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Of the Federation of
Clubs of Oklahoma
Indian Territory.
sincere." it seems to me you must
feel that with all our strivings after
intellectual attainment, recreation or
social standing, the only object that
Women’s ; is reahy worth our while is to live
the life of a womanly woman As
members of a federated club, remem-
bering that "They can who think they
can,” let us live up to the motto:
“Kindliness and elpfu.uess.”
(Continued from yesterday.)
' Mrs. Webster, of the department of
law, said that if woman is to figure as
taxpayer or voter she should know
something of law.
Henry Turner left for Kansas last
week .... F. See has completed his
grading contract across theHollings-
The condition or position of woman | wor,h bottom......Mr. Gawisty has
in a country indicates the status of' erected a dwelling house on Doc See’s
that country. * ! place and will live there......Lon
The real need of suffrage for woman j Moore, formerly of this place, has re-
is not a material one; it is for woman turned and is working for Geo. Ad-
herself. | kins.,____The parties accused of steal-
It is very natural that we should tng cotton near Kossville will have
have to ask for and work for what we their second hearing before Justice
want. | Diamond today. The first trial re-
WOman’s cause is man’s; they rise suited in a hung jury......Mr. Lower
or fall together. ! js having his house plastered this
Philanthropy and reform revive at- week. W. A. Tovrea is doing the
tention in the federation and the work wor^......The box social at Spring
is taken up by some of the clubs. jyeu Friday evening proved a success
I think it was Mrs. Webb of Ard- both socially and financially. The
more who said: “We cannot empty proceeds netted over 880 which will
the prisons of today but we can those procure a very good bell for the
of tomorrow.” bnilding. The prize cake was award-
Mrs llobberts was very emphatic e,t to Miss Carrie LaBrue as the most jto “eiKt an engineer here to make
in her remarks about establishing p0pU)ar young lady, and the cane to
reading and rest rooms for farmers’ pranklin Lower as the most popular j
wives, stating that as club women we jazy man......w. P. Critser has|
are not alive to our responsibilities rented part of Mr. LaBrue’s farm for
in this line. ^ next year......Mr. Lyle will soon |
One of the very best things of the move to Mr. Mauck’s firm east of
Longan’s chandler which he has rented----Geo.
felt that'A(jkins team broke loose Sunday
night and ran away, upsetting the
wagon in a ditch .....The United
Farmers meet every Saturday night
at Spring Dell.
Held to Consider New F
tiou For the Purcha
the Bonds.
At a called meeting of the city coun-
cil held yesterday afternoon *• E.
Mascho presided in the i,yf«|Ce of
Mayor Burgess and tin pawing
councilmen were present: *j eirson,
Anderson, Johnson, Funk, volfeand
W. C. Swanwick, representing J. B.
Divers of Keokuk, Iowa, appeared
before the council with a proposition
to purchase the waterworks and street
improvement bonds.
After a good bit of general discus-
sion Councilman Finch moved that in
view of the fact that the Oklahoma
Bond and Trust Co. had failed to put
up a $500 certified check as they had
agreed to do, that the city clerk com-
pile all the information possible aud
send it to Mr. Swanwick with a view
to placing the bonds with his com-
pany. Motion carried.
Mr. Swanwick stated that he wishes
estimate of what it will cost to put in
the water works and street improve-
ments. No other company has made
a like oiler.
New Residents.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Nichols ar-
rived last night from Centerville,
South Dakota, to make Chandler their
home. Mr Nichols is a brother-in- J
law of Dr H. C Lee. He is an old
newspaper man, having retired from
the business about a year ago He
will eng ige in business of some kind I
here, tho he has not yet decided just |
what it will be. Mr. Nichols is an I
old soldier aud his wife has been j
prominent in W. K. C. work. While ,
they lived iu Iowa she was depart-
ment president and afterwards na- j
tional inspector.
Mr. Nichols’ son, who has been
running his paper, the Centerville
Chronicle, since the father retired, i
also thinks of coming here to locate.
The Chronicle says of the departure
of Mr. and Mrs. Nichols:
“Mr. and Mrs. Geo H Nichols left
us last Saturday for their new home
in Chandler, Oklahoma. The wish
that they may be prospered aud that
their future may be replete with all the
good things of this life will follow
them by their many friends here Wo
commend them to the ggod people of
Chandler as fully deserving their
esteem and confidence.”
Caters solelv to Good Dress- ■
Simon ureenberj
1 ers, who are particular that 1
1 their clothes fit perfectly, are ■
! finely tailored, and that their 1
| clothes become them. 8
No Fit., No Pay.
Tailor Made Suitsr$10 Up
Fall and Winter Good. Now on Display 1
entire program was Mrs.
parliamentary drill, and I
that alone was worth the price of the
trip and I heartily second any efforts
that may be made toward securing a
class in parliamentary law at this
The club reports were very interest-
The Acorn club of Guthrie is mak-
ing “The Louisiana Purchase” their
special subject of study this winter.
One club has found debates very
helpful in developing the ability of
its members.
In a Kingfisher club the lady who
prepares the best lessons is allowed
to wear a “Bay View” pin, and
another pin is worn by the most faith-
ful attendant.
A Shakespeare club finds quotation
contests helpful, as they show how
much of the study has been retained.
Some one in speaking of the pleas-
ure side of club life said “All work
and no play makes Jack a dull boy,”
and the same rule Is as applicable to
Gill as to Jack
The Fhilomathian club of Oklahoma
City used to send flowers to mothers
of babies, but now they send spoons
to the babies.
Tli8 New Century club of Oklahoma
City realized a net gain of $375 from
the sale of the Easter edition of the
Daily Oklahoman.
One of the most interesting reports
was from the Ready to Help club of
Oklahoma City, a club of girls aged
from about 10 to 14 years.
Some clubs taking the Bay View
course are dividing the work.
One club is studying psychology, be-
lieving that cultured people should
not only know the works of the mind,
but the workings of the mind.
One delegate told me that she had
not joined her club for the literary
benefits to be derived therefrom, but
for social prestige. But there was
none of that spirit in any of the pa-
pers or discussions, and if you could
have heard Mrs. Denison,our national
president, say In effect that “we
women must be nothing if we are not
The Peerless Entertainers
The Peerless Entertniners gave their
first exhibition at the Methodist church
last night to a full house. Don’t fail
to attend this entertainment given
again tonight with change of pro-
gram. See their new and wonderful
moving pictures and their illustrated
songs. Many new features never be-
fore given in the territories Fii-9t
class in every respect. * Prof Tap pan
in charge of the entertainment is a
graduate of the university of Michigan
and Kev. Hawxhurst, a minister of
long years. Both of long experience
| as public lecturers in this field of
entertaiament.—Geary Gazette.
This company will be at the Chris-
tian church in Chandler Thursday
and Friday evenings, Dec. 10-11.
Admission 10, 15 and 25c.
Some Interesting Local Items
From the Columns of the
Sparks Visitor
Will Georgas made a business trip
to Chandler Saturday......Samuel
Coletliorp died Dec. 5. He had been
sick for some time with a slow fever,
but it was thought he would recover
____Mrs. Patrick Hurley is suffering
with neuralgia ...... Tom Galleger
made a trip to Chandler Saturday.
$J00 a Box
Is the value H. A. Tisdale, Summer-
ton, S. C., places on DeWitt’s Witch
Hazel Salve. He says: “I had the
piles for 20 years I tried many doc-
tors and medicines, but all failed ex-
cept DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve. It
cured me.” It is a combination of
the healing properties of witch hazel
with antiseptics and emolients;relieves
and permanently cures blind, bleeding,
itching and protruding piles, sores,
cuts, bruises, eczema, salt rheum and
Sold by Corbin &
Benj. Glaser, Scientific Optician
Late of Vienna,Austria, has arrived
in our town and will stay only a few
days, with office at Egbert hotel, to
demonstrate the efficiency of his chrys-
talized prescription glasses, which
are recognized by the profession here,
as in the old country, to be superior
to all glasses heretofore in use, es-
pecially for headache, neuralgia and
nervousness. Mr. Glaser shows mar
velous success from his chrystalized
glasses paired with his method of fit-
ting same. Mr. Glaser comes highly
recommended and what we have seen
of him and his conversation point
that he is perfectly reliable. If you
have dizziness, headache, neuralgia
and suffer from nervousness, take ad-
vantage of this opportunity and con-
sult him, at Egbert house. Office
hours from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. 213t2
Mrs. C. YouDg was very sick a few |
days this week but is much better....
W. L. Eagle and wife visited relatives
near Bellemont last week......We
hear that Samuel Coltharp • has died
just as we go to press... .Jos. Dun-
ham is getting ready to enlarge his
store... Mr. and Mrs. Geren from (
Stroud, Mrs. Gratzer and daughter ! a1' skin diseases
Josie of Shawnee, visited with John Lynch.
Morris’ family Sunday......M^. V.j *
Berryjunior editor of the Visitor, > Saves Two From Death,
left Tuesday noon for his former home j “Our little daughter had an almost
in Dewey county where on next Sun- j fatal attack of whooping cough and
day he is to inarrv Miss Eva Lang- j bronchitis.” writes Mrs. W. K Havi-
ley of Bloomfield, Okla. This will j land, of Armonk. N. Y., “but, when
be the fourth wedding that has been I all other remedies failed, we saved
I solemnized by members of the Visitor | her life with Dr. King’s New Discov-
! force and it is not yet a year old.... ! ery. Our niece, who had consumption
The Sparks camp of Modern Wood- in an advanced stage, also used this
men of America will give the first of a wonderful medicinp and today she is
series of smokers at their hall on , perfectly well.” Desperate throat
Wednesday evening, Dec. 9 and lung diseases yield to Dr. King’s
_ ' New Discovery as to no other medi-
Advertised Letters.
The following is a list of the letters
and packages that remain unclaimed
at the postotfiee at Chandler, for the
week ending Dec. 5, 1903:
1 Avery, J M
2 Austin, cleve •
3 Anderson, T C
4 Uland, C W
5 Boy Ion, Dr w F
(j Brown, H H, care of s A
7 Buscher, J H
8 cleer, c C
9 Davis, Allen
10 Dodd, w
11 Feggan, Mrs Julia
12 Franklin, Mrs Cary
Court House
Barber Shop
Remember the
latest game Is box
Our Opening
Was a Grand
in every.particular and we are thankful to all
who visited our store upon the occasion and
hope you and your friends will frequently
call in the future.
Yours Respectfully,
Kent & Wolfe,
Jewelers and Opticians.
13 Glover, B F
14 Gaines, owan
15 Ifay, william
16 Hertz, j w
17 Hecker, Fred
18 jones, Miss Clara
19 McCoy, Miss Belle
20 McCrary, s m
21 Martell, Bert
22 Miller, ivy
23 Iteedy, R A
24 Roberson, F o
25 Roberts, Miss Nona
26 Taylor, Mrs w A
27 Schwemley, J w
28 Streeter, Andrew
29 swargert, Miss Mamy
30 vagt, John
31 Westbrooks, E w
32 Bishop, w s
33 McDaniels, Shirley
34 McMains, Pearl
35 Merritt, uts Rosa
36 Roberts, Mrs Nona
37 shaver, Maggie
38 Teomas, Manly
39 vantrim, E
When calling for any of the above
letters or packages please say that
they were advertised and give the
number. Call at the stamp window.
A charge of one cent is made on each
letter. H. B Gilstrap,
are three good standards for a grocer.
We have them all, and you feel sure
that goods we furnish are right.
as now, and it will pay you to give us
a trial. Telephone orders to No. 74
[L Good Evening!
cine on earth. Infalible for Coughs
and Colds. 50c. and $1.00 bottles
guaranteed by A. D. Wright. Trial
bottles free.
* Under the new management is
prepared to do first class ton-
sorial work. A visit to our
shop will convince you that
we know whereof we speak.
Prevailing prices.
Henry Eskew, Hanager.
dust for a moment, please! Perhaps
yon had not stopped to think about it,
hut The Publicist prints more news
than any other paper in the county. Its
now, too. when you get it. Absolutely
ALL tho local happenings briefly pre
sented for your perusal the day they
occur. No other local paper does this.
Young and Tender..
When yon come to us for meat you
are sure the quality will be right
You never run the risk of getting
old and tough steaks or roasts here.
Our experience teaches us how to
best select the meat and how to best
serve it for you.
Juicy, tender >teaks are our pride.
Uorter House,th e nicest you ever
bought 12 1-2 a pound.
Telephone 33
Opp. 1st Nat’l Bank, - CHANDLE
Daily Publicist j j
10 Cents a Week. *■
The Daily Pubeicist is delivered at
your door without extra cost. Wha.t
more could you ask?
The weekly Publicist prints all the
county news and the important territo-
ry and national news. Its value as a
newsgatherer is attested by the large
list of patrons enrolled* on its books.
The reputation of the Publicist for
good printing is never impaired by any
job, no matter how insignificant.
Type, Good Stock
Printers that Never Grow Wear. j
No Job too Large
No Job too Small
For Our Capacity.
For Careful Consideration.
Chandler, Oklahoma.

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