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1032. [WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1932.
Mr. and
e Mr. and
nd family,
vings and
Usury Ma-
and Mrs.
>11, Ruby
i Elwell.
Andrew* , |
Mr. and
ma kSit'.ou
Thuiadiy . |
or* home,
wlio li.u I
Ur. (i. I.
s returned
apt Odlug
on, A. II.
••lit Tues* I
>f Mr. a‘id ;
ry Ma ion !
with Mr.
ir Crown- I
tors with
do North
will leave
lor Little
will spend
jiiic of hla
Mm. K. U.
S and
ione 280
• Compound
i Blues
It oo blue
uninx ruin
you relief.
flat wave
i and *3.*9
Phone 741
|MU king
lone die
avy haul
. Mqr.
bee y.
With The Tramp
W. U. Hargrave*
Oh. that flm* rain Tuesday von will see aoine of the results
lalgkl Mi'l it make you happy? be fata from mix carefully plug
IWi-ll It that diil not pb'itxii you, j'vo,b'
|we tan uxuuro the world that you j
lam hard In please. Ouo of the Mr- Kcllv’s farm wmk looking
|thliiRu that lain will do, is tolfr,,'‘l1 "",l rl"" 11,1,1 ltP '»*» busy
|naleh the Irish potato cm...... Hi,h s""" "",k ......■* M"' l,i""
|aud there is hucIi a lame acreuKo VMrU- HIk whu,,, ,H rlponlnn fast.
Iiiiai no ppapie win ha ante for H,"‘ W|M *• r,“,ly f"1 Mi**
ItuhoiH for onollier year til lonsl, i ** l"irl time.
IhiuI eu|ieclally is Mils true in Cu ,
|iiadlan county. I 01,0 Wllkowskl'x sweet clover
I field la mire pretty just at tliia
The rain, ........... »'"l looks Hke II should be
It he oat crop look like a hundred for •"*>• These good farmers
■per rent yield,, and inanv scr.-s il,p Inking a rent with llielr farm
"that looked it.., |( || wns a (allure lul *' ,''1 1 0,"‘ 1 l,,P. »"d In ordet
|ko*a out in ■ ffeel way I* tha heal reaoite pioathk
and will make lots of nuts yet. ""’7 l,avc I"'1 » large acreage
simply can t ......... with °r cl"v,,r' «»“> He reully
Hie ton crop it I growing ho ^llt **le bte.enl time.
[fust tlint you will |inxs a la id in ----—
ilav and ir you are Imek in a lew Mr. K ary Is plowin',- up a field
h*11' o H 'll" hot lOOk like III., nl po Inn tlllll lie. olthoi
fame field of emu Another crop wheat or oats oil, and will soon
that la coinin'; last is I lie cotton. have || in midan or cane for an
I1 "" lo II ......I land anil .........I ........... Ill. line lead
|.............. as fiat a. WO have of ilutiv . ,,vv VV, have neve.
I '.a on nl ihis time .a the eao ten eo OMKh land being plowed
]..... 11" re ..... bll M 'i ii'h ..i thie Ume of y«M tm Mothei
P" I' and Hint i hi nnasnal crop, anil fill' an.,ns lot's of fall
thin;'. II not III. re this sc,cum. feed If sea'oil unllliue good.
( j lioldlni: II .‘All ill I line
wav' .......... ,Hi"K ........... CeoiKe Stine had rod.' out I.......
weather se. n,H i„ have Riven It a furlll ,H). „ (oundMtlun for M
n w hold .m Ufa Hf pr.nlin tioa. ,,,s r, ()ll
Ik already turnInR yellow or farn, iUh,s ffapg
oil as the ' a e m av t.e and will hoaietliiaR lo make that farm more
f" ml) mi tin- inndei■ in ., few valuable
while 90(1 roosters wore sold for
friers on ini early market and at
a good price too. That is a
good price for the condition as
they exist at present. Here is an
industry lliiil is gradually growing,
ami Its all done by a purely bust-
nesH method. Business with
chickens will pay yet, and Mr.
Anderson with hi wife's and son's
help Is doing tluil very thing,
making It pay, and already they
are considering the matter of en-
larging their plant In a short time.
Alfred Is a jun.or til the Union
City higlischool, and Is already
an Hiitlmrlly on |m>iiIIry. "I have
figured out Ihc actual cost of
eggs with llie present price of
feed, and find that It is coaling
three and on.'spiniter to three and
one hall < •■III a to plod lice
eggs. Pretty nice profit yet, lull
we used lo get fiflreu dollars a
ease for eggs. lint the lost of
eggs (lien was several limes
they are simply working them-
selves to dcutli lo make this farm
and its Interests go. and from all |
appearances they are telling the I
truth on them. They milk u[
hunch of good cows, and Ihc wife;
lias the place literally alive with!
cliCks. geese and ducks and ov-|
erytlilag looked like prosperity to!
Tile Tramp. Hope they live long
and happy lives, and fortune,
smiles on their efforts too.
Of All Mid-Summer Pests
Poison Ivy Seems Worst
| was walking through tha woods with
j Pocahontas, favoring her with those
George F. Woods: Is olle nl tile, charms of manner, of conversation
old settlors of this section, and!
has a good farm loo, and a real
crop Is growing. Ills wheat and,
(Mb arc liotli good, and will do
lo harvest pretty noon, and when
the thresher gels llicic The Tramp i
lias an Invitation lo lie presell
with wife for a "Threasher lit it-
tier'" and we know what that >
means for we have been there
before. Mr. Wood nml (lie boys
greater Ilian at Hip present than, have tliolr own machinery and do
A large pari oi our feed Is com-! their work and some for the1
mercial feed, lint we have alrcudy J neighbors loo. They were lirenk-
boon feeding a in feed thai, jug H fine lot of laud for millet | >
we secured from the successful nr other late crop feed, and were Dr. Clendenlng
hatchery men, end tin.I II worth! running a team nail trnelur too.) *
while loo. la this why we have (They Imd Jnut relumed from weed being in shape buv little .lifter-
and personality
which later saved
hla life, when he
■aid. Oh! look
at tha pretty
Ivy", And before
she could stop
him he reached
down and picked
■ leaf. He prob-
ably wondered at
the a I Iv e r y
laughter of the
simple Indian
girl, but he soon
found out the
reason because
he wrote about
It thus;
“The poisonous
bi'cu able to cut our cost of pro-
duction materially " ll" will make
a real poultry man when lie lias
bad a few more year experience.
We had a fine vi, it at Ibis limne
Tuesday nail while Mr. and Mrs.
Union Cly where Mr. Wood had; ent from our English yvie; but being
con dinted the funeral nl Clavlft; touched caueetb redness, Itching*.
Kiigcne Payton, who «si killed ***tl7 blyslers, the which how.
in an auto accident Saturday In
Colorado ami br.mglit koine for
Intel infill. Minn Eunice, their
Audcrson weie not homo, we daughter recitally married Billie
found .....on a good entertainer. | jeiter and they are farming with
and he does it In u business way [his father near Mlneo, where they
, Mur. Wilt was priming bis Kind
.......M 11 fat a IMP lo ........ M MM nl.....
I1"" ......... 1 bU " *«• "Ml I bat W'lix ...... pa .,1 his
r " ........ I,ling I............ on...... town
fcrev< n (tom a gar.l.'ii to a large
......... Mr Banal hr Is hull...... MO
.......... .............. 1...... ........ lO M ................. tie-
mike this crop aad do u with as (llllu. ,lH|l(1„ „f „..r..
|intie expense aa h poaatble to ,H |M.r ls
by with. It seems fanny to |m|irut||,g |,|s plate of business.
* twit a g.siil fai aier and li.ivc him
J"11 M"! * "" ........Itov Joule wa ban plowing If.
I.......* ......... -.....* ........ othei fie.....a to, a lafa eng ol
lir this condition could h. a a I- ||k„ (||). p„.ry farmer
' ',|h adopltwl this wkiilt ,hat w. saw .......lav Is watchlaa
r."'.""' *°"w. M ■■
I• ■ >1 I a. x. i w a
fealks sad Ihc fellow will, a good ............ ........ (smuts ar- a
F*» .....■* aaj arte, with H ......... ....... „„
|H" ,I",r ,M their land as Is ...... ami it tiling.,
lever do come hack, they are go
i lug to ln< silting on lop lu a
south Tuesday, way
piffl w • BU IN IB mh r Mir: —
t...... M "" l:'" Mu ranch ■ VV,.M „ ......... w, m
JMl ...... ..... "" ' 'at Hie Toll............... will.....
I"'......... ...... "" ........... ......... ........ ok ........ .......
KnT‘ ..... "....... MU Magi as a real fried chick. ,,
■of lbe house \\. hav. walchetl ......... anH aa „Hlk a ,M,k
F* ............... ..... "" ....... ,1mm.I this sign la the window
r’ ........ "",l « "•••“• •* “I-TtM ,imk,n a laity hem."
V-Ii.,'. I fall of mmiirc w,. aln at
Itlinl farm we have failed to mitle.
It. and it x.mi will Ink. a p«'ep at
Richard Pappe: This fine farm
cr has the best iilnma.l corn field
we have seen tills season, wad
Its all well cultivated nail ready
for one more plowing when it will
have h.s'ii "laid liv.’ lie recently
ever after a while they pnan away of
theins.lves without further harine:
yet l»scruse for t ho tint* they are
a muon hut pamefull and In aspect
dangerous, it hath gotten itself* an
ill name, although questionless# of
no* very III nature.'*
8'ii-h ia lh« flrat account «a have
huvn a good crop. It seems mid
lo think of these fine young folks of ’h,,t ■**« of lh« Aineriran summer
all K<‘ttlug married since The wvara| of |h,
Ti“inp was out that wav Mr.| rhn. fami|y wh(ch
Jester Is u real farmer aud fine |*0ison Ivy can be readily diatin-
young man. and his wife Is all gulahed by the characteriatlo three-
tliut u man toitbl ask for "a help, leaved branch. The leavea are dark
male ill life." and wc predict a | a'cen on th« upper surface and xel.
I’ol a tumso lawaya la In the
v*tr imderneath. It may grow in
fine young ladv out Hi. re and Is I rends the Trfliun<\ mid The Tramp i Pc In that of a aort
doing a wonderful work on Ibejalwaya lias a good visit at this'
farm tills season, his first at tin- good home I .Imd finished high
bend of llie home. He murrled| school ill Cnlon tills year and will
Miss Indrlcc Needham, iiinl If they probably settle down lo Hie farm
iis a profession, und he will make
a good one loo. Brain und bruwn
onihni'd make flue tnI'liierc and this farm, married a1 bright future for them. The family
are not well mnlelosl then The
Trump docs not know iitivthlng
about good |,< o|.le being Jollied III
form of ■ bush. Ita habitat la In
inotst or awampy ground. Tha
branch*# have from seven to thirteen
leaflet* on them, with a alnglt on*
on the end. The berriea, like the her.
riea of the poison tvy, are cream col-
Tha ariive principle of all rhua
poisoning ia vlitually 1 lie same In
physical appearance It teaemblta a
fixed oil, and It Iihs a resinous qual-
ity. It la very adhesive, almost im-
possible lo remove from the skin or
clothing with soap and water, on
account of Its adhesive qualities It la
eaady conveyed from on* part of the
body lo another.
A scientist who alwayi has b»en
sensitive to the poison says Dial If
the surface which hat coin* Into con-
tact with the plant la thoroughly
washed with alcohol, kerosene, ether
or gaaolino. Ilia effect of the pohuin
will be confined lo Ita original loca-
tion. If the surface Is thus washed
within 10 or 1 r> minutes the effect of
the poison will be confined lo Its
original location.
A botanist who waa tor >cara tor-
mented with poison ivy whenever lie
engaged In held work, recommends a
solution of ferrous sulphate In water,
any strength up lo saturation If
used freely on the hands or face Im-
mediately after going Into a region
known or suspect'd of having poison
Ivy, It will prevent or slop tha erup-
In treatment after the eruption has
actually appeared, theie ere many
remedies, most of them of lull*
xalue. Tlie disease aa Captain John
Smith noted, lasts only a few dava
and tha last remedy applied Just be.
fore healing take* place gets iha
credit for cure. The most iscrnt
remedy to be recommended la benxoyl
Nests file*.
IhIioiiiii City, and Hist iiichiih near-
ly forty gallons <if milk a day.
He lias u good oat and wheat
top too, and was plowing ground
for u late feed crop. The wife
lias a nice hunch of chleka, ami
■onto ilucka Iiinl she is doing her
lies! lo ihIko und have tor tha
homo und (lie market loo. Them*
art) good young farmerH and tire
making things happen In every
wny, and If lliey could gel an
ordinary price lur llielr products
would soon he sitting pretty.
John Gati: Here Ih mm of the
peppiest farmers that we Iihvp
seen ill days. lie has a
fine herd ol forty head of cattle,
red stock, and raises calves, and
lets III..... have the milk, and
rinds Iiinl llie protitH are
lo llie milk route and saves the
milking, lie wax hintjr drugging
llie road nnd sure wax doing a
good Joli I..sides Iris good crop
of corn, all,ilia and oiita, he hits
mm hundred bend of good bogs
and is lending eighty bead at this
llimy und when we suggested that
the price wits low. he remarked;
"Yea. bill you > nu't quil now, II
you do .miii lose out. and I find
bv staving in llie game that you
will will, while it you quit you
will bee money, and find yourself
■ •ill of llie game when it would lie
nrofllnhle" and we believe llial
I Ills reasoning Is good, lie Is t
comparatively young matt, aud
handles Ills (allicr'H farm, and per-
haps some land beside. We hud
a good visit with him on the high
way and lie handed us a check
for a yeur'x subscription, with
llie request Dial we keep her r»m
lug. because lie felt I hat lie could
baldly gel along wtliout the pa-
per. runny Imw some people are,
one likes the paper, and requestt
I but we keep It coining, that they
like The Tramp's visits, and
olheis, n few. say well I do not
like The Tramp's visits or more
properly tpeuklng. Ills stories.
W-ll its hard to please every-
body, but we are trying lo at
least Thanks, Mr. Calx, for liotli
the visit nml the renewal. Hop-
your Imgv will bring a good price
mid Hint all your cattle will do
the same, he idea we wish that
your crop would double in value
Mrs. Huniov Slew art, of Okla-
homa City, was an overnight guest
Tuesday in the borne of her sis-
ter. Mrs. Ia> Itoy Jones and Mr.
Julies. 120 Soulli ,Macomb avenue
Mr. Stewart, Ills brother. Will
Htewart. and son. Will, Jr., of
Shawnee, were expected lo return
Wednesday from Indianapolis, lad.,
whore they attended the KjtTfi
Hun.lied mile speed classic Mon-
da v
Leonard Woods; Tills fine| crop. IP hide Ills regular farm
young farmer Is going right along | work lie nn.l Ills brolliers are
a Tro- milking iw.-uty-nii.
...Mirliiioiiv Tin. n.-lghlHirs say Lloyd has both.
Willi Ids (nun woik Ilk.
tan. and if von think lie Is not
n leal Iminer lake u pe>-|t at Ileal
head ot I
dairy cattle am! marketing the,
milk with llie u••Hocllltbln ul Ilk-
Binder Twine
6V2C lb-
Now and Used Tractors, Threshers
itnd Machinery
I'hone WHO
316 North Bickford
We traveled
well If tlial ilrnn not Increase
llielr iMisInoau we are not able to
suggest mix plan 1 list would Mr
' ' Totten wax busy making arrmn.
140 V9ari
I iii.-ntN for the bind roncert that
iVH fed held at Ir. |da.. ..( fefa
I ness this p. in. when the hlgli-
1!,. I.ool band will give a concert III
honor of Ills kervleea In that
aggregation of c.mmI music makers.
"I can't hardly rel down to busl'
Hess when I think of these boy*
and llielr success, as I want to
he with them mi badly," was hla
wny of putting the matter.
That road east In Oklahoma
lily Is all lorn up for the work j
on 1 hi* bridges and most of llie
Irafflc for Oklahoma city I. go
ing by way of El Itemi at the
preaeiil time.
Blaln Andersen If you have
all Dial the poultry bu.lnes
Is cut short by low prlcea of egg. |
and hen*. 1I1. n lake a peep at [
Ibis re«l poultry tan It Over I.I'm
hens are laying on an average of
alx hundred eggn ■ day. and they
are going »ii llie market at okla
I hoiiia City al premium llnw lo
market eggs In a profe alon In
Its self, and there folk know the
prof.- .Ion In another department
there arc I.Jioi .prlug pullrt* that
will be laying In a short time.
t’s as though the tobaccos
were welded together...
/ .ItiHt I*leak open tlie MMniUry wrapper -tt
- -a J *111(1 I IldMaa i. ........ I... I II a 1
anti there is your hreicl all rea«ly to
serve or lo slip in the toaster.
i.' ttlieetl ,ju:»( (he riffli! sin* with a tlell-
t inn* hiitter enibt surrounding the whit*
out, lightest bread you have ever Been.
Mother'll bread, ready sliced—ready to
A^k Your Uroccr
(''KOSS.IIO.NDINO” locally much
more ilimi jux imxing n,b*t-
to* tt'ucibcr.
It "weldy" logeihcr iliHcrcoi
kinds of ihc yevcral varieties of
tobacco . . . many t)pc> of iiriglit
lohacctt, a great many types of
Burley tobacco ami nuinerou*
|*rades of Turkish tobacco.
. • • •
Tins * wu.dinc," itw.i 1 m k - or
C >t»ss-Hit Mtlmj. |HTiiiiis every kiml
of tobacco ttsetl in the (-best cr he Id
blcml to panakc of the best tpial-
ities of every i»tlter ty|>e. I at It to-
bacco is thus made to yield its
finest llavors.
CiHOSS Bl l NDINU takes all theye
pleasing flavors ami aromas ami
combines them into tine the (.lust
crfieltl taste. Ami we think you
will agree that it is a far Ar/Zmasle
. . . worth all the extra cate dial
Chesterfield takes lo f*ct it.
• • t
liVI.K) I IIIN(t //**/ mtnuy utn Imy
titul llhti uiont iuttin iitmul ii tl*m
lo Ht„kt UILSTIMILLD mtUhr
und hi lit btllrr.

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