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I'HI- S|HW\I'|. ,^||
Palhe's Superb Wild
Animal Drama
"Race Memories"
Featuring Charles Arling and
Lillian Wiggins
"Reconciled in Blood"
Edwin Arden writes a play of the
mountaineers of Kentucky
and their Feuds
Remember "Bargain Day "
Dr. r. D. Rowland has returned
from Louisiana, where he has been
visiting and taking work in a New
Orleans hospital.
Members and friends who arc de-
sirous of attending the First Chris-
tian church Sunday and are not able
to get there otherwise, will call the
church study, 495, and an automobile
call for them. 2t
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holdsworth
arrived Thursday afternoon from
Oakdale, Neb., to be at the bedside
of Mrs. Holdsworth's son, Jesse Will-
iams, at the general hospital.
Members and friends who are de-
sirous of attending the First Chris-
tian church Sunday and are-not able
to get there otherwise, will call the
church study, 495, and an automobile
call for them. 2t
•I- *1* -j. .j..j.
4 -!• -!• .j. .j.
•j. 4.
W. A. Rice of Walters is a busi-
ness visitor to Shawnee today.
E. J. Lewis of Wanette is a Shaw
nee visitor.
Fred King
an Oklahoma City
Mrs. Nettie Dryeadale of Lincoln,
Neb., is a Shawnee visitor.
A. W. Haverstock of Wellston is a
business visitor in Shawnee.
S. L. Davis
woka today.
was here from We-
J. W. Southmayd of Mounds is
Shawnee visitor.
W. G. Nash of Sparks is a visitor
to Shawnee today on business.
J. W. Porter of Byars is a visitor
in Shawnee.
J. W. Bhoms of Ohegarha was a
business visitor to Shawnee today.
John Hill of Oklahoma City, for-
merly of Shawnee, was here and
at Tecumseh on business today.
A tra<*k meet -will be held at the
high school this evening for the ben-
efit of the baseball team.
Dressmaking at 119 North Oklaho-
mo. Phone 368-J. 75-13-3t
The story hour for children at
Carnegie library Saturday afternoon
at 3 o'clock will be in charge of
Misses Lucile Mann and Mabel Pratt.
Arrangements are being made for
a meeting of the school boards of
the county, to be held in Shawnee,
March 21.
Woodland park has been plowed
up and Bermuda grass will be plant-
ed in place of lite scattering grass
and sandburs that have in the past
made the park unsightly. The work
is being done under the supervision
of the mayor. '
WANTED—A second hand bicycle;
must be in good condition. Address
Box 325, Shawnee. 73-13-3t
FOR RENT—Modern light house-
keeping rooms. 431 North Market.
Call at north door. 74-13-3t
Don't let the Children
Suffer, give them
Val Dona
Whooping Cough
Price 25 cents.
Palace Drug Company
H. T. Chrisney, Prop, J. 0. Filterer, Mgr.
Ph««e 1-0-1 Cbiawjf Building
Twenty-dollar W-yoar case, 18-Jewel PRIMARY ELECTION,
handsome watch given away Sntur- A primary election will be'held in
day morning to the man that can Ihe following wards, and the follow-
reach the ticket swung from top of lng inspectors, judges and clerks In
cur bed. See window. ilie respective wards will hold the
FLEMI.N'G-IIUOWN CO. election. On March 17, 1914, the
- polls will be open from 6 a. m. to 7
KUGS from the finest brcd-to-iay P* Ward 1, Precinct 1. Inspec-
exhibitlon white leghorn. n. F. ,or' s- Mclntyre; judge, W. H.
Shunk, 123 North Bell. 76-13-3t : clerk, Ivan Robb. Voting
I place, Convention hall. Ward 1,
To the first lady entering the stoiv l rec'ncl A. Ilathcock; Inspee-
Members and friends who are de-
sirous of attending the First Chris-
tian church Sunday and are not able
to get there otherwise, will call the
church study, 495, and an automobile
call for them. 2t
Central Presbyterian.
("A church with a welcome. Beard
and Ridge wood.)
This church will throw open its
doors for all who will choose it as
their place of worship next Sunday.
Five hundred persons can be com-
fortably seated in its auditorium \nd
we want it filled. Plain, old-fash-
ioned services, including simple gos-
pel messages and hearty and soul-
stirring choruses and congregational
singing may be expected.
"Come thou with us and we will
do the good."
At 9:45 a. m., Sunday school for
everybody; 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m,
preaching by the pastor; 3 p. m.,
Junior Endeavor; 6:30 p. m., Senior
Members and friends who are de-
sirous of attending the First Chris-
tian church Sunday and arc not able
to get there otherwise, will call the
church study, 495, and an automobile
call for them. 2t
Workmen have been busy the last
few days remodeling and extending
the Busy Bee confectionery parloi
New electrical fixtures and lighting
effects, having in mind cooling facil-
ities for the summer, are being in-
COD Grocery
Groceries and Fresh Meats
Special bargain in extra large oranges tomorrow. These
are very large, sweet, California navels and the usual 50c
size. The produce man is overstocked on large sizes and
gives us the opportunity of a very large fruit at this very
low price. The cheapest fruit you can buy. Our price
tomorrow only, per dozen, 30c
Hot-house lettuce, plenty of Sweet potatoes, some nice
nice fresh for tomorrow, lb..25c Nancy Halls, at, peck 35c
Eggs, all fresh, guaranteed, Cranberries, nice, quart 20c
dozen 20c Ginger snaps, fresh, 3 lbs ...26c
Cauliflower, from California, lb 15c Fresh tomatoes, nice large
Green peppers, nice and fresh, Florida ripe ones, lb 15c
each 5c Fancy egg plant, each 20c
Celery, nico fresh Florida, Parsnips, fresh, lb 6c
bunch 10c New potatoes, Just in, 3 lbs . 26c
Sweet Potatoes
We have tomorrow some of the finest yellow Nancy Hall
Sweet Eating Potatoes and Seed Sweet Potatoes you will
ever see. Buy before they are all gone, peck. 35c
Meat Market
The finest cuts of beef tomorrow. Fresh fish and oysters,
chicken, all sizes. Fresh pork, veal. Call up and see
what we have tomorrow, when ordering your Saturday
A Good Place to Trade.
stalled by the Shawnee Electrical
Supply company. The altered ap-
pearance of the place adds to it
To the first lady entering the store
opening morning and gets the green
tag on center part, twelve feet from
down, receives a beautiful fifty-seven
piece dinner set free.
opening morning and gets tho green
tag on center part, twelve feet from
down, receives a beautiful fifty-seven
piece dinner set free.
Two vags were rined in police
court this morning. The court has
been very light of late.
"Behold the arm of the Lord is
not shortened that it can not save;
neither is his ear heavy that it can
not hear; but your iniquities have
separated between you and your God
and your sins have hid his face from
>ou so that he will not hear."
Isa. 59, 1-2.
Dr. Nine was present and made a
uhort talk. He will preach Friday
Sunday will be the last day of the
revival effort. We expect great
things. There will be a meeting for
women Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Twenty-dollar 20-year rase, 18-jewel
handsome watch given away Satur-
day morning to the man that can
reach the ticket swung from top of
our bed. See' window.
Florence Lawrence the Most Loved
Player in Filmdom.
Oone of the strongest two-part pic-
ture productions presented within a
year is the opinion of the critics re-
garding "The Stepmother," in which
Florence Lawrence appears to great
advantage. She appears as the girl
who marries a man, second choice,
after her friend's death. The de-
velopment of the picture shows the
hand of the master in handling a sit-
uation that required delicacy and
temperament. Florence Lawrence as
the stepmother is seen in a role
that fits her as the proverbial glove,
and her acting is superb. Matt Moore
is the hu&bard. The culmination of
the play is a relief, inasmuch as .the
spectator is concerned, for he is kept
in suspense throughout the paly's
action by a consecutive series of
events that rivet the attention.
"The Stepmother" will be shown
at the Savoy Sanday afternoon and
exening. when the vaudeville will
change entirely after the present en-
gagement of "Mereles' Cockatoos,"
a novelty bird act that appears for
the last time Saturday afternoon and
Yale Theatr*
A G" at Picturc to be
Shown Saturday
"The Vagabond's
This is a Gypsy love story
and romance, with strong
dramatic features
"The Whirlpool
Mt Despair''
A Warner's Feature Film in 3
To All
The Crystal
"lie T'ger of th Hills"
Kalem Feature in twd parts.
"The Cry of the Blood'
Lubin Feature in three parts
"Mysterious Finger Prints"
or "Phanlomas II."
A Great Detective Story in 4 Parts
5c To All 5c
tor; judge. A. L. Albin; clerk, L. V.
Leachman. Voting place, corner
llidgewood and Bell—brick house.
Ward 3, F'reeinct 1, inspector, J. B.
Turner; judge. P. A. Hill; clerk, E.
W. Eddy. Voting place. No. 11 W.
Main, formerly the Pace furniture
Ward 4, Precinct 1. Inspector, T.
B. Hewlitt; judge, J. H. Honeycutt;
| clerk, A. A. Bean. Voting place,
j rooming house, corner Seventh and
Union (southeast corner).
j Ward 4. Precinct 2. Inspector, J.
S. Lewis; judge, John R. Pring; I
j clerk, G. W. Swisher. Voting place, j
| No. 903 E. Main street. Ward 6, Pre-
| einet l. Inspector, W. M. Brown; |
i judge, F. A. Brown; clerk, Fred
j Uiley. Voting place, fire station on
i Louisa street. Ward 6, Precinct 2. '
| Inspector, W. B. Taylor; judge Z. W.
j Coffin; clerk. Frank Ernest. Voting
| place, basement of Jefferson school
| house.
Secretary County Election Board.
I ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ «♦♦♦♦
i * *
j ♦ MeLOri) ♦
* *
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦
Mrs. H. P. Thompson of the Senter
neighborhood, who was seriously ill
the first of the week, is much better
at this time, it is said.
L. King is here from Tuttle this ^
week, visiting among friends.
L. Brown arrived here this week
from Newpoet, Ark., with his family,!
with a view of locating here. He
Jet-Trimmed Hats for Early Wear
THE great variety In hats made of
jet combined with other materials,
gives reason to think that the jet-
trimmed hat is deatined to usher in
the spring and remain throughout the
summer. Already hats made of jet
and maline. or jet and lace, with a
touch of velvet In their composition,
have appeared, and, while appropriate
for present wear, they are airy
enough for summer. The jet hat doea
not belong to one season but. to all
of them. It is a good investment in
Many of the new hats are quite
high The shapes themselves are
moderate in height, but the trimming
gives the effect of very high crowns
This phase of the new styles is liked
for the combination of jet with ma-
line or lace. Two hats of this kind
are shown here, both of the prettiest
of the latest models.
In one of them a turban shape is
developed with a band of jet covering
the brim and a soft puffed crown of
maline. Over and around this crown
there is a standing ruffle of maline
(doubled) supported by fine wires.
No other trimming is used. Such a
hat is useful at any season Thanks
to the recent discoveries of manufac-
turers. the maline is not as fragile as
It looks. It has been made water-
proof. The Jet is one of the few mil-
linery materials that have lasting
The model of jet and lace is also a
turban shape. It is somewhat elongat-
ed and has a soft crown of silk and
maline. Handsome black Chantjlly
lace is wired to stand up about the
crown. It is slashed at each side and
outlined near the edge with a line
of jet spangles A beautiful coronet
of jet extends about the brim, rising
to a point at the front. Small bows
of black velvet ribbon are poised at
each side. Little bouquets are often
placed ir. this position, instead of
bows They are made of little, fine
flowers or little fruits.
Quite the reverse of hi$h, one of the
small close-fitting caps of straw braid
is shown with a band of Jet about the
edge. Nothing could be simpler in
shape. It is trimmed with jet orna-
ments, one at each side, consisting of
a flat cabochon into which a spike of
Jet is apparently thrust. In spite of
its simple shape and construction, this
inodH is smart and almost startlingly
There is no doubting the favor with
which these hats of jet have been re-
ceived by those who are the first tc
buy spring millinery. They will by
worn during the whole season, but
as no one is content to own but one
hat, after holding the center of the
stage for a while, they will be rele-
gated to second place, with flower and
ribbon-trimmed millinery taking pre-
A black hat should always be among
the belongings of the well-dressed
woman, for there are times when It
is needed and nothing else will do
quite as well.
Friday and Saturday
Biggest Novelty Act Ever
Presented In Shawnee
Tropical Tricksters.
Forty beautiful and vari-
colored l.irda that perform
numerous feats astounding
to the observer.
Don't Miss This B g Feature.
Hiir'ouiu Tennanl and O. A.
0. Lund in
"The Devil Fox
ol the North"
A very spirited and inter-
estinK tale of northwest in
two parts.
"Rounding up Bowser"
I mp---Universal Burlesque
Make No Mistake --- Com e Early
Don': forget the Saturday
Matinee Starting at 2 o'-
clock. Vaudeville at 3 and
4:15. 4 Pictures. Chil-
dren 5 Cents.
Viiudevtlle SUNDAY
The Slephsinos
Comedy Sirgin;. Whirlwind Dancing
Florence l awrence
Appearing in Victor 2 Part Feature
"The Stepmother"
l«e SJJf11 lTc
lias come to a mighty good place.
W. P. Gilmer arrived here today
from Oklahoma City, for the purpose
ol' organizing a camp of the Sons o.
Confederate soldiers.
Jud ,c H. L. Brown, north of Mc-
Loud. returned Friday morning from
a two or three days' trip to Guthrie
and Chandler.
the puce to go-
'The Desert Tribesman'
Sterling Tlianliause- 2-Part
Feature lficturc
"A raise Beauty"
Keystone Comedy.
A Laugh Making "Comic ' that
will U U Up
' For the Family
2-l'arl, Hex Drama with
Bob, Leonard
"Slim Becomes a
Frontier Western Comedy
"Kid Love"
Knockout Keyttone Comedy
"The Pa'h of Genius"
2-Patt Kay Bee Drama
5c 5c 5c 5c
We 1 mi Hint .1 W. Ilutflelil and'
Tom Cook are making arraiiKFiunilH
to put in n stock of groccrtaH In trio1
hull ding just vacated by Ben Wilson.
It is said talit they will also estab-
lish undertaking parlors in the rear
of the building. Mr. Hatfield wa*
formerly In the undertaking business,
here and thoroughly understands tty*
Cy Steward left Thursday evening
for Harrah, wh' re he will work tot
a few days in the Interest of I .riteI)
Silo Co.
Vester Watts, who was report-^
to be seriously ill last week, is much
improved and will be able to be out
in a few days.
A'I members ol the church
All who have been mrmtfrs
All friends of the chuich "
Al! who will come
To attend one or all Services, Si:nrta , March 151b, 1914
I be Sunday school want* y> it al 9.45; C.hii.-tian Endeavor
wants you at 6;30; we all want )ou at 7:30. Special address
at I I and 7:30, <nd y< < d ruiific all day. 4 '<
Peop'e who are vat able to attend uithout a convey-
ance, and hat en t one, will be furnished one by
Ca'ling the ' —495
Farmers Trading Store
Set ti Sweet Potatoes
N.tney Hall, Brazilian Yam, Yelluwr Yam, Buckskin,
Southern Queen, Pumpkin Yam', and^Yellow Bennuda.
By a special effort we havy secured a vaiiety of seed sweet
potatoes which we will offer at tbe low pike of
$1.00 Per Bushel.
Seed Irish Potatoes
Have advanced in price.| Our price'will be
90c Per Bushel
for the Minnesota Bliss Triumph.
The Farmers Trading Stare Mill Save Ycu Uone>[oD Your
'21^1'oui.ds CranulatpJ Sugar." $1.00
^0 Pounds^Santos Rio Coffee.CEl-W)
Wo are sole agents for thy [celel rattd Polar Hear Floor,
■ which we sell j ou at wholesale pice.
Bring your eggs, butter, chickens and anythirgyou have
to sell. Will pay you the cash or exchange gotds with 3 ou
R. J. Burke
Successor'!*) Burke Grocery Cc.
IJMcoi e-Her nir ge r-Ga sit il 1
L_ - MT [Undertakers and Embalmersl
Far tors: P II 0 P i 11 h Ft II } 1 ^ f i >[/n 11'< r 11 f / < I «[j ( £ Cflite 111 r( J71
MroriHi j~*r~
A,,W F. Cc thill, 9SO
Phi net H. H. htnningtr. 6/6

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