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rhe El Reno Daily Tribune
A Bine Ribbon
r«w»»ap-r Srrttap
■ Blue Rlhhou
Defeat Sacred Heart; Bap-
tists Trim Evangelicals
James Nohle Gilford
Issued dally except Saturday
from 207 South Hock Island ave-
nue. and entered as second-class
mull matter under the Act of
March 3. 1879.
RAr j. dyer
Editor and Publisher
Budge Il.irle...........News Editor
Paul Wade----Advertising Manager
.luslvely entitled to the use for
publication of all the news
dispatches credited to It •«- not
credited by this paper, and also
All rifrhta of publication of spe-
cial dispatches herein are also re-
XmIIuiihI AilurthluK
ItepreMenlMf 1% i*m
l ltOM. I. % \ Ills A KOHV,
%ei> Vork, (lili-ngo, lief roll,
M. I.uiiIm, IInIInm, tflnnln.
*mi iicInco,
IHIU S| list lt|pTI<l\ MOTION
U> f arrier
One week _______________ | ] 0
Three months ________ $1 35
On# rur n.
li> Mali In fa mid In ii hikI
XiIJoIuIiik ( ouulies.
' . n no
H* >||||| dm side \ Imi\ e f oillifleH
‘1 l< on
I1* ....... i:t :.n
Ihrce months $L* 00
The Central Methodists alone re-
mained undefeated in the Sunday
School basketball league Tuesday
after downing the Sacred Heart
club 28 to 21 Monday night when
the Baptists trimmed the Evan
gelicals 27 to 22. Both games
were played in the El Reno high-
school gymnasium.
Pace of scoring was set by
Schmoyer. Baptist forward, who
rang up seven field goals and
three free throws for 17 points
E. Barnes, Central M. E. forward
tallied six field goals and three
charity tosses for 15 points.
Baptists 127)
Schmoyer, f
H Moss, f
Roberts, c
A. Moss, g
Morning, g
Pearre, g
Evangelical <22l
7 3 0 17
Carol Morris’ widowed mother
was once the social leader of the
little town of Morristown but.
due to a reverse in fortunes, has
for many years been the town
dressmaker By scrimping and
saving, she manages, however,
to send Carol to a fashionable
boarding school. Carol has Ill-
tie conception of the sacrifices
her mother has made, and re-
turns home a happy, carefree,
thoughtless girl. John Clark,
an old beau, wastes no time in
renewing hi* attentions, and
Carol’s friends welcome her wllh
a tea party, where every one Is
very gay At the height of the
back over things—far too easy, In
"Don’t you worry about me
Caleb. I’m all right now.”
The old Npprr. Muffled his feet
nervously. "Miss Carol. I’m afraid
for you to go to New York all bv
yoself. I promised I’d look after
you, but I can’t way up there."
"Don’t worry Caleb. I’ll be all
right in New York, and you can
stgy here and look after this little
house for me.”
Holds Revival Here
Croup Also Enjoys Din
ner and Dance
cruelly, had allowed
......o niictt
carefree life. Caro1, ,ni^1 both were sflent^Th^VarS1^’
1 m sorry you found me crying
in the trunk "Mother darilnj I ?r ?aroL Mother
promise I’ll never forget how good H^had^a on£V h® been splendid-"
you we,e to me. fm going to New ^deep,volce which
York to make good for both of u£ Serious face-
Just as I know you would want me ,n’ I m sure your mother has
to.” me never been really very fond of me
Carol had never been to New girt"* °n me as a sllly’ fllKhty
hUarlty^Caro*, KJ John protest-
word U,at her mother has had a g* WSKLg SS
’’Carol, you should go to New York 01 you And slu‘s worried about
CHAPTER it That’s the place for a girl like you ,y,°H now- She and I were talking
LHAPTER II There are a million things you tl!^gs over this morning, and she
TWO weeks later, Carol was could do.” wishes you would give up this idea
bustling abtfut In her room °f course’ none of them had ?;„??ln8i0 ,New York and would
packing the trunk which C ^!d what any of the million apd ftay with us. Won’t
B luiiK which had things were, but that worried Carol gSing t^New York"*0* ln y°Ur
Bible Thought
B Loyal!, f
Godfrey, f
R. Loyall. f
Thompson, c
Onan, g
L. Thompson, g
Chody. g
Referee. Paul
keeper. Carpenter.
heart doeth good like a medicine-
hut a broken spirit drleth the bones’.
—Proverbs 17:22.
Players FO FT PP TP
Central Methodist (2ki
MOW THAT the Saar Basin has
I ^ voted overwhelmingly to re-
turn to Germany, reverberations
of that landslide are listened for
with trepidation by many European
diplomats. As far as Hitler's future
conduct is concerned, two courses
lie open. Either he will be more
conciliatory toward his neighbors
or else the prestige given hint by
the Saar vote will arouse him to
The French seem to be mod-
erately pleased By the Treaty of
Versailles the rich Saar region was
detached front Oermany and held
under the League of Nations ns a J
form of repirallon for the destruc-
tion of coal mines in Northern
Fiance At first France desired
the region But later she got
around to the view that since It
»was not nationally French but
German. It would breed more
trouble than it was worth. Now
Pierre Laval, French Foreign min-
ister, believes its return to Ger-
many opens the way to a peace
pact bctwoeji the two countries
similar to the oiip he has effected
With Italy.
However, European observers hold
the belief that the plebiscite now
establishes a precedent for forcing
Austria to hold a popular vote on
an Anschluss 'joining) with Ger-
many. putting the opposing pow-
ers. of which Italy is leader, ln
nn embarrassing way. Meanwhile
differences are likely between King
Carol of Rumania and his Foreign
Minister, Nicholas Tituleseu, who
followed a pro-French policy in-
stead of the Polish example of
cultivating Oermany. This, then,
is regarded as the nucleus of new
trouble In the European picture
On the face of things the Lea-
gue, because of the overwhelming
Vote, has a clean-cut reason lor
taking the Saur region out of
further League polilirs. But Oer-
many's future policy there will lie
watched with utmost Interest
Don Bn rites, f
E Barnes, f
Howard, f
D Barnes, f
Peck, c
Whitlock, g
Dennis, g
Railsbaek, g
Sacred Heart 1211
L. Meyer, f
R Meyer, f
Norvell, f
Waleh, c
C Wolf, g
L. Wolf, g
Referee, John Mowre;
keeper. Carpenter.
” JOHN, don’t you see that there
Just isn’t anything to do in a
place like this? jn New York
there are a million things to do.”
He smiled grimly. "Yes. and
seven million people to do them
New York is a hard place to get
along in.”
"I'm not afraid. I know I’ll fit
ir. somewhere.”
lohn shook his head soberly. “I
don t like the idea. What can you
do up there? Here, you can carry
on your mother’s dressmaking
business. You know perfectly well
you could make a good job of it ii
you put your mind to it.”
Carol laughed. "But suppose 1
don’t want to put my mind to it?
Suppose I don’t want to be a
mall-town dressmaker all my
He took her hand in fiis, looking
into her eyes.
"But it wouldn’t be all your life,
darling It would only be until I
can ask you to be my wile.” His
deeply tanned face was very seri-
Button In Dead Man’s
Hand Fails To Convict
*/ m going to do exactly as 1 want to do," she told him.
and you re not going to slop mel"
CLEVELAND (UR) — A button
clutched tightly in a dead man's
hand, lailed to convict Fred Wil-
liams. 24. of a first degree murder
John Jarrett's body, the throat
slashed, had been found Oct 28
last, in Jarrett’s home. Police who
arrested Williams said a button
held in the dead man's hand cor-
responded to buttons on Williams'
coat and said one button was
missing from the coal,
There was no evidence to dis-
prove Williams’ claim that the
button had been ripped from his
root many days prior to the mur-
der and no witness to the killing.
Common Pleas Judge George P
Baer freed Williams bv a directed
A Problem A Day
Don’t Quote
I have bought a lot 80 ft. wide bv
221 ft. deep The building will oc-
CUPV 34 ft. by 36 ft There will be
a cement walk measuring 24 ft long
>V 4 ft wide And 350 sq ft have
b«>en reserved for flower beds. How
many square feet of sodding will I
require for the rest of the lot?
Answer In Yesterday’s problem
Brown 150; Collins. 144; Smith.
He slipped his arms about her
You know I've always loved you
arol. sweet. I've worked and
waited for the day when I could
ask you to marry me. Now you
want to run away. But I won’t let
you. in a year. I'll be through
my architect’s course and as soon
as I get a job. we can get married
»• w been really unpacked not at»n si. hecould ' ““ ft " Si■ ' 1:1
since her return from school make her way anywhete *ettled-
But different things were go- . 8he. fl,'"‘bed packing and went CHE drew away from his arms
lug Into the sturdy old trunk , ,fn'eri'l|! rhl’ living ^ Tm sorry John, but it isn’t
now because site was no long- servant. CalcMookin’' at'a p|£t5rr n!' Newark' rhl 1 must R?t 0,1
«r a laughing girl going away of he. mothet th,; s.ood on a me I can £el the Hnstde^
to school, but a serious-mind- 'ab!e ti med when he heard To her umrise h« w > •
ed young woman headed for he.v , 7ame ang y‘*
New York-and work Yorc mo,lier shore was an "twJ. . , d P
*oir anciwoiK. ang(>| Mj:is CaroJ an “ a Theres no sense in your tralps-
So much had the grlnt serious- earth." H- sighed heavily Aim 18 awav like this! It's all non-
Bess of the past two weeks done now shs'j gone sense this idea of a girl going out
for her. She had returned from S^dei.Jy tears welled up in iSde^ndence W Era at
school quite prepared to take up ^nl d * e>l ^ l{'d-t0‘^e thetn, she home!" 8
her old carefree life, but Fate had lust av “a t.k nSloH? youn" t 8he stared up at him a moment,
decided differently for her. ntar. catm tliruu h tin f,0nt door* , ,lt'.rose a,ld Iat;ed him, her eyes
8he had noticed, when she had whlch s,0jd *ld tpert alter the I'o8u
arrived home, that her mother did ho«ultalilp way ol M in i town in r ,So ,hat's what you think, is It?
not look well, but she hadn’t ' 1 v t in into 1 ,ha<?n t rt'ali«;d you were so
thought very seriously about it It b,m und it. cu- |,t i t in m* ridiculously old-fashioned. Well
seemed to her that, as far baek us arms 1 m KOing to do exactly as I want
she could remember, her mother lo do and you’re not going to stop
had alwnys looked ttred and 111 so WHAT 18 1 f- lie asked u! 1 rn Being to New York. And
that she had come to take it for TT anxiously what, pray, do you think you're
granted Mrs. Morris’stroke, fol- "Oh John' m2 p n, POIlM «olr'B to do about it?”
k>wed a day later by her death, sav forcing ...„k t, , * , C0Uld
had been a great shock to Carol. Caleb came slwiv out of the
thi bl|0,,,:ht to the girl, for living room Ins |;.e,
, - tst time, a realization of unhapplnes!
what her mother had been
through. It was easy noVto“thi«ik tneun'to^muk^^ C"''01' 1 did,a
He stood looking at her grimly
then turned on his heel without
a n i tiiii llf T'Pcr wo,',d’ and stulk,‘d out of
I <iim of the house, slamming the door be-
hind him.
you cry again.”
ITo be continued)
M Explanation la*t amount Brown
*u!r)d t'°dias amount equals
W: Smith’s amount equals 625 or
Collins’. »r 6: add 1, 96 and 6. and
divide into 1440; this will equal
amount Brown putd Multiply this
•’«" ■ iu Pi- nn-; StlSly^llrarunfS^to^t
r., .H . g moment arrived BmlthU amount. Then d i v i d e
In all Its rosy hues to two AAA of-
J Idols the other day, They were
discussing the noted Irish’ ixh-i
George William Ru.-vsell who sign-,
himself “At." Russell was here to
Swtu°0Per,l'Ve m°VPmr,,ta with
amount paid by each ninn by 375
’ Russell surely can tell stories
Raid one.
"Ytei.” rapUed
. ... . r— his companion,
)! U . ..'‘d man «et* going | think
. ------- Ri'lUK
ne Is never going to stop
heard a man talk
l-ook and I^earn
Project Gives City Mod- Bronson
ern System
Proreeds will be used for under-
privileged children ln our schools
bv Klnwanls club of Hinton
The east consists of Mias lot ha
Mrl „Mrs °oldl,‘ Ronkln.
Mrs Virgin Cbrder. Mrs Iott Bur-
roughs. Roy Martin, Jlgas Riley.
Finley Reid Elmo Rankin, Mr
I Mahler, Clyde Wlnaor, J c. Mor-
rison. Glen Smith, Henry Allen
Mrs James Vaughn was hostess
to the Needle Crnft club which
met Friday. J»n IK Several of
Steel Leader Sees 1935
As (ioikI Business Year
Olrdler, president and
BY TltlBl’NE CORRESPONDENT m,’mbers were tumble to at-
Iff ® I flff/l luwi.t ... it*
HINTON, Jan 22 The Hinton
water works protect has now been
— — chairman
pf the Republic Steel corporation,
believes 1935 wjll b,. „ KOOd ypnr
jot the steel business, but wants
i*ss 'government Interference"
with business.
He expressed these views In nn
address before Uie Mahoning Vnl-
lt*y Foremen's Association here. He
11 iso expressed optimiMn over the
lend because of illness Members Ifutuw <*f labor relations
bv a n,!m.:vX^m,;onW'PUr,,','d ^
RuxselT. dgeniaiiv0 ’Tve ‘^been’ wall-
IMwfW"""- D°V0U,n,nd
Rusaen Is an artist a. well ns a
a younx woman ai the aaa
bixiught down one of his volutin^
asked^mr Whl * wa,i here and
A.skto for iui autograph.
1 Which Is the older party. Demo-
eraue ,>r Republlrnn?
2 What famous Australian opera
snger adopted the name of her
birthplace for use ns her stage
name? •
3 Why is the ratrish so-called?
4 How many square rods in one
#Cl*f ?
5 In what state Is
t Hie Democratic party Is about
50 vears older,
2. Madame Melba
3 From Its cnt-llke whiskers and
the purring noise It makes.
4 160 sq rds.
In the
steel plants
"The workman of today," he
Mld- "is little different from the
workman of several years ago. He
wants nn honest day’s work and
an honest day’s pay nnd It Is up
the Industry to see that he gets
Lake Pont-
<after Mel-
- .......... >.u. Lstn „ *Jfrp Mrs. Tom Moore,
completed nnd the water has been 1,, n 1 Jft('k*on, Mrs. C A.
Dumped Into th(> new reservoir I !?ampl0" Mrs W C Holmes. Mrs.
Installation of four Inch lines re- !, Mrs Clyde Sherman,
placing two Inch lines has been Mr's fi,,rrl»°« Miller Out of town
made nnd the dead ends have fU**’8 w,‘r'' ^ Dlpk Dungnn of
been eliminated. Four new hv-i ■ 8 B,'“rh’ Caltf nnd Miss Dor-
drants have been Installed. I °thy Cheek from Texas.
I.aternls have baan drilled in | Dellelons refreshments of chicken --
both deco wells which Is believed '"ndwiches. pickles stuffed ollvea,! spel,t the week-end nt home with
will considerably Increase the water rnkp ‘"'d coffee and after dinner h'>r Pnrents
supply The concrete reservoir Is 'nl"<R were served Everyone cn- Mr. nnd Mrs Cllnlon HamDton
32 feet Wide 64 find long, 13 feet « very delightful evening were visitors In Oklahoma Citv
deep, with nn estimated capacity ! f 'l Boysinger was a business vis- Bat week,
or 2 000.000 gallons of water After Il,nr 1,1 Anadarko Friday. I Mrs. Maggie Bowman from Tut-
Uie reservoir Is once filled the | Lrnnlc Hoselton nnrt .1 a ________I tic -* ’
reserve supply of water ns estlm- white
"ted will be around 285.000 gal
ions 11I all limes
were business
Fort Cobb Thursday.
has been visiting Mrs. Phlnk
nnd family the* piwt work
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Finley
.S'-’rwsr- *“
iwsstr^ r.................™
minute turbine .prr | Friday evening Jan. ih a in« I
Gaily lesson
In EnK’linh
......... .......1*"T,V 1
,lrJhr rat-catcher* of the tre*.
Ury department liavr rendered their
annual report, showing that It hnsi _
bicn n busy year In Oil branch of ,.T0rU^ OfTEN MI8UHED Do
the government. Jjot I »hal! be home Saturday
™rre, »* to be no compromise ’ oetVm "i)!.l,oBo«i'0m'‘ ^'"rdny
with rata, the rodent officers re- ,EN MISPRONOUNCED: Nn-
ported Tliey listed 6.070 rats slain Br,*,“,uncp na-po-le-on. a
during Uie last fiscal year mis reo- ** ln no' r ns in tne
U.'r n'r1, ' drrrri,M' of «« rats from
the previous period. The rat-catch- nl^r,rw
pumti water from reservoir
to supply tanks and mains.
cal selections
Others from here
six-inch meter hss been'TnsTnlled <sV,'l'‘’ John Murphy
which will measure all water mUh. v"Uabn. John
lliiilnn || ||. . ” V (1IIKI1
pumped from re rvolr Into supply f," ,M ', ,n tt"1'1- Mol- w w W
-- r *■ 'P y ter’ n"bcrty and Finley ,.,qutd . UhZ
lanks. also recording pressure
nil times
ers were quirk to point out that a
good many more rats than last year
were examined for evidence of bu-
bonic plague.
The plague danger is the reason
Why Uie treasury catches rats Ust
Year. It examined 4.220 rats for
gue n sharp Increase over the pre-
vious year which showed only 3 ygu
txaiiilned, ’
not valg
SYNONYMS i Alert, vlgllnm
pared *Ul Wld,,',w"kf’ «*dy. pre-
WORD STUDY; "Use a mh
three times snd It Is yours" Lei us
°"r 'op»bul«ry by master-
hi|. one word each dav Today’s
SUBJUGATED; eonqumjby
m ',lo°d the three suh-
Jiiguled and sullen prisoners ’’
RUra and hlghachonl boys There
will lie boxing matches bv (lie
grade nnd high school students,
Proreeds of these matches will be
u„7 °. P?.y "'r expenses to the
Hobint Invitation tournament. The
lmc-up is ns follows
These Improvemnts give Hinton
a first class water system In every
respect and will be a credit to
the city To make possible these
Improvements uyooti m imnds was
voted Ihm Kprlnu, nnd bring mndr
II Federal Public Works adminis-
tration projeel the town received
’■ grant of »5,ooo
«rfP1L"C!*hn* "nd ,h'' Uassldvs”
will be given Friday. January 28
at (he high srhiNil auditorium nt
■•°0 P ni a matinee will be 8i’a«”"'i„ “"7,rcl MC^mnd All
given Friday afternoon for the' S' w... “U’ Hoyd Mn«»’I
"chool children ” ,^pnver. Harold Simmons,
Clyde Wlnsor. Dan Fc*th«s, Carl
Hagln, Ernest Llndcrmsn.
Miss Ruth Hlens from oney J
first day
It,,1,1 ................ r“io-y | 1,(quid - Tablets HEADACHES
A wrestling show was featured 'i,lvf *Now “"•P* » •"'""‘cv
Monday night here by the
Chillies Crick. Clessle Watson Lvle
Sltnmony Carl Dodson. Herman
WwaUro.bfrnt!r!.r,If. Harrison, F>e|
Kdanrds Duard MeFarland
Shirs, Joe Baker.
This piny I* produced under di-
rection of Mr, Unmsoti
Tom Avani Says:
"Come in ami see
sometime and-
220 South CIhh'Ihw
MTNCO. Jan. 22—Miss Lenora
Grant entertained with a slum-
ber party Ip her home on Friday
night. Jan. 18. Those present for
the occasion were: Misses Mildred
Thayer and Grace Wofford of
Edmond Marjorie Rhea McMahan
Bernice Brannum, Ruth Acton and
the hostess.
The guests enjoyed a 7:30 o’clock
dinner and then went, to Chlek-
asha where they attended a dance,
Mr. and Mrs Bill Markle enter-
tained with a bridge party in their
home Thursday nleht. Those pres-
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Dave Black.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ferguson and
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Ferguson.
A- W. Moore and Clyde Monroe
of Fort Sill, were visitors in Minco
over the week-end.
Arden Cullen went to Blnger
•Sunday and was accompanied
home by George Houser.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Coffey snent
the week-end in Oklahoma City,
o be with their daughter, Eliza-
beth, who is in the Polyclinic hos-
pital. Miss Coffey is improving
very nicely.
Misses Alta Marjorie Stephenson
and Maurine Grant spent Monday
in Chickasha, Okla.
Misses Ruth Acton, Lenora
Play Washburn Tonight i
Creighton Friday
Rev. E. M. Vaught, above, pastor
of the Mangum Nazarene church
will open a revival in El Reno Wed-
nesday night assisted by the local
pastor, Rev. M. T. Brandyberry. and
Mrs. Brandyberry. Rev. Vaught is
especially Interested in Sunday
school work.
STILLWATER, Okla., Jan. 22- (
'Special)—A hope to jump bacl t
into the van of the race for the con 8
terrace basketball crown will be car
ried northward by Henry Ibu's Ok J
Jahoma Aggie cagers as tliey cante J
out this week lo meet Washburn a "
Topeka, Tuesday night, and Crelgh
ton at Omaha, Friday.
Tied for fifth place with Tuls: 1 I
University, the Cowboys hope to ini 1
prove their standing this weei (
against the Topekans, who have ye '1
to win a conference victory, am *
the Creighton Bluejays who wer 0
turned back at Stillwater two week
Mangum Child Learns
Something About Fire
MANGUM (U.R)—1Three - year - old
Clay Briggs has learned there are
better ways of putting out a fire
Grant Mildred Thayer’and Grace I in "
Wofford were El Reno visitors
Saturday evening.
Miss Alma Kittley nnd Russell
Loomis were Chickasha visitors
Monday afternoon.
The Monday afternoon quilting
club met in the home of Mrs
Curley McFarlin. Those present
were: Mrs. G. B. Hurley. Mrs.
rutfy Hurley, Mrs. Buck Wade,
Mrs. Bill Banda. Mrs. Sam Mc-
Adams. Mrs. Haskell Dobbs and
Miss Marjorie Rhea McMahan.
J B. Brannum and daughter
Bernice were business visitors in
Chickasha Monday.
waste-basket. At least his par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Briggs
Mangum, hope so.
The child had a merry time
with a stick he had ignited by
sticking it into thp fire in a
stove. But he soon tired of that
and jammed the burning end Into
the waste-basket.
Firemen aaswered the
They used chemicals,
caused minor damage.
And it will be a squad, strength
ened by the addition of new mei P
that goes north under Iba. Th,
opening of the new semester ha
added Jess Rosette, towering guard
and a deadshot at the basket, am .
Hugh Hawley, forward, from Ohi >
State University. Both men hav.
beeA working out with the squad ai
asoh and ai
The blaze
seasdh and are In excellent" eondi
tion. Still out of the lineup how
ever is Aingrid Sewell, dependable
guard, who pulled a tendon agains.*
Washington University two week
ago and lias not yet recovered.
Somewhere on their northen l*
swing the Cowboys hope to shak •-
the scoring jinx that has cost then '
four hair-line losses this season am V
shoved them down in the conference
race. The Puncher defense recon '•
is by far the best of the league bu
their poor scoring is only equale:
by the cellnl- holding Washburt

Don D. Cole, 706 South Williams
avenue, is transacting business in
McGinnis' Oklahoma
General staff services to operating com-
pomes, and operation of long distance
I'nes giving service between and through
the territories of the operating companies.
V °wned by som* 675,000 stockholders
[ Manufacturing, warehouiing and gtnaroi
purchonng for Ball System.
Research ond development work
for the Bell System
tor which ins ,(u ua.-oa
Provide telephone services and focililies within
•heir respective territories, with the aid of staff
•ervices of the American Telephone ond Tele
groph Company.
How a nation-wide telephone network is organized
The Bell Syelens i* big...hut ite or-
gonheation U not complex.
I he A. I • 4 T. Ih parent company,
service und research organization,
nnd fiiiunciul headquarter* of the
System. It owns Western Electric end
jointly with Western, own* Bell Inb-
orn torien. Aleo, it own* snore than 90
per cent of the voting slock of the 24
associated companies (of which the
Southwestern Bell Telephone Com.
puny is one.) It operates the long
distance trunk lines linking the ter-
ritorire of ths*se rompuniim.
It* elaff carries on for these 24 aeao.
rh«ted companies an intensive study
lo find belter, more economical meth-
«mN of giving good telephone eervlee.
^ culrrii klcctrlc buys
supplies for the Sys-
tem, and turns out for
it the 1041,00(1 different
parts that goinlolhe telephone plant.
Associated companies are not re-
quires! to buy from Western ... hut
experience has le.i all to slo ho, for two
reasons! (1) Because W estern Electric
part* have ihr advantage of uniform-
ity. They fit equally well into the
telephone system uny whero. (2) W ret.
ern are shout 11 fourth below
the pris-es for similar equipment iu
the competitive iiiurki't.
Bell Laboratories is u non-profit cor-
poration, whose 4,000 workers eon-
slantly carry on u grout program of
scientific research to find heller uiul
cheaper ways to give your telephone
Keel, p.rt of the Bell System exist,
because the function it performs i.
essential to tl.ejoh of giving good tele- /
phone service at fair 1 ssst |u y„„, /
T K L K V II o > K
Aik w yovr mi topy„, |wJiw| offl"

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