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More Biff Than Baskef
War Curbs
Drug Addicts
_ m ttfUQ, (UMa.j Daily Tribune
Bafflewagons Swing a Lot of Weight
Opium SmuKKflinK
Virtually Halted
ounce box,nR clove, and man with the hall is l'an for a s^k lrum
'nC on oppoMtlon ,cal" Fcllo-v will, brtll seems licadeji fora flop!'
«p^mm mac
THE STORY: I.rn ami
Copyright. 1944, NBA Strvic*. iu*.
Sue picked ou;
„ .. ----- ----- »-——- ou- such a mother for a
S£5 .r -rssrtJS! rssr*“ * —*.......•••lEs-.s-sra^st,...........
"»nr “ s Jr; 1 ss r,r,r' “ks&sk »°s». sjr ""
liasirt .seen Margaret llilyard in grily and pnnlshed her food but tlllough 1<,lu11 solllccs to tlu‘ ulti- I Memorial services will beheld it I
** •vrar*' ,,r ,s thunder* Iruek at did not snub It .Stic was think | nmte consu,ncr | 2 p. m. Monday tn the First Method-
the elunges in the oner beautiful lug: if she’d only starve her body ‘"Iho 8reHt amount of narcotics 1st fliurch with Rev. Edwin H
Birl. Slie is fat and overdrrssed instead of her mind she wouldn't llsetl bv the nddtct was smuggled Orant. pastor, assisting an Olein-
C a delight in have such a shriveled little heart l,lto the country nnd was not Pro" homn c".v Evangelical minister in
under that healthy chest expan- f!“ed by tbew three flrms- « was conducting the rites
mis contraband supply that kepi Interment will be made at Fl
the government busy in prewar R no cemetery under tbo direction „ ........ ™ ”** U,,C) faCt thev snt ‘trough I
I of Wilson funeral home. Llewellyn Burgess and Jim Walters. 1 pclformilnces hi order to make ;
1 g*. Rnnhomrti'n. ____ 1 SUl'C that “.SPoinrr ic KolimfiMn »*
ST. LOUIS. Mo., Sept. 9—(U.R)—
The war with Japan has virtually
halted the smuggling of opium in-
j to the United States and forced
tliousands of narcotic addicts to
take the cure—whether they want
to or not.
John M Tuliey. neac o. the St. i
Louis bureau of the treasury de- |
partlnent's narcotic division, re- [
vealed today that wartime condi- '
tions have greatly reduced the !
number of drug addicts because
of their inability to obtain contra- I
band drugs. He predicted that if
the war with Japan continues an-
other year, drug addiction In the
United States may be completely
wiped out.
Tuliey reported that there are
less than 50 of what he called "non-
medical users of narcotic drugs" In
the eastern federal district of Mis-
souri as compared to more than 500
in 1941 before the Pear) Harbor at-
| tack.
Importation of opium, the basic
property of practically all habit
I forming drugs." Tuliey explained.
| "is so restricted today that the
I supply is barely adequate to meet
the demand for legitimate users of
1 drugs.
Strict Supervision
"There are only three firms in
the United States that process
! f
Son Pictured
In Surrender
Sunday, Septenibei
theater projectionist and asked if
iie could slow the picture so she
could see it better, he told her
would be impossible, but he would
make other arrangements. When
the reel had run. he placed the film
ot ei a light, and in this way the
identification was made certain.
Sequence Detached
Through the courtesy of Ben and
WOODWARD Sept 9-<UP>- Ev ton, th<iater °W,lers here-
Z’TT T “ “ow"u «■SXKt'EX '2.T
Newsreel Scenes
Carried in Purse
woman simply cannot do without,
including war-born ration books.
Housed in the ration container
that Mrs. W. T. Howell. Woodward, has a story behind iT
carries is one nf her „i............. ..... , v oemna it. so does the
F. McDonald, local studio operator
developed them.
Even as the "Howell sequence"
Ihc-rc are .silhouettes of 120 four-engined bombers in the chart
nbov,.. prepared by the Navy Department. A modern U S ba e-
slop can blast an enemy with projectile weight equal to theJr
total bomb load.
carries is one of her most cherished
possessions—the newsreel picture of
her lieutenant son as he surrendered
at Corrigedor.
I Shortly before the fall of Cor-
irigedor on May 7. 1942, Mrs. How-
jell received a sinister-looking tele-
gram from the war department an-
, pouncing its usual solemn terms
that her son, Lieutenant William
T. Howell, was missing In action.
Mrs. Howell wrote to Washington,
hoping to receive more particulars.
film from which it was taken. "The
Last Days on Gorrigedor" was orig-
inally made by a Japanese photo-
grapher, was captured by a United
States officer and smuggled to the
I home-land.
cording t° j. Paul NeaJ.g aocount
the United States isn’t the only
place where real estate is high.
~ - -------- ...on, ivauiLumif), ; ------ .wo* rotate is nigtl
no information was available. W10tc home that he had been
iinnu — ft-. nl favrtri Othn *___ • ■
Mrs. Mary Beck
Taken by Death
Funeral Services
Are Planned Monday
However, after a year of hopeful
j waiting, the mother received an -
other message from the war depart -
ment saying her son was interned in
ja Japanese prison camp,
w There followed more months of
| anxious waiting before Mrs. Howell
• finally had direct word from her
son. and then the tide of events
turned again.
When the newsreel, "The Last
Days on
offered $500 for his foxhole in Nor-
mandy which is well padded and
lined with blankets, but that he
had refused the price because the
j hole is waterproof.
Slhnpi^612 J£rthnRocTIsSTve"iT™ * * m!ss
Mary Berk. 83-.vear-old pio-lliue, liave chosen the name Ken HoWel1' a skter of the im-
ridi ni of El Reno, died after 1 neth Rav fm- .......... 1 p!'sbnecl American, was In the au-
oiauf) tiKii imHi. .rw.*. v/*w jjiu-ji.uc, nave cnasen tlie name l
and the treasury department ] ncei resident of El Reno, died after neth Ray for their eight-Dound snn
to keep the strictest super- n;1 illll, : s ,,f weeks 3aturdn.\ born late Friday nt Hie ei ’’!CC- slle was afraid her eyes
-------—... ..... .. - . tnortiim. i,„.. ..... ... . I —.. y - ei Reno were playing tricks on her when
ami seems to take a delight
making other people feel ill at under
ease. I lie dinner is a failure until sion of hers.
Hie Berkley’s son. Tom, puts in a Wl). ,, . . , —- »
surprise a pp, a ranee. Me has a ‘t, Wa‘t‘ried to make <°«versatioil , dayg.-
n,oath’s leave from his regiment ^ . T“'"; Tulle-V «ddad that, the few ad-
in the South Pacific. Tom and the ()J . " . “ 1((lta 's diets who liave not taken Involun-
Hilyard s daughter. Jennifer, are " ...nd a , lienees, his
entraneed »ilh one another wound- and his promotions. But
* * * ' f,le two women .snt and politely
hated each other. Violet, however,
Indians Open
Grid Season
On Sept. 22
(Continued From Page One)
shr saw her brother lineup witli
oilier officers, as they surrendered
I to tlie Japanese.
Miss Howell went home imme-
diately to tell her mother what she
hud seen. Mrs. Howell, accompanied
■ another daughter. Mrs. Vivian
Kacliel, attended the theater that
evening—In fact they sat through
,r. .. . ,.IV did not conceal her Interest. She
I he dismal nlnne. was a success leaned on Tom's chair and audibly
.iivir f n Quo CIk. ___i . •’
tary cures are being driven to ex-
tremes to get habit-forming drugs
and "our department is rapidly clos-
ing In on their source of supply.
Condition Nationwide
"This condition does not apply
now to Sue. She was so glnd approved the stories with ‘Bullv ,™'S C0ndul011 does 1101 apply
of Tom's Happiness that she was for him!'' "He's got tlie stuff!" °nly to tl,e ru-'’u'm district of MIs-
not even Jealous of the young, and tilings like that. Finally she K°1‘irl
stranger1 who catered to his girl- said, without being asked W‘dc
liungor. It was bliss enough for1 «T.rf „ -
Ida boy of me own in
Mis. Beck, born Nov 7. i860, came . S°phonlol'e's ^turning for
to El Reno in 1901 from Garnavillo 'second season arc Ernest Crown-
Iowa. She was a member of thel'T61' Richard Dozier, Pat Keller.
Jack Pearce and Gaylord Reuter,
while newcomers are Edwin Grant.
their |sure tbat “seelng is believing.
When Mrs. Howell approached the
• Repairs q Reliners q Recaps
■Official Tire Inspeelion Station
Cooksey Service Station
301 South Bickford
Kilm HiiliXki
• Lxtra rich in cn
famous Dorotliy
i ream lubricates
skin. Use Extra
Cream lavishly o
crepey throat. He
that dry, drawn ft
derful to offset di
of fatigue, wind,
daughter. Miss Z “ ‘,ew“mers Edwin Grant.
ie home, and a , Chau'1icey HaI1- Harold Harvell, Jim
! "'y Kintz, Ray Long. Leslie Lun
Tuliey .said, "but is nntion-
Within another year, if the J
war with Japan last that long, we '
Sue that now and then her son “ “y °LTheT w‘" amM havP ««e traffic stamped' out
rcaehed 0u, a hand as from far Wlth ‘hP ta"k | entirely :wlth oniy a few eases here | ^ a^^ bombSi SasCnS
Iowa. Slie was a member of the
Evangelical church.
Survivors are a _____________
Amelia Beck, of tlie home, and
son. A D. Beck of Dallas, Tex. I " ' aun • i
------ j non' Donald Smith, Marvin Stat- i
C1 ton' Benjie Vance and Darrel Wil-
Sovon Mon Killed liams
III lloillber Crash Plenty of Freshmen
To no pa m M o Freshmen trying out witli the In-
TONOPAH. Nev . Sept. 9--(U.R,- chans are Bobby Armstutz, Jack Bar- j
away and caught his mother's
hand and squeezed it; and once
he diew it to his lips and held
I'.v. Wallace Beekley, Clarence Black- '
owl. Jolin Bleigh, Jerome Bushy- j
head. Ralph Cordray, Darrell Cox.
it there, as lie mumbled to Jen-!0,1 tpc beach at Salerno,
nifer: * * *
"Can you wonder that I'm no When they left the dining room
wonderful when you see what a and went into the living room.
Mom I've got? Dad deserves part Margaret’s slow glance traveled
of the cr .'dit, he thinks. Mom j everywhere with a critic’s Jaun-
told him so. didn't you. Mom?" diced eye. Slie brightened a bit
Yes, dailing!' ; at sight of the telephone; for its
It made Walt very happy to see long cord was twisted. Slie rose
Jennifer radiant Her mother had j heavily nnd straightened it with
greeted him the same wav when a laugh:
W,rCT,„b?.Ck irom ^ ,WorW' "As 1 “'ways say. order is hea-
Wai. But the Margaret of now yen's first law"
had forgotten the Margaret of ... . ,
then. Her voice cut through the , ^ w,mebodV a«M- order
rosy mists' Ls '0U1 wav of ralslng hell with
‘•Jennifer*’’ , somebody else's things." it was
"Yes, Mama " *,be hatient Walt who was driven
"There’s‘such a thing as man- ^rUlfU; i3Ut Mf’Baret *brugged it
ners, you know." °ff af, on'v apothPr of th<> burdens
1 patient wife has to bear from
Get Set for Fall
J"* *■*> — *ss. "z:
imeworn soother nf n't«ino hnMm .
Keif ion of Merit Is
timeworn soother of crying babies,
is the narcotic agents’ big problem
today. Tuliey declared. He explain-
ed how addicts buy paregoric in va- „____ ,
Ding quantities in several stores, Aiviirrlerl rni,m ■>
b»m It to remove the alcohol and V'ardet* ('Uam Hero
freeze it to eliminate the cam-
"The residue," Tuliey said, "is
then (hawed out and injected by-
use of a hypodermic syringe or
needle temporarily satisfying the
addict's craving for the drug.
from | George Hardwick. Clarence Hens-
ley. Teddy Honeycutt, Jules Hud-
son, Kendell Mnxey. Donald New-
man. Malcolm Patrick. Thomas
Ramierez. Jack Rice. Claud Allen
l Hobertson, Jerry Taylor. Lewis
WASHINGTON. Sept. 9 -(U.R)—. Tll°»'Pson. Alfred Whiteman. Dale
Wilkerson and Aubra Williams
Loafer, Oxfords and Moccasins
In all sizes for all ages. Colors-brown, red.
George R Tweed, the navy petty’ I
officer who hid from the Japanese|
on Guam for more than two years,
today was awarded the Legion of
Merit oy Secretary of the Navy
James Forrestal
Oil Production In
Oklahoma Rises
1 ve ; a brute
Tom answered for her:
is” ski *s.rzzn rr......*
a disapproval tlilnly masked in a
the morale of the armed forces.
If you had been where I've been
and not seen what I've not seen—"
merry old quip:
Farm agent, planned to leave to- i tion on Duam and for aiding the
of a husband. She sipped day for Topeka. Kan., to serve as I Anu’l lcan invasion forces by sup-
the swine division of plvlna valuable information he ob-
tained while hiding on the island.
NORMAN. Sept. 9 —(Special) —
pally average crude oil production
'I weed, who has been promoted 11 the state ls l|P 6.000 barrels over i
to tli ■ rank of warrant officer, i f.u,y of last year' 11 is reported in
I was cited for "exceptionally mcrl- "le turrent i!,sue ol the Business'
t" during Ills isola- ' “ulIetin. monthly publication of the
County A Kent Will
.IiidKe Kansas Fair — — ... ^„IHUy mcn
Riley Tarver. Canadian county 11"1'101*8 cunduct" during his isola
arm anprit nionn«#i «______ ’ : tioil on Guam and fm* oia
If I take coffee at night, it
keeps my husband awake."
Judge in _ ________ ____ m
the Kansas state fair this week
He expected to return Thursday.!
Mrs. J. D. Ferguson. Canadian i
county home demonstration, agent. |
will go to Watonga Thursday to |
serve as a judge In the women's
division of the annual Blaine eoun-
t.v fair.
University of Oklahoma.
Oil well completions in the state ,
averaged 37 per week as compared to
23 per week a year ago.
local Briefs
Clyde Muxey Elected
WraiiKlors President
Clyde Maxey Has been elected
He left that in the air as enough
and lowered his voice to murmur: Her host and hostess were
“Jennifer, eli? You're mint-julep; struggling to keep from shrlek-
to me. Say. I've been silting in I big: "For God's sake, go home!”
the train all day. You couldn't J1 she heard their prayer, it gavr
take a little walk with me. could her pleasure to deny it. She kept
you? I brought along my own worrying aloud: "It’s disgraceful
old moon fresh out of the South fo>' Jennifer to run off like that.
Sea;,. If you're tired I can carry Obis nowadays liave no Idea of
you. I’ve had lots of practice keeping up appearances. They’re, - ____ „vl. „1<IV,
carrying big Wounded men.” "tore interested In disippeurunces. pres‘di’ht of the El Reno Wranglers 1 *----—-
"I think I can walk. Sergeant.’’.1 really think I'd better be going to w't during the next year ilia ,, Ar,hur Lambert, IV7
said Jennifer. "At least part' home—to that apartment we cal) wa's reported Saturday. Tlie etec- i ii "fui un,b nvenuc' w*b de-
way " i borne. Jennifer might be tlierr tion was held at the group's second a 'V tor Chickiusha w*»ere
* * * wi,h >’our bo-v- And I think it! annual picnic last Monday nt Adams I niHni,^!!, th® .JUn“°r clas* at
Tliey laughed at tliat as If i' better young |H>oplo aren’t left Park. ->Ki..h,im.i Colii-gp for Women.
were the wittiest audacity ever | alone." J Ollier officers elected are R o
uttered by a heroine to a great Margaret was one ol those vis- Courtney, vice president; R. A. Pal -
lll'ro bone horn the wars. Tom Hors wlio spend one forever talk- J/a, k- -second vice president■ Mr-
paused tn borrow his father's dug about going and spend nil- W,,cy Jo,,cs’ treasurer: Mrs. Homer I
latch-key ami whisper (o his oilier forever getting gone. Walt I',,lt>r' secretary; Harry Hati. c !
molliev not to wall Up for him and U-n seized the opportunity to Ml'Oill, Freeman Dcnwalt? Hcr-
rhen la dashed away with arrange a game at, the golf club | Bill WarUthow and
NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (U.R) —
When liU draft board listed his
as a New Bedford regts-
h B Godfrey. 818 South Wii- trant wrote that he was 36 and:
ism- avenue, returned Thursday, b> borne out by my school
u,,n R’datka. Fla . after spending l records, employment files, hearsay.
I "" p'lsl 'wo weeks with his son j "#t of birthday cards and gifts
in,I daughter-in-law. Mr. ami Mrs. j wrinkles, lack ol teeth, gray hair.
Ham Godfrey, and their family. eener“l appearance and recurring;
| -- fatigue.”
Mis- Geraldine Lambert, dough- '
Winter Store Hours
Weekdays — !l (0 (
Saturdays — !) |0 ;i
..... ■ «i> wii yuu riiiu ........ *»
.lennn.'i .-,ue and la-n lived again! for Saturday afternoon. At last Andy Cun‘s. directors.
I Ill'll* nU’ll i ..oil. II... .1 . ~ __
Bible Baptist Church
1265 Snnsel Drive
Sunday, Sept. 10
Old Fashioned, 5oul*5firrii
Inspirational Song Service L<
Bro. McGrew.
---------"•" wiuuii.,
'■b«r own unlorgottcn voutli. and tlie d.xir closed on Margaret witli
were grateful to the girl who that beautiful sound a door alone
eould offer their son beauty and cay make at such a time
romance after ugly loneliness and (To Be Continued)
long homn. ____
Perhap. il Tom had been a rich ASHES SWALLOW DOGS
young lieutenant or a colonel or HE’RRIN. hi. <u.r)—Tlie
even a famous hero, Margaret pearance of two dogs that sank
would have been pleased by her into tne ground before tlielr own-
daughter's elopement. But Tom ers’ eyes has led to the discovery
X’"8 only a buck Pi'vare or some- of a bed of red hot ashes 75 feet
thing a little better, with his rank long and 50 feet wide near Herrin
-Irlped on his sleeve instead of 111. Spectators surmised that the
gleaming in silver or gold on his lied lmcl been caused bv burning
shoulders. Without saying a word coal dust.
Margaret managed to fill Ihe air
witli protests against her daugh-
ter's bad taste. Her harsh eyes
roused the anger of Sue and Len
The only fault they found with
Jennifer was tnat slie should have
Get Our Lew I'lites
Phone 304
School of Dance and
Physical Education
Studio 577-J — Reg. |||| t
Dr. J. C. Matlock
For One Day Only We Will Have
"The Musical McGrews"
For Both Services.
v* * y
Duels Thai Will Thrill Your \
McGrew and His "Singini
Mr. and Mrs. Revis McGrew
A Revival Of The Grand Old Hy
and Gospel Songs.
Sunday Morning at 11:00 Ihe Paslor, Bro. Cavin. Will Speak On
The Salvation of Rahab.” (How can an immoral person be saved?
Enlist the WHOLE Family In El Reno's ONLY AEl Bible. Bible School
Sunday Evening el 8 o'Clock Bro. Cavin’s Message Will Be
“The Last Message of the Bible
Bro. Cam, WIN Give. From Memory The Entire Book of Revelation by chapter Outline.
This Message Will Be A Bless

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