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Soap merely washes over the surface, leaving
a greasy film behind it.
Gold Dust " goes to the bottom," an^ insures
Gold Dust is a good,
honest, vegetable-oil
soap in powdered
form, to which are
added other purifying
materials in Just the
right proportions to
cleanse easily, vigor-
ously and without
harm to fabric, uten-
sils or hand.
Another National Campaign
cSTSwat the Dirt
Is Better
Fine Control of Criminals
Police Have
It is not alone the wonderful raising
qualities,or the certainty oi results,or
the purity, or the uniformity, or the
economy, lhat is rapidly making
Calumet the most popular Baking
Powder. It is the perfect combination
of all of these things.
You need only to use Calumet
once to make you a
constant user. Ask
your grocer today-
test it in your next
baking. Insist on
Sifefcfc ;,v *f" ■'
1 ■ v/ic' 2
World's Pure Food E*po«it on,
Chicauo. IUii 1
You Jon't <">• mp"'yc^"e,y°)r"m^'ec IZmicJ-moK Jholesomc-
Don * m"'B i-C^t%'>u^oZV™Jk°r,d ,oJa.
giver b tit raullt
This Once Powerful •fficer Has
Dwindled to Insignificance.
Time it! In five minutes all
stomach distress wi'l go. No indi-
gestion. heartburn, sourncBs or
Hielohtug of gae, acid, or eructations
of undigested food, no diizlness,
bloating, foul bruath or headache.
Pape's Dlapepsln ia noted for Its
apeed In regulating upset stomachs.
It Is the surest, quickest and "lost
certain remedy in the whole world
and besides It is harmless.
Millions of men and women now
eat their favorite foods without fear
—they know now it is needless to
have a had stomach.
Please, for your sake, get a large
fifty-cent case of Pape's Dlapepsln
from any drug store and put your
Btomach right. Don't keep on being
miserable-life is too short -you are
not here long, eo make your slay
agreeable. Bat what you like and
digest it; enjoy it, without dread of
rebellion In the stomach.
Dlapepsln belongs in your home
anyway It should be kapt handy,
should one of Che family "at some-
thing which doesn't agree w th
diem or In case of an attack of in-
digestion, dyspepsia, gastritis or
Htomach derangement at daytime or
during the night it is there to give
he quickest, surest relief known.
Prank P. Walsh Talks of tlie Demo
crntle Social Program.
lilm closely know that to be a fact.
And It will be a progressive pro
gran "
Mr. Walsh had charge of the com-
mittee on WH-ial service, with head
quarters in New York City.
-\Ve got In touch with the social
wo kers In all of the doubtful
Btaus," Mr. Walsh said. "These in-
cluded educators, ministers and the
heailB of philanthropic and human
tarlan institutions. We sent out ui-
ty-five thousand letters to individ-
uals. and no other form of lite
ture. These letters cltej what ..
been accomplished In New Jersey t. ■
the social and material weifar.- i
the people. They covet ed <
thli'g in the progressive plaifo >
ccpt the minimum wage Biae.
"I know that Mr. Wilson win hsi
a I instructive policy on e,ro| ■
slti n and will undertake td 1
the currency problem In a ean
ir.a iiier—something that was nc
ton bed upon in the campaign. M
W'l; on may be depended upon io
endeavor to put his party in the
trout rank of progresslveiwu.
"The contests of the future will be
between a progressive democracy
and a party that will try to lie
more progressive. It will he a riv-
alry fqr progressivelsin, with the old
republican organization left behind
aa the remnant of a once powerful
Mr. Walsh said that the idea of
the social service bureau for Wilson
Is to be credited to William G. Mc-
"Mr. McAdoo was cloBe to Mr.
Wilson from the time Mr. Wilson
became a candidate," Mr. Walsh
said. "He is a man of large af-
fairs, being the head of the Immense
Hudson River Terminals, and Is also
a man of advanced progressive ideas
... . , , Tftir not a single habitual criminal was at large In the city of London, and there was
At the close of the yeai not a .single uaim frpauented by thieves."
neUThe\bo°vUe8eis0ttaakenToemr "nLf^r^JTetropolitan Police Force of Umdoa for 1911. which
waa nude public a few weeks ago.
iratrrrsr- «
In regwrd to crime tho foUowing statistics are glven^ ^ number Qf lndlct8bto Offenses was 828, as
aga,nTs°tta963,U^drfcr —ting such offenses 555 were apprehended, and nineteen proceeded against on sum-
mons. as against 581 PPr«^ed ^^^'"vio^cTn^bered 137, and of these 119 consisted of break-
T e offenses recorded against p P ^ of f(>rgery nnd of offen8eB against the currency was forty-
■ mil entering premises. The n ,,r„i,,.nilml is aeiinst 27 with one summoned In 1910.
. mj.ared with 105. and thirty persons were apprehended, as against it, wim
n \<
'clerk of this court, thus becoming
| the only woman court clerk in the
) it ules on Stage wor,d
C si $1 500
"Woodrow Wilson has a construc- ,1Ucally
tive program wtilch he will under-
take to put into effect," Frank P., . n a patient swears by
Walsh said last night. "Those Qr but more often at him.
have had an opportunity to study his d ^
Paint Your Own
You can do it yourself and at little expense. It's easy
to give it a beautiful, hard, brilliant, varnish-gloss
finish in black or rich appropriate colors.
is made especially to gi'-e to buggies, carriages and
vehicles of all kinds, a tough, durable, glossy finish that
will look well and wear well. An ideal finish for settees,
flower stands, porch furniture, garden
tools and all surfaces that must with-
stand exposure and hard usagr. Reauy
to brush on and tlie label tells how.
During the last year she haa set-
tled 2,776 cases out of court. They
call her "mender of broken hearts,'
these women who find it necessary
to take their unhappy affairs to her
"Now I have more time, more
Sentiments That the Soldier Assoc!-
ates With the Flag Have Turned
Many Battles.
(H. S. Gllbertson in the American
Review of Reviews.)
The county, even now, la essen-
tially a medieval Institution, wl-'i
modifications at special points to
meet the pressure of modern life,
and rarely haa the slightest regaid
been given to the Incongruities and
absurdities of some of the combina-
tions In making the adjustments
For how else could anything shor'.
of a speciee of medieval mindedness
persuade us to take seriously sucn
an officer as the sheriff? Modern
political organization has reduced
this erstwhile powerful officer to the
dimensions of a court messenger.
Once he was the personal represen-
tative ot the king in the county and
the "keeper of the king's peace."
Now, especially in populous centers
he has been displaced by well
lUhtaiiv.c . .
quoted from military history In which
the mere sight of the colors has In-
spired men and carried them to ulti-
"inow i uavo my" i mate victory when the tide of battle
space and more privacy to comfort J to have turned against them
inifmitt tho women." she said, all seemed lost. Great generals
Instance after instance could be j equipped municipal police forces and
*—■- state militia; and in rural sections
he is a joke.* But while the office
itself has atrophied. Its outward dig
nlty is hardly lees prepossessing
and instruct the women," she said,
"and t wish them to come to me
with their troubles before they take
them Into the court."—Chicago Rec-
Health Retored by
Eckman's Alterative
have themselves taken the colors in
their hands and rallied their forces to
supreme effort in the hour ot trial.
Obviously It was not the mere piece
of tattered silk that wrought these
wonders; It was the sentiment Insep-
arably associated with the colors that
acted as the spell.
We know, too, that the capture or
the loss of colors has always been as-
signed a vital importance by tho
greatest commanders, be-
Ynluable Remedy lor Throat and
than formerly. If in any of the for-
ty-seven states In which he is now
an elective officer a proposition wer
made to reduce him to his proper
subordination to the judicial estab
llshment, a storm of protest would
arise from ten thousand outraged
democrats. So highly is the sheriff
regarded in some of the larger cltle
that he Is permitted to extract aa
income estimated at $50,000 a year,
world's greatest commanaers, part of which, ot course, is added
cause they knew that these regimen- to ^ „c06tg,. ot ntigants for extra
tal emblems typified all that their | BerTice 0f processes and is
Vill eiliuicuio
possessors held most dear—prest^
honor, victory. Let any man visit
_____ I Napoleon's tomb at the Invalides, and,
are a sufferer from taking on the solemn spirit of the
Tuberculosis, or know of hour, gaze down into the J^cl^
afflicted, it might he shrine In which lies the huge porphyry
sarcophagus containing tho body of
If you
well to investigate this case, where , BarcoiJ"in;i" —----= - ,
the writer declares after a year of ,he great captain whose
. .. .... > nA*>fTiiinaiif rp- ..ti ipotniiio Anart from the
suffering, he found permanent
Hef and full recovery to health by
using Epkman's Alterative a medi-
cine which hus been effective in
many cases of Tuberculosis.
257 Laruston St. l'hlla.. Pa.
"Gentlemen:—In March, 1909, I
was taken sick and my doctor pro-
nounced my case 'Tuberculosis in
Medictal treatment
all Europe tremble. Apart from the
sarcophagus Itself, what Is it that
most impresses nine out of every ten
spectators? Surely the stands of col-
ors—the trophies of war—that stand
grouped round the tomb. They are
the mutely eloquent witnesses to the
greatness of the man whose dust rests
in their midst.—London Telegraph.
quick service ot processes and
hidden away in lawyers' fees.
And the coroner! Surely there is
a vast amount of humor In our sol-
emn march to the polls to select the
gatherer-ln of dead men's bones.
Why has not someone suggested that
this officer be made an attache of
the local health department?
For generations Sage and Sulphur
have been uBed for hair and scalp
troubles. Almost everyone knows
the value of such a combination for
keeping the hair a good even color,
for curing dandruff, itching scalp
and falling hair, and for promoting
the growth of the hair. Years ago
the only way to get a Hair Tonic of
this kind was to make it in the
home, which was troublesome and
not always satisfactory. Nowadays,
p.'moet any up-to-date druggist can
supply his patrons with a ready
tc-use product, skillfully prepared
In perfectly equipped laboratories.
An ideal preparation of this ort
is Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair
Remedy, in which Sage and Sulphur
are combined with other valuable
: emediee for scalp troubles and thin,
weak talr that is losing its color
or coming out After using this rem- \
edy for a few days, you will notice
the color gradually coming back,
your scalp will feel better, the dan-
druff will soon be gone, and In less
than a month's time there will be
a wonderful difference In your hair.
Don't neglect your hair if it is
full of dandruff, losing Its color or
complng out. Qet a fifty cent bottlo
nf Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur from
your druggist, and see what a few
days' treatment will do for you. All
druggiBls sell It, under guarantee
that the money will be refunded If
the remedy is not exactly as repre-
cented. , Agent, Wallace Mann
any one in need of building material
of any kind. 5-1-6-t
We hate for sale the Nathan
Bryant property on South Philadel-
phia, on easy terms to the right
party. Call and see us at 120 North
I did not help nie, and on my doc-
tor's advice, I went to a hospital
i to be operated upon, but relief was
only temporary. I lost sirength
mid at limes would have cold
sweats and fever. In April. 1910,
I returned td the hospital, but the
continued operations were not
benefiting mo.
"In the meantime, a friend of
mine advtoed Eckman's Alterative,
saying it was good for Tubercu-
losis. The wounds in my neck were
still op^n and In a frightful condi-
tion when I started to take it. Af-
ter using two bottles, I found 1 waa
improving, having gained weight,
could eat and was able to sleep. I
TERESA MAXWELL CONOVER | ™Mch"vfas^lnSNovember lMO. Be-
,n —r:9ts isissrrrr r ^
We^ey MerrtU In "The Governor's I taking. i, 1 have not had any.
Lady" now playing in aNew York.
1^1 On
November 11. 1910, I started to
work, and since that time I have
not lost one day's work through
sickness. I can highly recommend
| Eckman's Alterative to anyone who
. i In is Miffirini; from Tuberculosis or
Be Operated to Supplement Work providing they take
u directed. I will gladly cor-
11 vs "It V 11N t"l It '
y upwnivu
Adjusting Domestic Relations.
.respond with any party desiring
Chicago's "baby court," the only furtber information of what tlio
B -' m medicine did for me.
(Sworn affidavit.)
Eckman's Alterative is effective In
Bronchitis. Asthma, llay Fever;
Throat and Lung Troubles and in
upbuilding the system. Does not
contain poisons, opiate.^ ( .bit-
_ HI . leauiu* tor 1 klct
rest there until tho mother's case |* 0T Twoverles and1 writ ■ u
Is called. I Eckman Laboratory, Philadelphia
Mrs. Mary Leavltt has been mad" |pa„ for :«lditlom>! evidence.
fits kind In the world, was
thrown open u few days ago to the
infant public, and through its agejio
a family was reunited after moptba
o! separation.
The "baby court" will be operated
in connection with the domestic re- , -
latlons court Baby and mother cau | jpad)nK druggists.
Voracious Ants of All Kinds—One
Species that Evinces Fondness
for Sheet Lead.
About noon It got too hot for any-
thing and I took a well earned swim
in a secluded creek, amid shoals of
fish, large and Bmall, who apparently
resented my Intrusion, from the way
they came and stared at me.
I found on emerging from the water
that a host of blue brown ants had
taken possession of my clothes, and
when they were shaken out they re-
venged themselves by biting my bare
feet in a way which was exceedingly
There are thousands of ants every-
where, says a writer In the Gentle-
woman. Some of the anthills ar
three feet high and six ieet across—
but except for a sharp nip at the time,
tho ordinary ant's bite Is not notice-
able. But if a soldier nnt or a bull ant
or a green head tan ant about on« and
a half inches long, with a green head)
biu-s you, it Is not to be forgotten, be-
cause they take quite a big piece ou^.
Then there are the white ants (not
really ants, but termites), which
cheerfully eat the Inside out of the
beams of the wooden houses, and re-
cently have been eating the sheet lead
on the top of the Sydney museum. The
city fathers thought this waB going i
| little far, so now the ants are pi
s.-rvrd Inside the museum with
pies of the half consumed I'
I worni've to all who allov ; - ..v
titej to run away with the.n.
NOTICE—The Mlnnetonka Lura
ber Companv has bought out the
Spurrier Lumber Company and have
changed their location from Ninth
and Bell streets to 320 South Broa - CONSERVATICE LOAN CO. 1
vay, opposite the Shawnee Milling . ioi-25-30t
Co., where they wiH be glad to see !
Nothing *J[ust as Good'or
as Economical/Dou^hnuts
I fmunth
For Biscuit, Pies
Muffins, Waffles,
and Home Baking
Success and
One Heaping
TeaspoonfuV s
Health Club is the ;iurest,
strongest and mosteco,.c...
ical Baking Powder obtain
able at any price.
One CSit

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