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The El Reno Daily Tribune (El Reno, Okla.), Vol. 53, No. 164, Ed. 1 Sunday, September 10, 1944 Page: 4 of 6

This newspaper is part of the collection entitled: El Reno Daily Tribune and was provided to The Gateway to Oklahoma History by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

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The El Refid Daily Tribune Incirlo
A Blue Ribbon Newspaper Serving a Bloe Ribbon Community II IwlUV
The Axis
Sunday, September
frsued dally except Saturday from 207 South Rock Island avenue,
•Dd flOtered as second-class mall matter under the act of March 3, 1879.
Editor and
budge harle
News Editor
Advertising Manager
Presenting: Emets Assembled
by the Foreign Service
Division of the Offlre of
War Information
The ASSOCIATED PRESS is exclusively entitled 16 the use of re
publication of all the news dispatches efedffed to It or not credited by tl/ASHINGTGN. Sept. 9 —igne
this paper, and also to all the local newts therein. W rlQi,_*„MA tv,„
All rights of publleatlons of special dlspatbfies herelh also are reserved
OKI,AROMA fintn*
clal)—Aside from the stra-
tegic military Importance of Ja-
pan’s Pacific island outposts, these
Islands play an Important part In
her war economy. Thus the pro-
gressive capture of the islnnds by
the allies trikes a double blow at
One Week ___________$ .20 Three Months________$1.50 T k
Three Months___________$2.26 Six Months_____________$3.00
One Year________________$8 00 One Year________________$5 00 rhp pac,f,c outposts are Hrhlv
Including Rales Tax endowed with high-grade phosphate
___________ rock. An additional Item of cor.-
Snnda.v, September 10. 1944 siderable interest to Japan Is the
total calculated deposit of 4.000,-
!( is not enough to say #e JfTe sorry, we must show it in an amended ’"
life. Deeds speak header fhWn gords: Bring forth fruits meet ft, re- -“her Wahd Lirionl
pentance—Matt. 3:8 , .
_______ Laterite contains a high per-
. centage of bauxite, used in the
The Battle of Oermany STS. 1 SSST^Sa
rrHE battle of Gerfnnny has beprun. For the first time in of bBux,,e- wb,ph the Japanese
■* our history American forces arc engaging the Ger- bpffan to exploit in 1939
mans on their own “sRcfed soil.” It is a new chapter in a Tbe m”t widespread industry
history which has been repeating itself at an accelerated °UKlvljs0°n n. ‘V*10
rate, with sons of the doughboys of the first AEF rolling 1 ^hich <;opra is obtained * it™™
almost unopposed over gWrtirrd where their fathers fought estimated that these islands pro-
and died to gain a few yards. Now that history has run duce more than 17.000 tons nf
past the point where *it ended in World War I. "’P1-0 n year.
It is well for the world and for Germany that this is TI"‘ cul,ivation °f sugar is per-
happening. It is tirhe that the German people saw and felt !'npf the most important industry
Ihe scourge of war which their armies have loosed upon anifld-heid^iXn*!!!?'olT
Europe twice in a generattou. Perhaps if they had seen i„n7. A secondary but nevertheless
and felt it in 1918 this present war would not have come, important industry is the dlstiiin-
But the German people did not see the breakup of their tion of industrial alcohol Trade
military machine on their very doorstep. Thus the kaiser’s in lumber and charcoal is also
armies were able to straggle home in a semblance of order, CflrrlPd on.
at least enough for Hitler to be able to put across his myth -..oavwqh * * *
that the war had been lost at home, not in the field. J ' ’’ "(,'Pr noted for a
World War I was lost in the field, and months before com „ ai™>r’ 0Pca-,lnnaii.v
the armistice. It was then that the general staff lost heart, humor tnat make " life'^^iittie
went on the defensive, and urged the government to seek brighter for allied specialists whose
peace. Many military historians believe there was con- Job it is to scan the daily prop,
siderable fight left in the German army at the end. Rut aS‘">da output from Tokyo,
its general staff preferred to quit and save ihe hofne- °ne «urh item was provided re-
land from devastation. cently by Dnmel. Japan’3 govern-
# # * meat-controlled news agency and
Film Shop
Nuns Prodn
Hollywood i
A group of nuns att
maculate Heart college
become actreases.
J JOLLY WOOD, Sept. 9 —(U($— The 25 sisters from
" — ieL* a • • AvAaKii
By Ernest Foster
United Press Correspondent
Behind (he Scenes
In Washington
theJSerman military situation was ties- ZTJUS CX
perate, and no one can blame the allies for ending the to occupied areas i„ Asia that «
struggle. The cost in lives had beeh frightful. Even those Domel reorganization had resulted
who saw *hat Germany needed a further lesson could not in the formation of a unit caii-
deny a world that was weaty anti longed for peace. pd thp "Limited information De-
Today Germany’s situation is again perilous. In manv Partrnpn<
wavs it is worse than at this time in 1918. when the Ger- __ _ * ** *
mans were fighting op only one front and their allies were PAVr^ICH- pblpf of
still in the war. But Adolf Hitler is not a Ludendorff or a *,-te cmatir
Hmdenburg. He knows that he is hated and doomed. And to tighten the re ™on thTnSJ
NEA Staff Correspondent
bobs “P in Washinrion every seven day,. Mosl
of them blow over. Nevertheless_ ‘ i”osl
Stick a Hungarian, advises °Hlers in the United
Cornel Wilde, who ought to know Heved they would pro!
because he has stuck quite a few thelr summer course li
of them, and you’ll find a swords- duetion il they learnet
m,in 1 Por their production
Wilde has conducted a round Martinez - 8ierra's cOm
robin of fencing contests with ‘'Cradle Song." The si
tbr*e other Hungirians. Paul c°nvent In Spain where
Lukas, Charles Vidor and Stephan nuns becomes foster m
Bekassy, on the set of "The Love llttlp $HT foundling,
of Madame Sand" at Columbia. The child grows up
Wilde and Bekassy enact roles of sisters at the convent k
Chopin and Liszt, two of Mndime He about the outside w
Sand s lovers. she reaches young worn,
But to get back to the fencing. | falls in love with a you:
Wilde himself fs of Hungarian and bas to leave the
descent, the son of a captain in her home,
the Hungarian army The only role in thi
Le took his first fencing lessons taken by a sister will
in Budapest, later held the inter- the young girl. Fleuretti
collegiate fencing title in this a student at Immacul
country, and was selected for the *111 plav the part
°!>mPlC fenein? teflm lp Rcv- Mothp'- Each:
■ . maculate Heart college
His work in the film stems from approved the venture,
the fencing lessons he gave direc- i dented in reljgious gio
tor Vidor a few years back. Vidor. All j nuns are play d
who like all Hungarians had had teachers at several Cat hi
! fencing lessons In his youth, liked throughout the country.
^eotna“' ,|lhe Anaer‘ca*-Humarian j They will handle stag
a on e and decided to remember settings, and makeup b
him for a future picture. acting roles. Sister
Now Wilde is in that picture. Lourdes will have the
As a first overture of thanks for rectlon of the cast alth
the part given him by the director, j fessor Joseph P Rice \i
he brought down his sabers for a vise the entire produetlc
1 mtle off-scene fencing. The sisters plan to giv.
They were hard at it when Lukas ! formances for mixed au
happened by and a'ked if he i different religious faiths
could Join in the fun. Lukas is a I tion to those before m
former cavalryman and a fencer: the Catholic hierarchy.
of skllL , ficial. and students.
This threesome had hardly be-1---
gun to get warm when Bekassy
asked to be let In. Bekassy. most
By Tom M. Marks
On the morning when WaV Prod'imt^n Board fha n C°'"Uy AgPm A‘ I aSKe°t t0 ^ let in' Bekass-'' «"<*»
m v^-1 rhmanngenAenlt- resu,tin* in the resignation j referr<?d t0 aa “Boysenberries" are turned out L! ’
<l f^Il’r C;L W^ls,0n °f G(,npral Llertm-. quitp widpl.V planted In the state . ' f The Tribune Is autli
Th ee hours'Tit'" ?1,.°r''s-fa'’oi‘. |and many folks have had them tllfn r T "° UnUiUal announce the csndldncie
ferencf dement 8 prts* eon- f°r several seasons with"ut being ,' i ^ ‘° ^fhruR9^s rlncin3 «« following individuals. «
further confusion by irttimatinj“tSf.fte'dW not ! "'"T* “ ^ * hour and to* l2f fl!? toS? Hun- ^ B'>nPrn' P'P""°n N°'
know what would happen to Nelson when ho not Folk> thouI^ keep in mind that j garians hard at it with their won- r* is m-
back from China—the question was too ‘ iffy growth that dewberries made pons DciHOCrafic Til
ss srzszsss ssi^sr- srx vidor
,h“ »£f issrwsr. —»MbS ' e- «•
are also wres- ,
son elaimed th» ,", , , ----wiuen wn- “ njunu, uoysen £
meet- '"'™ Ppnpd right after Nelson Tnd'wlson^adcall^a ^"gro^ PXtc"slve5r°wth and tend 1 tiers and water polo players. These For County Sheriff:
and insisted there was no difference of opinion betWMn’ them^'n '^°ne' f3"' TI’US one of our suddpn dpops * *
°'-r^0!1.V!,'i‘nK American intiustry from war to peace nrl,.!® >» temperature is likely to damage j JNINHlilTED by time restric- For bounty Surveyor:
tinns nr rw»/*r ~ ”* ‘
nrdsWMeaLessa7ndPa^u~ B°_ySen dewbe^
tus'lVncP has mVic Vi.'n mr,. ,1 u the rei"-c on 'he people from Wash.ngtoXtr.lT' ne!ds fitpadiness and assurance -T" “cwuc"y canes ^ tions or peculiar dress. Larry BILL A LEX A NT
ThlSfi "“J1* J"!®. than cowardly, be governs under Oennon domina- onieuds now choos’e up ‘sides and^re^^ mnXd^asT.^n men^wu PB wJSr 'ZelT* 9nd Bmy ..........
on men. and the battle goes merrily on S LVi, ^ ^ or WI,son ^ diebatk which tnnkes it Friday obtained a marriage license.
As German troops entered pup- out of the Washington scene. 81 ,,0,h of tho loaders are | __™b c to Providp them with Parks appeared wearing the cos--
some winter protection. To stop . tume of a Russian paratrobper and1
late fall cane growth and provide h'ls make-up, explaining to re-
Though the eml may come quickly, it is certain that if tlon
I lit lei remains in power he will try to drag Germany down A>
with him in a bloody and linfrerinK' .struggle. |,Pt Sl0valcla to combat a grow- i dj
fo 4^rsirn.iii: lu-srusr-trr iS?rrs.'ar
• 1 ,,;onl(,l,s thoURht that thev are invincible and inviolate, civilians holding key police jobs Of, wh05* offices were1 "il6 Situff l^at bureaucrate are made grow UP ai*ound the can4r. This He sa
"Is ,S.*J *esson t»iat is 26 years overdue. May it 1)0 sternly and replaced them with officers corridor and yet couldn’t en tivu r 50 feet on the samc may sound like l^01' farming but through woik in rime to De mar-
r the Ustashi. his storm trhop thus failing to carry out the responsibilitv' tog^l.h®r’• By U is actuaIIy good farming in the lied tonight. Miss Garrett said
anization. bad assumed, they gave all American busing uLTh,Ch cas? of Boysen dewberries. Above 4he had td be married tonight be-
For County Attorney:
Republican Tic!
jiihI swiftly tauprh't, and may it he enduring.*
General Patton certainly got a break, being handed
army without any Sunday drivers.
Colonel Erih Lisak. governor of . ,‘is noteworthy that the man eaI led' m ”fo ^ti'L m imi'n nr, a" do not tie panps up to a post cause she had to rush to Ne* York
‘ Oora-Prigorje provine, was made stablps *n Nelson’s absence, :i7-year-old Lieut -ComJr i a' k ■ 01 trpl!is tnis fall-leave them on for a Broadway show,
rtiio-tm- Is n°f a business man hut a __i n rviug. the ground In a-inri.sviwui
dire tor general for public order.; i8"°L? business man but a professional public'servant—a th<> *roul1d In «’lnd-exposed arflas
r>i, , _ - with Major Ivan Kirin tnkinc over « *. ,^,011 mas who rose to prominence as a New „a,a protective niuteh r»f ntn
Barbers know lots of people. Thcv’ro pretty good at - -r __JL_^tra,or- With the exception or L in" „a,.,:!!v_D*a,.adm.,n,s
scraping ttoquaintances.
a protective mulch of old grass.
2Sr - “,rlc' Sai“Sfn155**-VKsaS r, Look and Learn
There are ho Cuss words in the Japanese language. wiS'e£? n«5? Lid!‘''f'om"nc’tof'Hl Tv'Ls f./LV!."Jon"direcor.'a.^^power'conLJuanT'IhLoilS of^s
Wonder vrtiat they call our navy? laboratina with the Nazis in this I "L^nvi^'t0" Maaa*pment- from which job he was advanced^to°boss ! d 11 1 3 t0 4 inches
laborating with the Nazis in this
war, the puppet leader is still
over priorities and director of
Clothes often make the woman, hut the woman doesn't «ante? in FranM> and by the frPe
always make the clothes Yugoslav government for complicity
in the assassination of King Aleji-
;mder I at Marseille lti October
program planning.
Some men tell their wives everythrftjr happens 1934
and some even tell them more than that.
Mother and Three Sons
Serving in Air Corps
Dances with Shavetails
And Then with Officers
i as
of Zagreb
Pavelich's fate _ ________ _____________ ___ ______ _____________ ^ _ _______ ______
j 1. What were used by the In-
dians lor artittelnl ilninHmRion
Wlut is advised for the Bo.vsen before the w'htte men Came to
dewberry applies to the Young- this country?
berry as well Remember you are 2. Which Queen had the kmg-
proteetlng next year’s fruit cfop est reign in English history?
v/hen you protect this year’s 3. Are there any other animals
growth of dewberries. besides the skunk who erfiit an
J»ERLIN radio broadcasts direct- ! er and Thr^ oh! Art!"°th" Neb^sfot^ A^fpY aTa FIELD’ ]|OME Bardens are a good place * Where Is the Aar River?
15 >'d to German troops in the “* "‘r 2rl recently \ " t0 test soil b,,lld1"9 »"•«»<**. 5 What is a mar,nose,?
Held have indicated f,owing Nazi f“pS *S ,he unusua! disti” tion * ” "t‘end*‘ “ dan" at the main reason for this being ANSWERS
concern as to the effect of allied sharpd Private Beatrice Eel- <l,lb- hpr fl>sl military the area involved. L Pine torches,
broadcasts on the retreettng sol-, ann’ Technical Sergeant Ray- r_> he . . No one' can go broke going the 2 Queen v*ptoria.
Tiers One broadcast recently told'iT"nd D F''!mar'n' Lieutenant Don h A™ mflde CKtatif rpport t0 whole way building up his garden 3- The mlnk and thp wensp|
the troops to flee from allied Fp m‘,nn «nd Aviation Cadet Robert v. 1 soil. The area isn’t that large.
The heiirht of f .r”h-^ broadcasts as they would from ‘mnnn- first I danced with "second lieu1 M»p>' has been said of the value
nressT?Lh^nnL fk i- hne8Lf n'm* ?*Pen8'V^.v fo im. , «nw builets. Private Beatrice Feimann, who tenants, but later I danced with^he °f wlntC5‘ lfgump cover cr°Ps in
pieso the people who live exiWtsivelv to imnress von I 'What you hear ts directed at 1las been stationed at Barksdale officer. -• need with the bll(kUng solls Us,
1 ........... . *K- Pip,rt ” “”'t --------- -------' /est this practice to your own satis
II you’re well fixed on relatives the secret nf success
often consists in keeping it a secret. t ss
Fan dresses will hide the tan of the girls who spent all
summer tanning the hide. r
when in danger
4. In Switzerland.
5. A very small South and Cen-
tral American monkey.
oulTamg soils. Using your garden, _____
For Coonty Sheriff:
111 Years Represe
In Penny Colletfion
ALVA. Sept 9—(U PI—Tt
add up to *1.13. but the
pennies that Joe Cline of 1
collected are worth con:
morp titan that to him.
Cline has never really w<
his hobby, but for years
been -watching pennies"-
if hot figuratively. He ha.<
CoiVls for jhC past 113 year:
makes thp oldest one date
"It’s Just a hobbv not a
with me," Cline said. The
range widely in size. Weig
design. Cline had to pay t
penny for n few of his penr
did so in order to make his
tion more complete.
To clinch a deal for a rare
Cline has sometimes agreed
other types of old coins. The
a small side-show to his
ment of historical 1-cent pi
Down Memory l^ane
Warned. "What do you do if an D Feimann, who has Just re-
enemy machine-gun opens fire at turned to the states after spend-
you? Take cover."
J? ** ' ~ E~
Woith, where she visited other relatives. nnt saY- "Thp professor was at
fault several times during his lee-
j ture." Say. "The professor was in
I iug two and one-half years in
India as an aircraft armament
chief with a heavy bombardment
-quadron, have been home recent-
ly visiting their mother, Mrs Joe
cargo saves rarci-
faeUon. Seed the third of your
DARK HARBOR. Me (UR) — : gardpn to a winter legume this
PhioS B(on^ake’ 1200 East Oak street, went to I
Chickasha today to resume her duties as a member of the
faculty at Oklahoma College for Women.
When thp sun’s • rays, passing month vou intend using for late
through a glass bottle of spring! ve*etnbles next spring. Hairy vetch
water on P. E. Hatch's truck, set probnbly is the most popular win-
fire to the vehicle, another bottle jter Ie*1,mc croP growin in the state
was exploded by the heat and the and ls especially desirable for the
water extinguished the blaze garden because it will grow well
------:---— . in soils that are sltehtlv acid, and
Private Breger Abroad .SSoTS?
Aeiwer 10 rr#«iou« Pan
Highwayman. Principal accent is
on first syllable.
P,VT pVlSir 8“Mt“ ^'^^■9MlShWr>fiiV<M“’ 1 OPTI» SnSSPELLED T,rp,l-
Arthu^and^LeRoy, 5l’A£^Arthor Sml,h *»• 'SS*Jf
SYNONYMS: Revolve, rotate, roll.
South^Rock IslarR1 avennod uda“KhteI’ CaI°,vn 700 tom. spin, whirl
visit ivith \f^ ,’’ ,.r 'L.r^urne<*_ home from «| WORD STUDY: "Use a word
Visit with Mr. and Mrs. J, W, Wilder in Okmulgee. j three times and ,t is yours.” Let
ini1' vfnd M*S' W', ?• Thompson- 1209 South Macomb masterln« one word'e^ch* day To-
avenue. have returned from a fortnightVva^tionTri^p to wo?d: hVmTnSian tid-
cnicago and points of interest in Michigan. jective); pertaining to philanthropy.
Haydn G. Davis, son of Mr and Mm fiw'riw » n
5’U SMth Rock l9,an(f avenue, will leave tonight for Boon’
36 school*yearnter ^ -^myTor Zml
The miser had never been moved
by humanitarian impulses.”
Problem a Day
nue reVuimS S..?H d Aiw2° 801,111 Bk>kfo,-d ave- A cistPm k f‘lled by three 3-
Io va wb >l ah! , +y Jr0T? 4AlbPrt Cit-V and St°™ Lake, ippb Pipe* in 1 2 3 hour, m what
I°"a’ where she v,s,ted relatives the past 10 davs. time couM one e-inch pipe nn r?
day for Edmond^o1 enrol’ i^the Cent ral' State ^cob^ Sl'n' 11 4 bou, s Explanation-Square tua'rjita.V^. ^ ’1' ......
the 1934-35 school year. • * C°Uege for ?’, muUlply bv 3 by »2^i d"-ide ^-Oops! Sorry! I t
_ __ 1 this result by the square of 8.
, to spread around 200 pounds of
superphosphate to the acre to
grow a good crop of vetch, but
most soils need additional phox-
porus, anyway. Inoculate the vetch
seed and plant as soon as possible,
eithej; broadcast or in 12- to 18-
inch row’s.
Plan to rotate the vegetables in
your garden so that the whole
i area will get the benefit of a
winter legume cover crop once every
three years. The discing of a
green cover crop into the soil Just
prior to the planting of such crops
as tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes
| and watermelons will give ihem
an extra ’’kick” no other soil
building practice can provide.
A winter legume cover crop is
an important soil building prac-
tice not only because it grows
during a period when the soil nor-
mally is idle and provides needed
humus and nitrogen but because
it also protects the soil from wind
and water erosion ns well.
HORIZONTAL 52 This insigne is
I Depicted is borne-
insigne of- planes of this
Squadron 1, unit
U S naval 53 Assists
aviation 54Ahtic •
8 Cubic meter 58 tsteems
9 Early English 57 belongs to her *
10 Insects , 1 Expresses ,18 Oriental
12 Morindin dve 2 Relates , guitar
13 Symbol for 3 Angers
illinium T.
14 Cloth
15 Everything 6 Color (pi ) of inquiry 43 Genus ol
lb Planet 7 Ktmorto sash 24 Dealet in real maples
18 Symbol for tin 8 Symbol for estate 45 Baglike
19 Rhode island selenium 25 Doctor (ab ) 48 Her
32 Rnudh I:
36 Infirm
38 Was sea’
_____ 19 Speed contest 38 Any
4 French plural 20 Devotee 39 Bury
i article 22 Ground 40 Darlings
5 Kind of duck 23 Exclamation 42 Sea eagf
thought it was some Germans sur-
rendering!" v
CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (U.R) — A
woman reported to Police Lieu-
tenant Richard J. Linehan that
a girl held her up at gunpoint
and robbed her of one cigaret.
(ab )
21 We
22 Tendun
24 Road (ab )
?6 Snake
27 Folding bed
28 High school
(ab )
29 Build
31 Symbol for
33 Ajhbary
34 New England
(ab >
35 Exclamation
37 Incursion
41 Conducted
43 Collection ol
44 Like
46 Compass point
47 Transpose
(48 Arabian saber
51 Symbol for
11 Tree
15 Girl’s name
17 Symbol /or
30 Conclusion
31 Devices for
49 Exists
50 Hurrah!
55 Hebrew

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