El Reno Supper Bell. (El Reno, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 311, Ed. 1 Tuesday, August 20, 1901: Searching Inside

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... not in a serious condition. Four pounds of rice for 25 cts at Convill & Ross’, Phone 181, N. Bickford. 08... and goods guaranteed . r v Pure Texas honey at Convill & Ross’, Phone 183. N. Bickford ave. It is sure..., at Con vil! & Ross’, Phone 1*3, N. Bickfo it ave w8 If you didn’t get the claim you wanted read

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... RENO SURPRISED. When it was first talked that (JonviII & Ross were going to open a grocery store in El..., and George S. Ross, a plain gro eery clerk, would start one of the I! rest and largest stores

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