienced by
man but what he has shared This
Is the pattern He too was a hu-
man being.
And so on this Oood Friday
when the greatest drams on earth
was finished and with It was
handed, to us the future of Chris-
tianity let us remember that no
man escapes the cross for without
It there could be no crown.
Look and Learn
I. Is there more land or water on
the earth’s surface?
2 Which U B state has the larg-
est capital citv?
3 How do U. 8. Supreme Court
Justices attain their positions?
4. What zone lies between the
Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic
of Capricorn?
5. Which river la conceded to be
the swiftest-flowing in the world?
1. More water.
Massachusetts, with Boston.
By Presidential appointment.
The Torrid Zone,
The Rhone, a river of Switi-
" ... testing out our new line of jmnU for crctM-holdlnK
NBA Waaningten C
Government's Cook Booklets
Look Silly, But Have Purpose
Mrs. Earl J. Palmer, 1206 South
Macomb, has received the word that
her daughter. Mis* Dorothy Palm-
er, a civil service employee at the
headquarters of the engineering di-
vision of the budget fiscal office
headquarter* of the U8AREUR in
Heidelburg. Oermany. has Just com-
pleted a course at a finance school
In fiscal accounting of I he UB army
of Europe at Bad Neuhelm. Oer-
many. Miss Palmer has been in
Oermany for the past 17 months
Mrs. Ieo Coffman of Detroit.
Mich., arrived Thursday to be the
house guest of her cousin, Mrs. Nell
Burmeler, 208 Bouth Barker.
Lesson in English
Do not say, "I have an idea that
he will succeed ” Ray, "My opinion
It." or, "I think "
Macsbre (ghastly). Pronounce ma-
ka-b’r. first n as In aak unstressed,
second a as In ah. accent second
Serf (land-slave). Surf (foam of
SYNONYMS; Ouest (noun>. con-
jecture. hypothesis, speculation,
supposition, surmise, theory.
WORD STUDY: "Use a word
three times and It Is yours." Let
us Increase our vocabulary by mas-
tering one word each day. Today’s
able of being described "The
beauty of the mountains is indes-
cribable "
l^ZHA would not even try to ex*
plain to the bovs until Em had
left the room, and then he Iind
difficulties because the whole con-
ception of disease wa* hu/y to the
As Ezra tried his explanation.
I*h t at feeling his thoughts run by
him fust. He knew vaguely that
lepers had been restrained by law.
Now there was no law.
This was something that neither
the old life nor the new held
"I*t the bovs go." he said sud-
denly to Ezra "This Is for us to
talk over and decided on." The
boys, he realized suddenly, were
disqualified in two ways—they did
not know the dangers of disease
to a community, and they did not
know the force which any society
was privileged to exert in its own
The three older men turned to
each other aguin after the younger
ones had gone. "I*t’s get Km
Lou Ann Fisher, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Howard B Fisher. 1003
South Ellison; Donna Senmands.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sea-
mands. west of El Reno; Patsy
Itoyse, daughter of Mr. and Mr*.
Tiny W Royse. southeast of El
Reno; Carole Feuquay. daughter of
Mr. and Mr*. Jim A Feuquay. 603
Thompson drive, and Taylor Ous-
tafson. son of Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Oust.tfson. 1005 West Hayes, stu-
dents of Oklahoma A and M col-
lege are spending the Faster vaca-
tion in the homes of their parents.
Mr. and Mrs, John Little of Still-
water were overnight guests Thurs-
day In the home of his parents, Mr.
and Mr*. W. J. Little, 308 South
Mr. and Mrs. Porter Beard of
Liberal, Kan., ore week-end guest*
in the homes of their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. N. Beard, 612 Bouth
Miles, and Mrs. Lena M. Shepard,
821 South Roberts.
Citizens (’lean Park
And Save City Money
ATLANTA. Oa . April S -<UR>-
Keeping up a woodland park need
not be a matter for the city budget-
makers to worry about, residents of
the Druid Hill* area here decided
this spring.
They had trouble In previous
years with 73-acre FVrnbank forest,
but this year they decided to take
the wood* and weeds in hand them-
On the first spring-like Saturday.
75 re ddent*—Including doctors, pro
lessor*. Bov Scouts and student!
—turned out end gave the park a
clean-up Job. Jumes A. Mackay,
chairman of the Druid Hills Civic
a.tfoclntlon. said the same procedure
would I* followed every Saturday.
tl WASHINGTON. April 3-«NEAi
▼▼ —Department of Agriculture
has Just put out a little leaflet tell-
ing the housewife how to broil a
steak, cook a pot roast, fry a steak
with onions, stuff a flank steak,
whip up a ragout (stew, to you>.
Or. If you want to get real fancy,
the new handout tells how to make
Swiss steak—either with macaroni
or tomatoes.
Word from the Department of
Agriculture's Office of Information
Is that 8600 copies of this leaflet
are bfing sent out. on a national
basis. Newspaper food editors, furm
and home magazine food editora
radio and television food editors
and the branch offices of the Pro-
duction and Marketing Administ-
ration are all getting this hand-
out. And they're supposed to do
something about It.
So if cooks across the country
begin to be bnrraged with beef-dish
recipes in the next few weeks or
months, they’ll know why.
Along with the recipes, another
four-page pamphlet, "Facts About
Beef." Is being put out. To quote
the subheadings It says. "Beef Is
Plentiful. Beef Is Body Builder." It
then lists sources of other Informa-
tion about beef, and gives all the
cuts from top round to bottom sir-
loin. from neck to round, telling
what to do about each when bring-
ing them Into contact with a hot
T^OW behind all this hangs a
tale, and not Just the oxtail
In the soup.
When Secretary of Agriculture
Ezra Taft Benson's Livestock Ad-
visory Committee was in town re-
cently, trying to flndL out what to
do about failin'* cnjfle prices, one
of his recommemyttion* was that
the Department (ft Agriculture do
what It could to promote the sale
of beef
The Livestock and Meat Board
out In Chicago waa called on to
do what It could toward the same
end. Packers were to be urged to
advertise beef more heavily. The
whole campaign was to be aimed
at Increasing consumption of beef,
thereby reducing the supply and
thereby again raising the price.
As Secretary Benson remarked
the other day, "Some people had
stopped eating beef altogether."
The price was too high. Now that
the supply is up and the price Is
down, the big Idea I* to get people
back into the habit of rating beef
All this strikes a familiar note to
old-timers in Washington.
11ACK in the dim, drear days br-
D yond recall when Drmocrat*
lived In tht White House, one of
the favorite Republican sporta wa*
to get up and make speeches ridi-
culing the Department of Agricult-
ure for the silly literature It put
There was a little leaflet on "How-
to Wash Dishes" that was always
good for a gag In the Congresalonal
Record For. of course, everybody
knew how to wash dishes and what
was the of some home too-
nomtes expert spending govern-
ment money to put out a book on
Some depertment official or oth-
er was always having to go before
a congressional committee to ex-
plain that this particular number
on dishwashing was put out by
popular demand
But answeflt never catch up with
accusations, so the Department’s
reputation has always been sullied
bv charges of wwstlnc the taxpay-
ers’ dollars on foolishness.
In politics, of course, it’e always
different when It happens to you,
But all this "educational campaign ’
stuff makes a certain amount of
sense The law creating the Depart-
ment of Agriculture orders It to
spread information
In Secretary Benson's let-’em*
est-meat campaign, for Pittance,
the idea Is cheaper than a price
support program for cattle. As Sec-
retary Benson says, "Our purpose Is
to get surpluses out of storage and
into stomachs "
Let's Keep a Ciood Man
On the Job!
Paul G. Uehmann
To The
City Council
(Paid for by friends
of Paal (i. Mebmann)

April 1943
Bonnie Malioney, MinVnt Li the El Reno high school, is
the El Reno winner of tho Americanism essay contest spon-
sored by the El Rjr.o auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign
Wars. Mrs. Tom Penwright, Americanism chairman of the
auxiliary, ai. i'M-u •• I Saturday.
Charlotte Lmviile, a senior student in the El Reno high-
school, has pasutl a shorthand expert speed test at 140
words a minute, Miss Linville took the test, dictated to her
for five minutes at 140 words, and transcribed it with 97
percent accuracy. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. K.
Linville, 1210 Sunset drive.
War bonds totaling more than $10,000 were purchased at
u patriotic rally and box supper at Heaston Friday night, it
was announced by Leonard Smith, who wus in charge of the
On Wednesday, March 31, Mrs. Lillie Boynton, daughter
of Mrs. W. H. Holmberg, and the late Mr. Holmberg of
Anidarko, and Warrant Officer Walter E. Gilmore, son of
Mr. urn! Mrs. Walter S. Gilmore, 701 North Evans, were
pnited in Diarriage.
olmost immediately Ish had the Uck 4n« Mld ^ ^ Joilied
i hllly^fccling of h 11 tho men, | and then there wore four.
"Well, what about It?" said Ish,
knowing that he must take the
Icud again.
Once the silence was broken,
only Ezra wax solidly with him.
ISH brought up the argument
■# that they could not afford to let
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harrison,
son. Harold, Jr., and his mother,
Mrs. Oenevt Hall, of Fort Worth.
Tex., arrived Friday to spend the
week-end in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. F. R. Booher. 320 South Rob-
New and Reconditioned
Typewriter Dept. Phone 286
UNCi /.
Evle start a line of half-witted | they discussed the situation fully,
children. But his words made less
impression than he had thought
they would. Evle had always been
a part of the boys' life, and the
thought that there would be others
around of the same kind mude
little Impression upon them.
Then curiously enough. Oeorge’s
(To Be (ontlnuedl
Problem a Day
A lawn 73 ft. long and 60 ft. wide
is surrounded by a path of uniform
width. If the area of the path is
Mow mind brought forth »n cvrn | 2416 square feet, what la Ita width?
sounder argument. "How do we
Mrs. Glenn Boston and daugh-
ter, Betty Jo. of Watonga were El
Reno visitors Friday.
Charles L. Whittle Is reported ill
at the home of his parents. Mr. and
Mr*. Richard Whittle, 1401 Sunset
know," he said, "that she really Is
half-witted anyway? Maybe It was
Just nil that trouble she had when
she wn* a little girl when every,
body died and left her all alone
to take care of herself. That would
put anybody crazy. Maybe she'i
Just a* bright as any of us really,
and her children w4U be all right.1*
Though Ish could not imaging
Evie’s ever having normal chil*
dren, still, there might be some*
thing in the argument, and he aa?
that It Impressed the others, except
8 feet. Add product of 75 and 60
to 2416 to get total area of lawn
and pnth. Let X equal width of
patn. and form equation (75 plu*
2X> time* (60 plus 2X> equals 6916.
8olve lor X. *
Aak Ug Far Detftlla
Commercial Photography
113-B South
STUDIO | and
34-Hour Service on Roll Film
$25 to $388
Loaned Quickly
On * H
Ill East W
When you're feeling below-par, your phar-
macist i* h friend in need. With speed and
efficiency he interprets your doctor'* pre-
scription and quickly ha* you on the road
to recovery. Let Jean’s Pharmacy be YOUR
watchword to good health.
8 A. M.-s-ALL DAY-18 P. M.
84 Hr. Emergency
Call No. 1I80-W

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