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tola. Biatoitai SMtotr
' "V " • '
VoLt'ME 31.
16 are Under Arrest at Ardmore
Attorney General's Office Will Investigate
Mi? united Pi-ess}
Washington, Dec. 19.—Some Demo-
cratic senators will organize opposi-
tion to the four power treaty at as
informal conference this week ami
will begin a stumping tour during
the Christmas recess. The Demo-
crats have taken the position that the
treaty is a military alliance.
(By United Press)
Chicago, Dec. 19.—Police smashed
into homes, clubs and saloons in a
raid which ended early today, seiz-
ing liquors and throwing the owners the top and bake in a moderate oven
•s> «
A correction to Saturday's recipe
for chocolate cake, where 2-3 cup of
water was given it should say 2-3
cup of boiling water.
Several ladies have asked mother
how to make good custard pies. Here
is her recipe:
3 tablespoons sugar.
3 eggs.
A small teaspoon butter.
Pinch of salt.
Beat these ingredients all "together
and add two cups of sweet milk. Pour
this mixture into your pie pan which
has been lined with pie crust. If it
isn't enough to fill the pan add a
little more milk. Anywhere from 2
to 2 1-2 cups of milk may be used,
just according to the size of your
pie pan. Shake a little nutmeg over
of it into jail. Seven hundred and
fifty persons including the social
elect of the ' gold coast" down to the
residents of alleys, were dragged be-
fore the police judge.
Chief of Police Fitzmorris ordered
the policemen to clean up their beats
or lose their jobs.
(By United Press!
Dublin, Dec. 19.—The Anglo-Irish
treaty was denounced as a politic
ians peace, by DeValera and his sup
porters at a session of the Dail Eir-
eann this morning. After a bitter
session, the Dail recessed at 1 untl.
3 o'clock this afternoon when the de
bate will be resumed.
Arthur Griffith, who signed the
pact, moved its ratification. "Wo
have made the bargain, and brought
the result to the people of Ireland,
our masters, not our servants," said
Griffith. He read the oath of alleg-
iance, which he declared that any
Irishman can take with honor.
Austin Stack, cabinet member,
jumped to his feet at this point and
announced that he would not take
the oath. Griffith closed his speech
with a plea for ratification.
t ; —
Folks --one uv 'em
dopes things euh
You en Tot HER Dooes
'EM TO You!
(By United Press!
London, Dec. 19.—France has ac |
cepted the naval ratio* as propose.:
by Hughes, Premier Briand told Am i
bassador Harvey, it was officially
(By United Press!
Now York. Dye. 19.—Special armed
guards were on duty today at the
stock exchange, sub-treasury and
other buildings in the financial dis-
trict, while Wall street was on tip
toe in expectation of another bomb
outr age. According to an anonym
ous letter of warning, received by a
ker, the stock exchange was to
dynamited today.

(By United Fiase! (
London, Dec. 19.— Premier Lloyd 1
(ieorge of England and Premier Uri <
; and of France, in their first meeting
on the reparations situation today i
discussed only general problems, it I
was learned. Several question*
which arose were handed over to'
treasury experts for detailed anoly- !
I sis. The conference will be continu-
• • 1 • • • •
(By United Press)
Tonight, rain or snow, with cold
wart. Tuesday snow and colder
Temperature 24 hours ending noon
today, maximum 55; minimum 40.
until custard is set. You can test by
inserting a knife blade in the center
of the pie and if it comes out without ber Pe°I'le wil> remember Mr. Pa-j capitalship tonnage was
js | gels as he has visited here frequent
custard sticking to it, your pie
done. Be sure and do not overbake j -
or your pie will be watery.
. • • •
Miss Lillian Aderhold arrived
home Saturday from Bethany college
at Topeka to spend the holidays with
her parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Ader-
hold and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schafer ot
Amariilo are here to spend the holl
days with Mrs. Schafer's mother Mrs
C. M. Paulsen, also visit other rela
tives here.
! The Lady Macabees are entertain-
ing tomorrow afternoon with the
fifth series of card parties. Hostess
es are Mrs. Earl Pirtle, Mrs. J. L
' Oochrell, Mrs. C. H. Roberts, Mrs
Emitt Curry, Mrs. G. W. Brown. Mrs
ed tomorrow.
(By United Press)
Paris. Dee. 19.—Premier Brians j
upon his arrival in London, express I
ed the desire of France to be in ac-1
cord with America's plan, as far as |
concerned. |
acrord'ng to the minister of marine I
l ore today. The communique added i
however, that no figure for Franc j
had been fixed.
(By TJnltftd Press)
Sioux City, Iowa. Dec. 19. -Deputy j 1
Sheriff L#wis R. Jones, 22 year old 1
son of Sheriff W. H. Jones, and Has- j1
H. G. Crum and Miss Irma South, sen Kaled, a strike sympathizer.
Export wheat 81c.
Millir. wheat 83c.
Oats 31c.
Corn white 33.
Corn mixed 32
1 Rye 55c.
Parley 30.
Kaffir 31c.
Hens 17c.
Roosters 6
c^tags 10c.
Springs 15c.
Butter fat 29c.
Turkeys 35c.
Christmas Cards art BARNARD'S.
The Book of Knowledge represen
tativr will be in town two days. Or
ders taken will be delivered for
Christmas. .Mrs. Nightsell, Southern
hotel. 20p
(By United Press*
Ardmore, Okla., Dec. 19.—Sixteen
men have been arrested and it is ex
pectod that several more will be
•taken into custody as the result of
the triple killing at Wilson last
Thursday night. The authorities
have damped the secrecy lid on the
invest ration and have refused to
give out anything until the trial, the
date of which has not been set.
Attempts to interview the prin-
ciples in the case have been blocked
by the authorities.
(By I x ;tec Press)
Okla. City, Dec. 19. The investi-
gation of law enforcement conditions
in Carter county by the aMorney
general's office will be expedited as
the result of the Wilson shooting af-
fray, Assistant Attorney General Ful
ton announced today. Carter county
is in for a thorough cleanup, he said.
0RBE3 GftS
(By United Prersl
Okla. City, Dec. 19. -The co-po-a-
tion commission today is preparing
an order for Incren ns gas rales to
the distributing companies served by
the Oklahoma Natural ti;is Company
The Increase will be approximately
13c. The order will be in effect un-
til the federal injunction hearing on
January 3 at Guthrie.
All i t their friends arc invit> '1
Miss Vinita McDonald who attends
Wiiliamswood college at Fulton. Mg
arrived here Friday evening to spend
the holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A1 McDonald. Mrs. Mc-
Donald went up to meet her and ac
companled her home.,
Mrs. A. T. March and daughter
Miss Helen were Okla. City visitors
The Oriole club members were de
lightfully entertained Saturday ev
ening with a taffy pull at the home
of Miss Helen Flannigan. Friday
they will have a Christmas tree at
Miss Josephine Layton's.
The Matinee club is meeting
morrow afternoon with Mrs. E.
were fatally wounded in a gun l>a•
tie here early today. Both died later
in the hospital.
(By United Press I
LONDON. Dec. 19' The red-haired ' I-""i-i '''n
woman gets them, while the other- | '>la City,
sniff or go after the henna," Dr j
Josiah Oldfleld told the society of' FOlt
g. "A woman, to attract a man. must
be a little different from the crowd,"
| Dr. Oldfield said. She must be
The Pythian sisters met Friday j wi' kf-d. distinctly talented or niusi
evening and elected new officers: strike some color note.
M. E. C., Mrs. Isa Calhoun; excellen: I 'Red hair Is the best color note. Of
senior, Mrs. Nell McComus; excellent j a" colors, the shades of copper and
jupior, Mrs. Maggie Lewis; manager
R. F. Jones arrived home Friday Mrs. Lillie Elliot; M. of records ana
evening from Dallas where he at ' correspondence, Mrs. Maude Jensen,
tends S. M. U., to spend the holidays M. of finance, Mrs. Lydia Tompkins;
with his parents. He was accom protector, Mrs. Minnie Statton;
panied home by a classmate, C. C. J guard, Mrs. Theodosia Patterson;
Morgan, who spent the week end' captain and trustee, Mrs.-Stella Bur-
with him and left for his home last' ger. They will meet Friday evening
evening. | for their regular meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. K. ('. Rohkar had a
their dinner guests yesterday Mis
Elizabeth Martin, Miss Josephin
Rohiiar of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs
and family of Oklaho
\ very choice upland
80 acre farm, about 5 miles north of
El Reno and I mile east; nearly new
dwelling, barn, concrete collar, well
and all well fenced;
tivation: possession at
$4,800; good terms.
Meyer Realty Co.
Dr. H. T. Brown was an Oklahoma
City visitor Saturday.
Mrs, D. B. Burke spent Saturday
in Okla. 'City.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Warner arrived
home yesterday after spending sev
eral days in Chicago.
El Reno sport lovers will have the
opportunity pf witnessing two fast
polo ginies some time during the
holidays, between the Ft. Reno team
and the State University team from
Norman. Major Culium of Ft. Reno
and Olias Tompkins visited Norman
one day last week and after a con-
ference with Major Baehr and Maj
Parkinson of Norman, the arrange-
ments were completed for the games
here. The date will be announces
While at Norman
and Mr. Tompkins played with the
Norman team against the Okla. City
team, the Norman team winning the
contest. The gentlemen state that
Norman has a fast team, but the boys
at the Fort are playing a speedy
game, and the Sooner boys will be
compelled to do some "snappy" work
to secure a victory.
Chapter M. of P. E. O. will meet
j tomorrow afternoon with Mrs. Funk
j and Mrs. DeLana as hostesses.
Virgil Tinkelpaugh arrived home
I Saturday evening from Parks college
( in Parksville, Mo., where he attends
school, to spend the holidays with
his mother, Mrs. Imogene Tinkel
paugh and family.
and Mrs. Frank Whitted were
City visitors Saturday.
Stanley Warner who attends O. U.
came home for the week end.
Miss Josephine Engle will arrive
home Thursday to spend the holidays,
with her parents Mr. and Mrs. C. L,
• •
red are the most beautiful uncom
Other women, recognizing the at*
vantages of the red-haired woman in ;
the matrimonial market, either enxi
ously disparage her by calling 'car !
rots' or corp her by using a henna |
Christmas is
als are here.
Frank ,
coming. Christina
Santa Claus Did
(By United Pr<-ss)
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 19 (United Press I
The Triennial meeting ot the Jew-
ish Council an organization < omprls
ing 411,000 women in 179 different
section throughout the world, in-
cluding Japan, Australia and England
will be held liere during the latter
part "f November, llll, it was an-
nounced today. At lea: I 5,000 dele
gates and visitors are expected to
attend ihe meeting.
Miss Josephine Rohkar who Is em
ployed in tlie Hock Island offices in
Mrs. H. A. Coley was a charming
hostess Saturday afternoon when
she entertained the Entre Nous club
The rooms were beautifully deeorat-1 Chicago, arrived home Saturday e\
ed with mistletoe, holly and potted ening and will visit until after the
poinsettas. A delicious lunch was holidays with her parents, Mr. and
served after cards. Mrs. Henry Mrs. E. C. Rohkar.
Behne was an additional guest. Tli
club will meet the first Tuesday
January with Mrs. G. F. Gateka.
Miss Madonna Fitzgerald
H '^T^l ! Saturday in Okla. City.
Major Cullum
Mr. Frank Pagels and Mr. Theo
Pagels left Saturday for Chart
City, Iowa, where they were call' !
by the death of their father, Mr. John
Pagels. At the time of his death
he was at his daughtr's home In
Paul, Minn , but tli body wa
ped to Iowa and the funeral will
j place tomorrow afternoon. A
(By United Press ■
Cattle receipts 1800; market active packages
In Those \>ho desire ' to send Chris'
| mas presents, holly, mistletoe, candv
or other remembrances to ex-service
I men who are in government hospit-
als aro requested to bring theli
to the Red Cross room-.
and steady; steers top $H.00; bulk
$5.00 and $5.75; cows $4.00; heifers
i ilt reecipt> U> : ; top $7.50
Hog receipts 900; tctive and stea
top |6.S"; bul and $15.75.
wher * a > - i -ta re w .. |,< furni !i
in sending the gifis. There are tei.
boys from this county who are in
government hospitals, if any El Reno
citizen desires to semi any of tiles
boys a Christmas package, the name
of the boys may be secured .from
Miss Lord, lied Cross secretary,
(By L'nlted Press)
Tulsa, Dec. 19 Three men whose
names are being withheld by Ihe po-
lice, are being held in custody today
for Inve ligation in connection with
the shooting last .night of Detective
Ike Wilkinson and Harry Aurandt,
police department eerclary, by four
hi-jacket Aurandt 1 not expected
to live. Wilkinson was shot througn
the legs. The uspecls have been
iiirlled away for if« keeping.
ds at BARNARD'S. .
The Book of Knowledge icpreseu-
tative will be in town ^vo days. Or-
hotel. 20p

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