The El Reno Daily Tribune (El Reno, Okla.), Vol. 41, No. 104, Ed. 1 Wednesday, June 1, 1932 Page: 1 of 8

31, 1932.
«• new
ivc the
Hl til"
r is
ur a
e of
Today on PrintinK
of Ballots
Pmru hU of today* Tribune
tariioH mii advertisement, which,
've believe In worthy of editorial
iiiention. Headed "Today's Hal-
«nce la in Your Favor" the ad
graphically allow* the Increased
purchasing power of the dollar.
Today's dollar, based on the
five standard commodities of llv-
•hr, from figures prepared by the
College of Commerce, University
of Soiilherii California, Is worth
$1-79. In other words It buys
79c more in merchandise than the
dollar of 1022 which is regarded
as "normal."
FAUOTING Irom the ad: Main
'V people today are unwisely sit !
1 b... passing i c in.. Election Hoard Asks Bids
•"it bargain sale in 2" year.-'. They
aie boarding (we moan by hoard-
ing. the acc ii mu la lion of surplus
Income that could to belter ad-
vantage lie spent now) their
money waiting for normal times,
| tailing to appreciate that "normal
times and bargain prices never
| go hand in band."
As I lines improve, the purclia .-
| - l*>«"l nl Mn <loll.ii uill - in ink
Irom Its present phenomenal
strength of $1,79 hack to its nor-
mal value.
So consider Ini.viu- now. while
• lie "balance" i« in your lavor.
I Now. Whlia pent .loll ii ha : all.....I
doul-le lla'normal poieiiaslng pow-
er. Now, when yon secure twice
as illU< h for voiir today’s dollar
| as H w ill bring in normal Ilmen.
Isoi I make the mistake of
lioaidlng your dollars to find they
| arc gradually shiiuklug as limes
return to normal, mi that the ex-
tra purchasing power that you
an secure by purchasing today
| Is entirely gone
Buy now, while the "balance"
I h In your favor
l Reno Daily Tribune
A newspaper devoted to 28,000 Cana. ^ >unty folk, reaching 3.700 famil.t., and carrying the volume of local news of any daily paper publi.hed in • city of like aixe In Oklahoma.
You Can Buy It For
Less In El Reno
VOLUME 41, NO. 104.
A lone withdrawal and a di
ifualiflcatloii marked the final day
Tuesday fur candidates fur coun-
ty ufflcrs tu drop uut uf the var-
ious races before printing of lilt
ballots, W. D. Pattersun, secre-
tary of the county election board,
repul led 'today.
Eeuuard Smith, who bad ftleu
for clerk of Prairie Township on
I he Democratic ticket strap lied
his mime Tuesday, while John II
Mills, uu aspirant (or (he con.. !
table No. 2 post, was notified of
Ills ineligibility due to Ills rest- '
Removal of tile names of tlie.-e
I wo minor office candidates slices
the (Mat office-seeking crop In
the county to 121.
Bailor* To Ik- Primed
Rids for the printing of mort ' |
than 10.000 and lie
publican ballots for the first pri-
mary lu July were advertised
Wednesday by the county elec
lion board.
Names of twenty-five of the
121 candidates will not appear
on Hie flisl ballots as they have
no opposition and according to
We Saw i v* ay
pE’lE JENSEN, who remark-
* cu, "I'm satisfied that we
have had enough rain for a
couple of weeks." Then along
came Herman Dittuicr pleading
for more. He sahl. "There isn't
near enough water in the lakes
at Hie El Itciio Rod and (Jim
dub."- Just guess It's a prcl
ty hard propus.lion to please
'em all.
(hil our west window: A
Hue looking span if mules
just “stepping it off" down
the avenue.
Hint of Paradise, in furl a
number of these beautiful
shrubs, In full bloom ut Hio
Henry C. lin ks home on South
Hoff avenue.
Takes Prizes In Home Economics and Athletics
1 A
June 12 Set as Tentative Traffic is at Standstill Today as Extra
Dute for Horse Show ^’rews Repair Bridge Washouts Along Lines; 2.2
Precipitation Here Benefits Wheat, Oats and
Truck Crops.
at Port Reno
M i
I ' - $
■L -Yw,
• PIUS page advert laemeni up
1 pealing today In Ihe ftrd <■(
a hi*iten of ten which will lie
run hy The Tribune. The ads
feature the aperitif advauluge* of
today's dollar, and arc designed
In show the actual liaigaiii market
I In El Reno.
i> i *
AN editorial. "Haby Talk," «p
** pealed hi this week's Issue
of Editor amt Publisher. New
York. II lasts tile i IK lit light oil
a -sit uut ion which l» being discuss-
ed in some <|iiurter«. It follows:
'VlIK ball luikcil and illi Ainerlcun
* Idea Dial what this country
needs |n MuskoIIuI has been coin-1
nion talk among tin- Uiln < liliun-d I
genii v o| Wall SI reel (or a chi
pie of years, has iM-raslonally been
cautiously <11 < iirhi-iI hy puhlhTntsI
who oiiglil lo know heller and Is
now commonly emuunletiMj In
Ihouglillcss newspaper article*. m-
peiivll) hi humor i "luimi«
Newsimpei men who Indulge Mil* ^
net uni nmf iidvame It by d|-ci»*.*| N
in« it m print is i I., b. sufti Federation Favors Direct
i tenth clgss-conscious lo consider
what a dlclatorshlp al WaNhtngloii
would mean lo Ihe free press If
we know aliyThllig Ml all of till
llaionhlp. whether constituted to
Inuppoii a loitering throne or t«
laid a iiilnorllv In llirollltlig a mn
j Fully, Mn first hmdnrsn In to mis
|m>iii| nil civil llherllen and pur-
llcnlsitv Iree press and free
spci Ii It wn Ihe first ail of
the lion li’-els wlon they gained
I inrwer III Italy, Spain. Ifuasla,
I Soul Ii A III. Ilian ii-pulitlr- and cl.c
[where I dual mu with Ho- plena
[liee will iml wink
It In an Insult to American In
ntltutloa* lo argue for a dictator
i hip In Ihe richest and most re
Isourcefiil nut Inn Oil the (are o| I tie
I globe
Native of County Asks
Re-election to Post
II (i. Courtney, Incumbent, an
non need his caudlducy for reflec-
tion Wednesday lor a second
Inm lo Ihe posl of county com
misHloucr for the third district,
Mulijecl (o Ihe Derma rude prl-
I marie* in July.
For many yearn Mr Courtney, x
native and resident of Canadian
county for SX yearn, Iihh been uc
'Everyone in the United States |
should visit a foreign country
occasionally," Judge W L. Crlt
tenden. Oklahoma City, globe-[
trotter, told the Kiwauis club!
Wednesday noon
“When we xeo the misery of j
other countries, we can really j
appreciate our United States,” he
said, adding, "I'd rather he, Just
ss I hiii, a free born cltlaen of , .... ...
the t uned stales than 10 hav« 1 hree Killed, f Mhcrs Miss-
ever)thing in Japan or China oil . . ,
India or (lie whole kaltoiMlIc." lnK 10 r lOOfl
Judge Crittenden. who has
traveled extensively, told of his
visit to Japan and incidentally Blythe, Calif., June I t/l‘t
'non(toned some of Ihe cuatomu swollen lo the highest stage since
Fred WMholte
Whether on Ihe football field on devil's food <akc. Wilholle is the
..... I«'k"lball court, or In lhe,(,nl>. ^ ............ , |(|
home economic* kill-lien of Okle-
and practice* of the Chinese.
The speaker praised the gen
lioness and courtesy of the rural
Japanese people and lauded Ihe
beauty of (heir land. He pointed
out Ihe low wages paid there, and
In contrast showed (hut even at
that Ihe Japanese live lu luxury
compared to the Chinese.
The speaker mentioned many In-
teresting details in connection w;th
life in Japan and China.
Prior to the address. Harry
While (armors of Canadian and
surrounding counties were for the
most part looking with optimism
over the deluge of rain received,
varying from two to three inches
in the night, railway apd highway
crews were speeding up work to
open up .ip... >• i l *«u
tied up in wuuuy suction* duiVto
bridge wa.jjputs.
Rock Island train., were ^ra*
lit ally at u' standstill (odsy with
heavy washouts along all the rail-
way's lines In this section uf Ihe
stale except from the north. IW C.
Muter, chief clerk, reported;
An early estimate of the dam-
age lo the Rock Island lines wau
given at Although young
cottou In many sections of the
rain area was completely washed
ojt. wheat, oats and other cropc
are reported greatly heneftltsd by
(he heavy precipitation, the larg-
est In recent years The gauge
in El Reno showed s ralntull of
2.2 inches.
U. 9. MIQnWflJff vpCn
lA-spilc luc. UU Uut in nj
1921, Ihe Colorado river was on
n rampage today.
At least three persons, all ne-
groes, have been drowned, seven
other negroes were uilssng and
mote Ilian 20.(nm acres of rich
farm land threatened with Inunda-
tion as Hie flood waters poured
ihiough u break In a levee six
mile* northeast of here.
Every available man Imk been
sent from Blythe lo Ihe scene of,
the levee break More Ilian 2nn ' °oolry roads in the county were
certified Immediately as llie new county
<l<Hi.d uiiiiTaU, Mr I'attcrson re- i„ |»3| he
ported. , pointed to serve Ihe uuexplred |
All of the um-ontt*led pu.-t»! lerm of Will ladghlon and on
are township offices except Justice! July I of iliat year began aerv-
——--——---— --j lug Ills regubir lerm of office as
(See NO. THREE, Page Eight) j<«untv loitinihmloiicr lo will’ll post
| lie had beeu cleclet) I In- preceding
t I.mmI roa<U and conservative
adniinlstralloii nl (lie coNiily gov
eminent will lie *ireN*ed, If I am
leelot led In Him office," Mr. Court
nwv declared In making Ills an
' f' line ivvtv'SI *• IIUIIIP Ct'MIUlllH II HIH Il'MI Ul • MU" ... , . I ww ,v **'i"ir nwv
live in worthwhile enterprise taUoma ItapIlHl unlveraHy. Prod ,'*f0‘ed ,u H.lvam.-.l cooking j Bradford reported dial plans for worked frantically today lo patch "• «»d condition due to the down-
' ‘ h0 Kym •'“•‘•‘a at Port Reno are,|1|0 break and save (lie (arm lands 1,0,,r’ °o Hie malu high-
new statu ruling, will be hla cINIrliT and throughout Ihe1 Wilholle, freshman from Polld u*“s*e*
l Creek, always gels
was ap- straight
tils signals Beside* winning iIn- red iIIiImui
In the cooking conlesl. Willmlie |«
Recently In Ihe aicunal culinary the regular center tor the Hlson
contest held hy the home eco- football team and received special
mimics das*. Prcd won second j mention from sports writers dur-
prlxe with Ills lemon pic and lug the season.
Aid, But Nut Dole
Miss Molllc Younghclni. of An-
(adarko, I* visiting with her broth-
er. Herman Younghc-int and Mrs
1 Yoniighelm. Mi Mouth Rock Island
I avenue. Mias l.uc lie Rothslein,
| of Nashville, Tonic. ami John
i Ymitighelm. of Anaclarko, were
| cuesls ovei the week-end ill Ihe
\ oiingbejcti home.
••• Aimiblred and Kloiae Ml
He of Yukon are Ihe guest* in Ihe
home ol I heir *unl. Mr*, f. E*. und Mr llm**, tilt South
Itlckfoid avenue
Washington, June l (API —
The Amc-rlt-an federalboi of labor
today nndorse<| lice tisrnc*r It,
gup,non,nun relief program In
leallinony before lh” house ways
and means commit lee by W C
Hushing, II. Ieg||,|allve repreowu-
Hushing nalcl Ileal ‘ex<lucflng
while collar workers, ihere are
more than N.ouo.onn uieu oul of
employ inrnl."
"The American lederallon of
labor dims not favor a dole, hoi
during such an emergency *„ now
oiuta, with «*o person, oul
ol work, we favor direct relief,"
lie ai|d< <l
The wit nr , e.iimalecl lhal with Billion
Moo.nfto men inii uf work, wnd |
•llh Ihe average man having two RcIiIIIIkI to lluilM*
cieivendeula, Iceiween l.c and K|
""lib'ii persons were In dli< |
• |H Mill t ill*
Hu.Icing said III
New York. June I iAP)
i Del ecu ve* aaslgned |0 guard l)r.
( mint} Man Buried in Kl Capital Surgeons to Ap- J,,l>n r cnmion. me laiste " <.t
‘ the f.lndlvergh
Renu Cemetery
I*-I rlte« fur Iravld J Alex-
ander, lx, who died early Monday
at his home south of El lleuo.
were londucted at 2 o'clock Wed
•o "day afleruoon at tlie t'hrlw-
Itan chnri'h with Rev. It. R
IHIciehrwiid. pastor. In charge
Interment was In Ihe El K«mi
J * ”in el cry. Arrangements were
! made al the lien.ain funeral
home Mnrlvlvor Im lnile four al*
t”r»; two half-»l*ters and a broth-
Mmkrt Inspirril l»y Sen*
air’s Tax Bill I'ahSAgr
Ntw York. June | <4b Alter
I* ehsrp rails ui ibr
I'plii'il i" the senate pan .age of
the 1st hill. .lock, rati Into fur
| thei >-IIime ti«l.ii
Eaclr gains of II lo la were
generally lost, while a few lead
| Cl ' I'll'.....I new I"* I't I* •
The rmiRon was attributed hy
I bii'ki't i to hsntovm llqul'l"""”
|lo a de| • -
liv recent ilpmoiallsellou of sec
I "ill i""' g<hm| |Mirtbiii "(
aelllrit, htokerw said, i ame fiom
I out id In* n
Ulilllv all” ks were patlhularly
weak when the inuikel turned
I di'V. IIMIII'I IYuplrs lla. Mil Ill'll *
j 11 • id t I llll" .1 Ins" id ■ iimIIni
IcXleiil. a blip \mi"i b nii T ' li plliiin
J * lib It bail ntlUwl II In I'M nag
gist abiuit net lu a »••* low
1 l'ciii'.ii!hlnl”d lisa uf New York
| more Ilian lo*l a gnln ol |g Tl.
Ainerlrnn Tohncco "tl" after r|a-
I im: ft I” ir."?k. 'old 12 uiidni
[thi Pirvloi" it" " V'li'lb io tall
gave up most of a |A 37 advaiu-n
| ""I I HI, ,| 'll |'-llll I-1 ”»| 11 •.
12 Jfv gain Rant* Pe Railroad.
| nil* ■ ' llmbins- * > lo frfs t, I . ill'-il
heck lo atonml Tuesday'* final
11" I* •
Mi and Mr* W A Hrown, III
Norlh Maiouib avenue, had a*
s ii eels Wednesday Mr*, II. W
Prown and son. Hnheri l<ee, and
| Mi* I Snowden "t Hliawtiec
had ihmsled large siinie tu help
Ihe unemployed He predicted the
11 uu,nun,nun propo hy ripcsk
er Hsrtier fur dlrrH relief wuiild
l»s "totally lnade.|uate unlea* con
gtfx.i plans lo appropriate mon
fund, nl Its IN”ember *e.ialun "
I rglng that the building and
wslerwny remitru< tIon not be
rn»ba4 *o i hat employin'nl may
he ptolnngrd. till .hlllg nalcl wock
should Ice llculli-d to ],’■ houra
1 Wadilngtou, June I (Al't
orgaliUatl'in (''ingle*, ap'd to • onclunton Of
Y IJ Carroll, of OkhchcHtia CM).
|a a noil |n lh” home of hla
' Mr Hail I Olliu and Mr
en*e, said he re-
turned lo hla llronx home about
2 a m today from llcvckot. Magi.,
where lie had lieen reatlng.
Hla family had arrangcwl a
celnhrstlon of hi* Und birthday
today Aflrrward* he was ex-
pected to go to Trenton, N. J.. to
confer with stain pollen and
perhaps look over pictures In
New Jerany rogues' galleries In
i a w nllempl In Identify n man to
return Iht l.lndhergh Imby.
pear on PruKratn
An Interesting l>au<iuel pro-
gram has been announced fur 7
o'clock Friday evening when
member* of thu Uwnadian County
M'-dbal A«social Ion meet St the
•Southern Hotel.
Appearing on Ihe program will
he Ur. Karl McHride. Dr. K
progressing The show of home 0> which apicroxlmately 2.600 pci *«>'»• 11 « •« «»«i *1. continued,
maitsklp will he jjivmi by the Fort *4,1,* unlnieriuptod, it wg* reported
under the dlroiTion of Col. J, K. Lsves Broken A gap of 2S& feet was made in
Shelly, ami sponsored by the Kl- The water* broke through the ,h** ,lotk >»••««* track* when tho
want* club for the benefit of ievee at Hrown'a Heading at 7 bridge of Boggy creek, one mlln
the milk and ice fund. The ex-jp m |HHt nlgh, Within Ihrcs- *ol*lh 01 M*nco w»f-
houra a gap uppioxtmately 20 feet traffic between here and Chick*
In which hud liocn opened. «•“» •» not cximcted to he opened
Th« leycve la 12 (<>”1 high and “**ln ""'E* K o'clock tomorrow
a mile Irom "lorntng
the bank of the river The Col The RiHk Island Irntfic e*.,t
hi ado now la several miles wide *"il weal will likely be opened by
Water* pouring through the levee midnight tonight, although more
were tMdng impounded in an area1 ,k*n « doaen bridge* are reported
which formerly waa levoe land n 0,1 • help run Bridgeport and Anad-
baain licjiig formed hy a ar oncl “fNo. Mr, Maier said,
line of leveea which threatened to 3-F*s« Water at Gracsment
glva way. At (iracemont the rlaing water
Unless the hole lu the firm llm »"*»• throe (eel deep In Ihe depot
* levee* |v goon pali-fled, th«1 ""A Meet waa torrad to novo
act date has nut been nrranged.
bill it wilt probably Ihi June 12.
(ciieata at the club meeting in
■ "..'"d Kill* Oregory. If f. Hlck.| ..unn.lly "is
.""i llaywnrd Wrlgbi
Dflectivcs Report
Mafhie' Back Hume
of M< Hrlde'a lte< ccii.lrui ibm ho.-
pllsl In Oklahoma CRy
I'apera on arthritis ami luck
K Itroaa, g|8
funeral aerr
on a..n.m. ana , M, BI||| Mr„ ,
injurle. Will lae presented altpt j South Hlckford avenue, .pent
wh ch a round table d.scusalon | Tww|,y Vl||,on wh„rn
will be h”ld Dr I) k Slough j ,|,ey attended the
nr . of Henry, who Is president nl |IM n| Will Olive
Ihe asaoclatlon. will preside
Mr and Mr*. Phillip II Con
•...........*.......- .........: '^SnSsefla.......
basin will overflow, raualng Ihe
rich farm land lo he flooded
Re*id”ul* In the farming conn-
fry have been warned lo be readv
to move In event the levee break
cannot be patched Irrigation dis-
trict officials estimated lhal It
will lake al Iraat 12 hour* for
the haaln to fill.
to Ihe second atory, It wa* re-
ported Telegraph line* were down
south of lllnton with communica-
tion practically cut off for several
Train No. 21 came In from the
north this morning and was turn-
ed lack northward a* No. IR.
while No IR wa* only able to
The drowning* were on a nar- proceed a* far as t'hlckosha and
row Insular atrip near Yuma, ArU w** turned Imk k south In piece
The negroes hud attempted to] °T No 31.
Ilee from the Island
hy crooslna
a new channel of the river. The
bodies of Rotiert Daniels, hla wlf»,
Berta, and Juunito Allison, were
recovered several mile* down
atream The mtoalng Include a
man named tleutry hla wife and
five children
See No (INK. Page I,
I Calumet Wednesday.
In Altiic
It groaic.t pcs-Mime lack toil*)
that of balancing off a gaping
lrea*ury deficit to pi ever (e the
American dollar from foreign al
lack* pi'lured by Ptn.ldvut Hoov-
The billion dollar revnue MII.
An h.lone of the bridge over Ihe
Irea.ury gap, was relumed to
Ihe bou*e again and Ini mediately
directed to a ruliference tie! ween
, * IN" t“" Inanities to gel Dual
• eeh by curtailing work days aim I,
1 agreement on the legislation.
No. 2 Army llsllum
Will. I.llrhfirlcl l(«rr.............
Omaha, lone | ( \P| —S»f.
filial* of the 1 ini,ilia Air
Race assaNtalton resetresl a
telegram al norm 1 relay from
Meor Utirresi J. Paul,
of the ho. U army Icallnnn In
Ihe national balloon rare,
n»l Hying I hem (hr Iwg had
lanrlrsl al one a. in. Irslay 111
miles nonli of llaiion. was.
kair lir wan, I altcnla, nlnnlrig
the rare ami the IJIthtleltl
Its |diy,
Partly iloroly lonlghi am'
1hur«tlay, probably ahowei. In
east port ion
El Menu U rather
For ll-liour period nmllni at 1
p m. Tuesday high, H, low,
»l, at I n'rlotk, Rl; pi‘<-rlpl|n
Hon, IN of an Inch
Nlgla of weather, c Inntly,
I'rwclpltailun, I I Inehe*
Hun rise* tomorrow at 13?,
Run set* today at ?: 17,
senate and hou*n tonfereei <
were talletl hy Chairman Hrnmil 1
lo meet tomorrow morning t«1
Of difference! •
I on Ihe leglslallon
The house aried unanimnualy. *
I ci"l Instructing II* conferee. In
I rand by Hit* or fast provUliin
"f Hie orlglngl house hill Thin
j *111 expedite grllon by lh* con
• ference
llpenker tlarner named Rep
reaenlattve* Colder -if Ml sals* 11>
I'li Crisp uf lleorgla, Rainey of
Illinois, Democrat*, aud Hawley
of tiregnu amt Tnadway of Mm |
.*< hll.vel Is, Iteplibllrans a* ''llll j
The annate eorifernea, appoint I
e«l In the early hour* of today
jrtat after the senate passed lh 1
Mil, are Kenalor* Nmonl, Wataoli
and Reed, Republican;', and Mur-
risen and King. Democrats.
The glganilc lax telalng 11ns.-
...... Inlrndsd in provide ||,IU,.
min,000 |n new fund* for Hr-«
goveriimrnl nexi year, will do (ho
job of putting the naHiin on a
pav-na-you go basis again, assert
the spokesmen for lh* admlnls
I rat Inn.
Even a* the senate paaead the
hill, the appropriation* icmtinlt
ton reported t« (he chemlrwr (he
Me* No TWO Peg« *
Funeral service* for Vnnui
Rising Rear, two year obi mi ol
Mr. eml Mrs Bret Ruing Ih-ai
of Henry, who died el t o ' lre l
Tueadny aflernoon at the Coneli'
h"*pli*l, wen* condui led at 1
o'clock Wednesdsv afleruuon.
Re* Holmes Nichols, lormvi
tailor of the Kl Kano llapliit
church, wn in ihirgg of tbv rltaa
held at tho grave In the Concho
Mn Harry Morrla. of Chick
Mb*, we* a guest Tuesday of her
mother, Mr*. John W loMtd, 113
Month Hlckford avenue
Mm ray lu Sppjtk Tnice
in Cutmly Thurtflay
More than 1,'iuo Canadian
county illltenx have tlgned the
inllletDe petition oa ihe propo.ed
ro w Income Ux measure of Gov.
W H. Murrey according lo ■
report made Wednesday hy Sid-
ney Clute of 110 Weet Wade
The firtt pelltiohx were cir-
culated In Ihe rounty Frldxy end
ll la expected lhal al l*a*l 1.000
algnatures will ha secured within
a week Canadian county'* quirt*
Mr. Harley Mroan. of Tulsa, Is i* 1,100, Mr Clnte said
a Hirst n Ihe home of h<r parent., |„ eonnecllon with the drtre
M»r*ll. IPB in secure Ihe
Mr and Mr«. I^»
East lliigsis street
Chester Cnpa, of ttoleho. Is vlall
ing In the home of his son, M It
Cope and Mr* Cope, «.1I South
Ellison avenue,
■ -
Mr* C C. Rrnnn, of Uklahoma 1
CRy, wa* an overnight guest Trie*
day In the home of b»r psren' I
Or. and Mrs f v
South Even* avenue.
to secure the new "flrehell"
measure, (inventor Murray will
make two addre**e« Thursday in
the rouniy. The chief execuflrw
wRI .peak at I o'clock la the
afternoon at Yukon.
Al I o'clock the (overnor will
eddreoa an •oUcltMited largo
crpwd on the wed lawn of the
Did You Hear
I ME city fire new reported
lhal with the "gutley wash-
er" received here last nlgltl,
they had little eau*e lo txireci
a fire here imtay.
"I.lhn father, like win" does-
n't hold good of rrlmlnal*.
Warden lotwe* of Minq Ring
prison ha* found Mona of eon
• let* rarely follow their (e
•hers' foulatep* Into Nine Ring,
he said
With regtelrwllan for the
approaching electing* Just two
week* off, the ' political hee"
will noun begin busting at lop
Prepwrea to take up economy
prut ram.
••silking lommlllee considers
UnldalumNigh bill to elablRle the
Iktvie Kells i ns I regaUI|uu hill
lienrina nmtlnaed by mining com-
Cuttaider* plicate hllU
Relief hearing* ronllnue lest ore
way* and means rnmnsMtee
Judiciary committee mnsblers
kidnaping laglelatjon
Rule* icimmRie* lonatder* kid-
ns ping legUlnUon
Hula* csrmmIUe* aladte* kom*-
hmn hank bill.
Irrigation commlllee i-ontMerq
.r'ubiniHa healu project.

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Vandivier, Davis O. The El Reno Daily Tribune (El Reno, Okla.), Vol. 41, No. 104, Ed. 1 Wednesday, June 1, 1932, newspaper, June 1, 1932; El Reno, Oklahoma. ( accessed January 21, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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