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Light and gay and
as much fun as a
picnic! And such
flattery! With A
sturdy, synthetic \
To Treosure
mese goy, sparkling
pieces of jewelry add life
r»d rest to Spring outfits
Federal Tax
* Clips
* Pins
* Bracelets
* Necklaces
* Ear Screws
I \vo
Let s Buy a Share
In Freedom Today 1 1^
El Reno
£1 Keno (Okla.) DaiJv Trihum
Tuesday, April 25, 194
s •
the boomer
Published by the Creative Writing
Class, I'ndrr Supervision Of
. . Miss Josephine llodnett
• m. ______
•Assi,. .am Editor-Kathryn Hurst.
•Sliorth Writer—Olin McNew.
.Copy Readers—Betty Crenshaw,
Lots Anthony.
Feature Writer—Lou Ann Feistel.
'Typist—Margaret June Seiver
Reporters-Lola Whinery, Eliza-
brfh Bnkewell Boileau, Pauline
Jh upel. Bill Thompson. Leon
Smith. Ruthann Hampton. Glenn
E .Harris.
Womack Visits
In Hitfhschool
Former Student
Wins Citations
As Tail (runner .r.mon is given to correct cen
Staff Sergeant Hubert J Womack inB. horizontally and vertically,
graduate of El Reno hleh*rhnnl in ^ Students makim. rt..» _____
Typists Arrange Poems
Into Attractive Booklets
Typing I students Rre compiling
a group of poems and arranging
them Into attractive booklets. At-
tention is given to correct center-
REXO lll<,MS( ||()()| APRIL
25. 1944
Help Scrap the Axis
With Scrap Paper
88 Students
On Honor Roll
4- Included Among
( » mill 1 iVf Is J ON T ... .
Seniors of ’44
a graduate of El Reno hlghachool in
1937. spent a few hours of his 21- 1 rors on a
day pass in El Reno recently. • are Joan Roach
------* “•••* •viuuiiit, | _
Students making five or fewer er i ®rtJ'"slx stutfent« in El Reno
................. z
ay pass in El Reno recently. '• arc Joan Roach. 57 words with 4
Sergeant Womack, who joined the '‘‘Tors; Wanda Lorenzen 56 words 4
rmy in 1942. is a tall gunner on I mTors; Mary Lu Blair. 46 words 4
B-24 Liberator. He has seen 'errors; Della Martin m „
Senate* Wins In
Annual Debate
Smith and Feay
On Negative Team
To Receive Cup «
mil him. has brown hMr and 'bl’ue debatin8 society was win-
,P' es, Hp chooses ‘he following as ba e I?r!J,n'Sen“U‘d<“
Melvin Hoffman, who was born
Group'Makin^Two Or|^»“LS
"lore S-PJug Grades Farmers of Amerira and is a mem-
h" ot thp Six-Foot Nine.
•Curly," as his friends sometimes
‘The big week is here' El Reno
■ichschool will canvass the town
Friday to pick up scrap paper Let’s
Spend the rest of flip week lung
10-minute speed test iX* « X" made no mapk" rnU h"n ha" brown hair'and bltte debatin* societv wa.s win-
minute speed test ( below 8. and 42 students have made , eyes. He chooses the folioX "er 1,1 the annu«l Pot um-Senate de
h 57 words with 4 no marks below B with two or more bis favorites. °'S bale' which was held Wednesday
tatrenzen M tunrHa a marks of 8-ulus durin. .k..... , color. b,u(>. subJpct agrjc Apr. 19. in the hlghschool
r------ Tlll ovjiuui yp^j. J c-tv/.ei iw.,.i.-K «• .. • uualioniim
Seniors with all 8 maii* and two
or more 8-plus marks, with nunt-
Iaap Af a Hi... ». ...
leaf clusters.
He is eredited with the shooting
down of four enemy aircraft_two
8 “J” Liberator. He has seen 'trors; Delia Martin. 46 words 4 spniors with all 8 marks and "two
much action ano received some el-jurors; Juanita Randolph. 46 words or more 8-plus marks, with nuni-
ta tons, including the Distinguished 5 prrors; and Mary Kav Dyer 43 ; ber of S-P>u* marks indicated in
Flying Cross with one oak leaf clus- words. 5 errors elude Betty Crenshaw 4 Oeor
XaXt.!l,,lrmedaI Wlthth"* <*k Typing II student* are typing 2: Pauli"p Heupei. 2; and"
original letters at the machine Oth ! Lou,sp Lponard 2.
er exercises deal uriti, .11 Seniors with all p marks are
Waste Paper
Drive Friday
Proceeds Will Help
Finance Memorial
To Men in Service
To pay tribute and to honor 1,0’
Le°n Smith and Darrell Feay up-
Jeady for this—the biggest of all
, The purposes for a srrap paper
dtl'e do not need to be explained
here But if we really realize its
Importance, we will have our front
porches loaded down with paper.
. Money collected for this paper
will be used for many worthwhile
purposes in the school First it
*i!l be used to help the seniors
finance a shrine, or memorial, to
Jill the boys in service. Second. It
will help finance the service men’s
Vction of the Boomer-Collegian,
.which will be sent to the boys and
Adrls in our armed forces. Third.
Jhe E H. S. service flag will be
brought up to date with part of the
• What is left of the money will be
^deposited m the student council
.fund to carry on Schools-at-Wsr
. So bundle up your paper nnd
•make this the most successful drive
:rcoer^.,^bwith ----|orrcS.aLrttaffla^ !r ^ ^7 rsuon - ■
Students in typing II with five oXmS' M^rth ^ Marsh’ n'"mber of B M c Mtwary°'«oclctJ sho«*W join in reconstiXlnl
or fewer errors on a Ijjgj* “1 “ ^ ™ of Nations,’ “,Ut,n8
..... *an
magazine Field and Stream. . ----------... rra.v up.
Hoffman, who chooses farming as ile d tbe nek«tlve side for ,tle
hi.s ambition plans to attend Ok- whilp Wa^'’ Blair and
l^homa A and M college after grad- "u*b Hawkins debated for the
"ation P°ru,n' upholding the affirmative
^be d^batp Question was "Res-
^1... .. untted Stales
Church Attendance
Percentages Compiled
| Miss Lois McConnell’s room again
was in the lead Monday morning
when her room reported 97 percent
In church attendance
Miss Irene March s room was sec-
78 percent tt-rd wlth forraer E1 «**'“' highs,lux,] boys at:
mi,.. Sirls ln thp service. F,1 Reno liigi 1
Mabel I r0°ms ln °rder WPPp Miss Mho01 is conducting a waste urn, '
Z 6irT( ;v,1>s OUi • Tu'.»"lv ut Fi H< «*» uL i
Bliir’s 57- vfi ’ Mrs' Ja,nps M. Apr. .8 to help finance the slirb If
Ml- A 7’ Dov|p N°blc s, 55; **•*»»* erec ted by Uie senior class f, 1
•’<; <> H an h! f< «
and C L.' McOili’s"S . S'''d?tS °' E1 R,‘no htehscho
Ray Porter’s is • anrt ,, W 1 40' bavp tbp J°b of seeing to it thi
Nil.son’s 33 ’ M,S Npdra resi«ienLs get their bundles of pap,
* * , rm ihfiii- fwmi _____... « ..
Romanian oil fields. Germany ! wrivh, ___a. . Pen" Junior* with all a m«,k. he following as her favor- won last year by the Forum
h, „n „,d, *•
Romanian oil fields, Germany. I weight. 62 words. 5 morv ^ Juntori' w,th “» « 'narks and two Me.: W‘nK “ her * thp F«m. and
'Additional Roomer on Page 4) 59 word*’ 5 errors;’ Georgia ’"°rp S P|uii/"arks, with number ' Color blue; subject, music sport posseMloS umil'TJl? Senat*'8
f ’ tWlck. 54 words 5 errors: and Na- £u Pl'“ ™rk* lnd‘pated. include tennis; flower rose; magazine wlXthT ' Ab"U °f nPxt vpar.
istri.i. France Italy and Sicily dlnp Smith. 51 words. 2 errors j J°hanna Biller. 3; Dorothy Bolin-I Housekeeping; and liook D.rm rented the n./'m" W'U ^ prP*
’ has been stationed ,n ---| kp,v^4; Darrell Feay. 2; Gloria Im- Duone." ’ Lorna , sented the cup. When a club wins
boden. 2; Della Martin 2‘ Don Mnp Lorettn n.h^ u ., rophy for three consecutive
~ ss i „ J,za '■ ~ ^.,£8Sv'”us. ibcj:
* Blackowl. Betty Jean Brown __ Babcock. Jr.,_ and Judge Baker H
Clark. Cltfteen Collins!
Austri.i France Italy and Sicily,
He has been stationed in England.
Africa, and the middle east.
After his furlough expires Wo-
mack is to report to Miami Beach
Fla to be sent from there to an-
other base where he will be an In-
structor in gunnery.
Womack is the son of Mr and
Mrs. E E Teague of Fort Worth
Tex., formerly of El Reno.
Speed Tests Passed
By Shorthand Students
( Ilib Notes
Odds and Ends
• Have you made an investment In
stamps or bonds during the mouth
.of April?
I 11 VOU ran answer ’Yes" to this
.question, then >011 are showing tlmt
you are 100 percent behind our
.fighting front If your answer Is a
shameful No ” then you still have I
*a fPW more days do do your duty a*
, a patriotic American. per rents
Our school is striving for loo
. percent participation this month
• and there is nothing that can stop
, us unlp*s some few students carrle**-
. lv forget to make their puieliases.
If .vou don’t make an investment
Three students In Miss Dovle An-
na Noble’s Rhorthand I classes pass,
ed the speed lest given Inst week
Tills lest was dictated at 80 words
a mtnute for five minutes and
transcribed with 95 percent arrura
Students were Gloria Imboden
97 percent; Philip Higginbotham 96
percent; and Buncll Low-e. 96 ncr-
Two students passed the SO-word
lest dictated for five minutes and
transerlbed with 95 percent «c-
They were Oeraldlne Hofmann
98 percent, and Dolores Clark 97
Charles Seamands Is
New Student Kiwanian
in war stamps and bonds, then ym L, i „ a' "»nnds. son of Mr and
•’■re making the agony, the anguish I , t ” Seaniands E| Reno route
mid sacrifice for our bo,s much IL bM'n < hosrn by ,hp facultv
J servp a* student Kiwanian for the
Officers for next year were dis- i na
( Ussed Tuesday in regular Squaw I Dolores
meeting, which was held in Miss'r-. .. V.'“" '"“*1CTn UDiiins.
May Shankiin’s room New mem- !! , , ”ofmann Marjorie Nan-
bers also were discussed. Tile meet- I ChffoX PatterSOn’ Ru,h Radcliff.
Ing was closed wnh singing of the » Rpnpau’ Fprn Roblyer
club song. | **Pnna V. Smith, Dorothy Strate and
Dora Tompkins.
PM meeting was held in the music tw^XX!! T.*1' 8 "“*» and
room Monday after seiiool New number a ,8'PlU* n,*rks’ wlth
committees that were appointed are L M,rv ;’arksi|ind‘cated.
•* f0,low«: 2 N cX l ,0nB™lh’ . - --------
Program rommlltee — Dorothy 5* Man ''Krovp2: John mttrner. 'P°rl swimming; flower, rose;
Maddox chairman, t^al S *' iZl Ji„?^Mnnriee Ethe- ™aM"p- Life; and book. The
and Shirley Oilman to,"'‘'p>- 'ld«p 3- Alma Pitch. 2; Jean Funk. Robp
w,r err « Barnp' 2; Jane Lewis 2-
W.,r effort committee - Eunice Dorothy Maddox. 3; Dora Nason' 9-
Karnm. chairman. Pauline Dan-1 Joan Roach. 2; N,X shu^ <
*p>_ '«nd Phyllis Lokensgard Wand. Simmons. 2;
The rest of Hie meeting was spent13 *prneus.
| Sophomores with all 8 marks are
Phyllis Anderson Beverly Buird
Barbara Larson. Marv E McNew
| Margaret Oldfield Loretta Palmore
| Marian Powell Loraine Relsche and
j Koseanna Simmons
‘ Fresimien who made all 8 marks
and iwo or more 8-plus marks, with
loti Ann has brown hair and 'Pd aS ‘he Un,ekpepers.
brown eyes She chooses the fol- ,MbiS JospP»iine Hodnett la sponsor
lowing as some of her favorites: "f th,‘ Senate, and Othal Petre is
r-oior. green; subject, chemistry Fon,m sponsor.
Mil f
- ------ — ...M.V O Ul
on their front porrh by 9:15 a r
Friday, as that is the time wht i
the army trucks from Fort Rei
will start picking up the paper. I
—-___Pa“ of the money from the sa
y'_ - ™e rest of the proceei
££ vzsz s'
_ lof E1 Reno to place tlieir bundl
This week the band will make a °L ^’n.' ,°n Ule front porf'lls *'
trip to Enid to participate in the i by 9:15 a’ ni Erid«y-
annual tri-state band festival The
band has been working diligently 8wwnt Charles Campbell
the past few weeks E H 8 is very Ca,np Hood Tex. spent Month
proud of its band, and we are sure Wlth hlfi aunt Mrs. Alice Thomi
it will be very successful on this t)20 South Ellison avenue,
trip. I ^' i ■
— - -w. vi mmmw inrr
In liavliig a program
41 Drawings Displayed
In Annual Art Exhibit
Forty-one drawings by the art
A most interesting trip she has
taken was one u, Yellowstone na-
tional park She plans to attend Members of the El Renn k
the University of Oklahoma after ter of the National A,, h “P'
she Is graduated this spring clety held their Hr / H0"0, S°‘
w*» .i» z bu„ <■„! r,rr M°n-
stamps and bonds. Lou Ann reniied tk, , .
because they are full of vitamin Pbrterf,^ hXSl^LfJ-
fill* is- ilw> n__i •
lovelle Porterfield Is
President of Art Club
Members „f the £1 Reno chap-
Oather up all your old newspa-
pers. magazines, and pieces of card-
board tie them in bundles, and have
them on your porch ready to be
.... ......
paper drive.
So let’s place our money m war
savings stamps and bonds today if
we have not already done so. ion irrh, v i my
iional Irrigation coninilssmn has
announced a Johit state-federal Ir-
rigation project along ,he Sonora
liver which will cost I15.000.000
Construction will begin in June the
'■mimission said.
lastslx weeks of the school year.
Heaniands’ extra-ciirrlrulur aetlvl-
les include being viee president of
hi* homa-room. viee president of the
* hrp crpw secretary-treasurer „f
he Slx-Fn.,, Nlnr and „ mrmbpr
of the Forum debating society
111 addition to Seamand* other
senior boy* Who hove been student
Kiwanian* year are Jimmie
F.lenburg. Bill Waller. George C..I-
X;.uVmi°" MrCl"iley and Leon
, . ; ......»••••*« uv me an . ....... o mark-
students of E) Reno hlghsehool now ,,d wo or morp S-plus marks, with
are being displayed in the annual I T !,un,bpr of 8 Plus marks Indi-
< hildren's art exhibit on the fifth ,nrl»dp Olyndean Crawford
floor of the municipal auditorium. ,! Rav Lk’mke. 2; Marie Dittmrr
Oklahoma Citv. under the sponsor- °harleen Greer. 2; Hugh Haw
hip of the American Association 3; F,";p"e Key. 2; Natalie
of University Women. JLokensgard. 3: Ixmlsr powpM o
Ritrles Include work In water 48purr 2; Jack T0”’1*^ 5.:
color, tempra or show card, char- 'i 2; and Carmen Wyatt,
coal, pastel, and pencil. ^4
Students having art work on di* !*bb aR ® murk* are
Pli'V and the number of pa ces ,re Gpl'!.1*! Cul pv Mf,r«‘e Eimen. Luella
Thelma Bloodworth. two Rertv m!,i ~Herber»Pr- Wilma
Tomlin*, one; Carlene WhlJl.x k 'flm X' R“fh M°°re Marcln N«-
«ne; Fern Roblver. two- Madri.lin i ' 8hprm*n- Charles Wau-
H- A,.n.S* ” , ,r V”» T'"“" •« nor-
• lx. Eugene Key. three; Alta Arpan! !
Olora Poule. two; Iaivelle Por »•
terfleld, six; Mareia Nation ihr^e' w^T T, Davld Prrd"e. U20 East
Alma Fitch, two; Eleanor Tho^I ' 1JJL *'rp"irned Monday
"on two; Patsy Cosgrove one Car- wi h ' ,d nR ,bp Pa"‘ thru- w,wk.s
— — 1 r *1,h her husband, a carpenter’s
Schools-af-War Skit
Encourages Bond Buying
' KFFn If Plt im, •• . a*..
the. f,rst ch*pter of the na-‘
tl0*,a soc*ety m Oklahoma.
Officers to serve the society for
I« rL°f ,he Sch001 ,Prm are
l^elle For^'fieid president; Rose-
- _ ailMa Simmons vice president- Al
three act ma Fitch, secretary; and’cos
hno k.flt. L*rOVP traom*... y V'°!'
Keep It Flying,’’ a three-act ma Fitch, secrel
^i ript published by the Schools-at- j grove, treasurer
'■,r eominittee. was presented over----
Hie public address system Monday
for the student body of El Reno
Purpose Of the skit was to en-
tourage the buying of more war
bonds and stamps to keep the
8chooJs-at-War flag flying.
Students participating in the skit
were Natalie Lokensgard. Olvndeen ,
Crawford. Wilma Mathews. Martha
Harvey. Jack Tomlins. Jack Ricker.
Jack Riley, and Leon Smith, an-
nouncer. Directors were Louise
Powell. Betty Merveldt and Ann
Btl linger.
Rummage Sale
115 East Woodson
May 5 and 6
Presbyterian ( hurch
men Wyatt, two; Phyllis Anderson
one: Frances Noyy. ,mr; an(1 R J
hen Padgett, two
.. 111 ' ■ m the Si.ibees
He Is stationed at Camp Endlcott.
Davisville. R j
Men's Mercerixed — Sonforixed
Combed yam, sanforized
ond mercerized cotton pop-
lin in gray only. A splendid
value. Has button down
flops on pockets ond o pen-
cil pocket. Sizes M to 17.
F„ Firem«n f F„
f«r >y, Driver, ! Fo, Gu,„l, ! For D,.„ „ w.rk |
Order by
AAoil — Include
10c for
Packing and
The tractor tire with the
famous 0-P-E-N C-E-N-T-E-R tread
All traitor Urea are not alike . . . Goodyear has
the tumous, self-cleaning 0-P-E-N C-E-N-T-E-R
tread that cleans itself as it rolls, never packs
"itli mud, never nets gummed up. For their
evenly spaced, larger and stronKer field fighting
lug bars are not connected; there are no .sealed
corners to form traction robbing mud traps.
Thai s why we suggest ... as soon
»h you see a certificate see us for a J»7 CE
SURE-GRIp ... the hardest work-
ing trac tor tire made.
H»H S». Hick fora
Phone I soft t

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