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Vol. if, No. ji
ft-.-- =301=^=101^
° The Aetna Building and °
Loan Association
£F n,L°s
Aetna Building: and Loan Association is a
$20,000,000.°° institution, incorporated un-
der the laws of the state of Kansas.
It has over five million dollars loaned on
real estate first mortgages only.
It has over two million loaned on real
estate m the State of Oklahoma.
Better I han a Life Insurance Policy
Ik'cause you doti't have to die to win'
Because you protect yourself well as your family
sibh-ToT•?Onii haref 1,1 tlle |,rofits and cannot pos-
AETNA d °fy°Ur !110"ey 'f illvested ‘ii THE.
Why Invest?
Savin^s R mi'S ASi0Cj;lt'"" is siraP1V -a Co-operative
Bankers k’ ^ eyery shareholder is one of the
Bfg Farmers’ Meeting
i here will be a big farmers
meeting at the Coyle, opera
house next Wednesday night
April 19. at tit)'.clock.
A. C. McNabb, state agricul-
tural agent of Oklahoma City,
will talk to our people on sub- 1
jects of special interest to the
W farmers and business men of
O | Hi is locality, as will also £ A
“ McPheeters, our county 'agent
| These gentlemen are experts m
the agricultural line and have
| spent years in the study of mat I a huijiic
ters concerning the agricultural, tdle doe Beasley
industry. * Langston ttnni
Every farmer and
season, instead of every two
weeks, and will change the-time I
ot meeting from Saturday to
Thursday.' '
The next meeting will be held I
at the home ol Mrs. Thomas I
Disney Thursday afternoon. I
April 27, 191(3.
Press Reporter.
Association” * yearS °W“ y°Ur home throug*>
Small amounts produce large results when deposit
•4 regulary with THE AETNA '
get nrh^sunjyt0 BaVe’ 1 t0 sve regularly is to
Beca use
To save is Tariff, and Thrift is Independence.
wealth.What ,J“" ■ "0t wlul he earDS that makes
Don't Delay-“Begin Now.
\Ve hav ■ a lady stockholder near Coyle who started
u years ago by paying in to the Aetna- Building and
Loan As-", iatv* p. WU|
matuic in afew months and tin- party will have coming
i ou can do the same.
-ii a tew months and the p-'-i.
$I5D0 00. \ ou can do the same.
M’.aO per mouth in 10 years pays back
adH) per month in 10 years pays back
7 per month in 10 years pays back
Come in and let me explain the
tion to you.
1,50o.oi i
^^ARIHUR RrfOADS, Agenl for Coyle.
family in
Jthis section should make it a
I point to be here—it is taken tor
j granted that every business man
in Coyle will come out. While
jthis meetftig will be tor the di
jiect benefit of the farmers, it
j will be of corresponding interest
to the business men as it takes
both to make a community and
the interest of both are one and
the same Many things will be
discussed that will be of benelit
to our people aud for a larger
and more prosperous commun
ity. EaVmerg will have plenty
of time to drive in after supper
as the meeting does not cdm.
| meace until 8 o'clock, and if if
is necessary to quit work an
hour early, they will certaiply
be.well paid for the trouble
Let s all boost for something
better, for no enterprising com
munity knows that there are
such words as “good enough,
besides it is such fellows that
are left by the wayside in the
steady march of progress. You
are expected—come out.
at Mr.
Pie Supper. District i7
•Hie Boy Scouts will give tln-ir j Nig Bentley visited
pie supper at the opera bouse , (Join tnuy s Sunday
Saturday night, rain or shine.
A cordial invitation is extend- ,' , a" ,usy planting
ed all to come out and enjoy 0ln' a>e replanting.
Mi' and Mrs, Cook and family
visited- at Joe Barnett’s Sunday.
the evening. .Music will be
furnished by the Coyle hand
and prizes awarded to the nunst
popolar young lady, and also to
the one that comes the fartherst
distance ty attend. Proceeds
to go to build a permanent camp
and club house oil the Goebel
farm north of the river. Every-
body and their relatives yome.
Any boys from 1_’ to 18 years
old wishing to join this organi-
zation can place membership
here before May 1st
A prize o f fll.Otf will b e
awarded to anyone sending in
the best name for the new camp
nefore May 1st. It is the wish
of the Scouts to give .the new
camp an Indian name in honor
of the noble red man who form-
erly occupied the site Names
submitted can be sent to the
l flipper Office.
Catarrh Cannot lie Cured
with LOCMT Al’l’l.D \TDT\ ua n„ y
cunnot reach the sent of tin* (Ure ase. <’i
tarrh Is a hlooit or constitutional ilc-* ase
i iui in order to cun It you must take in
t'-rnal rein edits . Hall's Catarrh Cun i.-
tuken Internally, and aetN direetly upon
the blood * a tul j-urfac- Hill'
' itarrh < urt It not a quad mediotm 11
"•'» prescribed by one of the Inst phy
sicians in this .v-,,nn. for years amt i-
a xefulat prei riptio it mi d o
the best tonlis known, eombined with tin-
bt at blood iurlflon acting direotl) on 11 -
mucous surfaei s I'li. p. rf« ■ i . ujnbl
tloti of the two Ihtriedlents Is what j .
duees siU'h wniu|e>ful f suits in < uriny
Send ! • v testluioninls. free
-----iNEY & CO , Props., Toledo, O.
held by UruRKlatB tain 7Re.
■ *Utt Hall a Kumlly 1 ’ll la f..r conatlphtluft
tlCollS surfaees The pel feet ' OJlilllroi
■I'edlellts Is Wli*t pi)
I or Job
PrIn 11n g
of ull kind*
Mrs. Clark Graham and Mrs.
Harris were at Still water Tues-
Edyth Longan and Arch Alii
son attended the show at Coyle
Monday night.
Plenty of smallpox in the
neighborhood yet. Mr. Weber's
and Floy Listerman are getting
along nicely.’
Mr. M
neighborhood from Friday till
Monday when Sol Eisterman
took him back to Perkins.
Quite a large crowd attended
Sunday School at Pleasant"Val-
ley Sunday. There is talk of
of changing it to afternoon.
•Mi. and Mrs. Todd aid Mrs. |Thornley
Mother s and Daughter’s
April 1st, 1910 the Mother s
and Daughter s Club met iu reg-
ular afternoon session at the
pleasant home of Mrs. Lewis
The house was beautifully
decorated with earlv spring
blossoms and although t h e
gloom was thick without, there
was plenty of good cheer with
The club was called to order
by the president and Miss Mable
Roark acted as secretary pro-
Roll call was * followed by a
lively and instructive .course in
The time was then given to
the tegular business work ot
the club, after which the fol-
lowing interesting program was
well rendered:
Piano Solo—Miss *E t 1) e 1
Declamation Master Eysle
Reading—Miss Louise Thorn-'
Recitation—Miss Pearl? Phil
Master Lysle Carr aud
Notice is hereby giyen that
on flit- (it 11 ol May, between the
hours of 1 and 2 p. .m.. there
will be a public auction sale of
the Joe Beasley stock in the
Langston Rural Telephone Co.
for the amount of assessments
against it
1st, February 2, 1915, $23(1.001
2nd, February 3; 1910, $112.00 j
. • Total -$:M'.oo
Sale to be at Central office.
Jas. Madden. Pres.
11. W. Gains, Sec.
From An “Old Timer”
Lanark, 111,, April 8, 1916
The Editor*
Dear Sir:—
1 am enclosing a
quarter tor the Clipper for three
months. 1 have been gone trom
there for almost eleven years
and I want to see if there is
anyone still living there that 1
•know. I am going to take the
paper steady if there is.
1 a in farming 440' acres and
we We just commencing to plow
sod. The ground freezes nights
so don’t get a very early start
in the morning. Will close
wishing everyone at Coyle much
prosperity this year, 1 am
Your friend,
W. E, Dorty,
I he M. E. Aid Society
Has accepted the agency for
Todays Magazine, Edited by
Sarah Field Splint—best woman
editor in America.
it is recognized headquarters
for latest styles, delightful sto-
Suhscripticn$t oo
f «#»« $*##-$#&!
Everything climbing
high and produce is grasp-
ing for the top branch.
Friday and Saturday
April 14th and 15th
we will pay not less, arid
probably more, as follows:
ulns 13 i-2c
EGGS ijc
butter 27c
Blitter can be in i lb. prints or in bulk,
but must be well worked and sweet. Milky
and strong butter we will pay what it is
Houghton s Dept. Store
w Coyle, Ok la.
friend who radiates good cheer
and drives avttty the blues.
Think of it! Only 50 cents
brings tliis magazine .for the
next 12 months, including your
choice'o! any May Manton pat
neru free.
Now when do you want yours
sent? Your reply will be ac-
cepted by any member of the M.
E. Aid Society.
A. 11 ^ inteiested in observing
Decoration Day will meet at the
Coyle opera house Tuesday,
April 1-v to appoint Committees
and to transact other business
Also matters pertaining to tin
cemetery will be taken up. Ev-
erybody i-> iuvitc-d to come out
and lend their assistance to this
I Worthy public cause.
We nnw carry the old reliable Dia-
nes. fancy work, money sa vin^ monJl K,!lo',r’ non: ,,e“"r ‘"l| f"'v “
anrialak , • i • * * IK00® lf you want, a Hour that is alwaya
and laboi saving ideas, m fact'rood, buy Diamond K.
no home can afford to be with ' Btoekton Ciroeery.
out it as it has a peculiar charm * . .
wiii.-ii m i - . i PH LV lnime(,late relief nroii
K 1 rnjkes lhas welcome as a * ILLj Dr.Shore's MujJic Ointmeat
|q-BMCOj Your pies may look
^ ^ tempting, the crust may he crisp
i Acnt an(, tender but Ulc fjna| out_
come depends on the quality of
filler you use.
All the goodness and natural
flavor of the fresh fruits and1
berries are sealed right into
every R. B. M. can ready to be
released in your pies.
For Apetlzing Pies
E R, B. M, “""s
Cottriil visited iu this1. J?ODg„
- Eoren Kerns
Reading—Mis .Leona Mont-
frano Solo- Mi^s Hazel Dis-
Declamation—Master Loren
Recitation—M i s s Louise
('has. Listerinan were al Still
'■vuler Tuesday having the rest
■' Mi s. Listei man's teeth pulled.
Christian Church
Sunday School 10 a. m.
Lord’s Supper 11a.m.
Christian Endeavor 6.30 p. m.
Mid week prayer meeting
Thursday evening 8.00
Preaching every two weeks
billowing the Lord's Supper in
the morning, and at 7:30 p. m.
Everyone is cordially invited
.11 I r ml ml tul/.. l — ..11 .e
Reading—Miss Hazel Disney*
Song—Loren Kerns, Lysle
Carr, Leona and Leota Mont-
This being “All Fools Day
many a “fools joke loitered
around in the corners of this
house, and when the substantial
and delicious refreshments were
served Mis's Mabel Roark was
given the loaded sandwitch
which the hostess intended for
Mis E. M. Barnes—thus-
!fun multiplied and
to attend and take part in all of 'U“ "‘^PHed aud the
these servicss. laugh is still going fhe rounds.
1 n _____ I rni. '
J. C. Nininuek,
The Club
three weeks
wjll uieet
during the
Why not order a dozen cans of R.
B. M. Canned Foods and have them
ready for any emergency that may
Exclusive Agents for Coyle.
Where Quality Comes First
—- _ ••
Special for Saturday
We will place ou sale Satur-
day 4 dozeu large No. 24 cans
broken slice llawiian pineapple,
ft is packed in 15 per cent syruy
and needs no further sweeten-
ing before serving. You will
be surprised at the splendid
quality at so low a price. The
j price will be 15c per can.
Arthur Rhoads & Co.
I • _ The Quality Store.
ll you want wood or fugice / oats see
I Malt (laasdi at Coyle. OJila Also wood
I choppers wauled. Phone No. ‘ZD.
Clarkson Items
•i'l.tiik Gaskin was on the sick
1 ist Sunday.
j Lenora Keefe has ret urued
Carl Stanley called at M.
Drum’s Sunday evening.
J. H. Knight Veterinarian, of
Coyle, was in this vicinity
Tuesday.; •
* *
Mr. Ralston, of OrlautYo, and
Mr. Elliot, of Perry were in this
vicinity Wednesday of last
week. They thought perhaps
the farmers had some mules
they might give away, but.
kmnd out different when they
got here.
Fred Beck and Horace Keefe
spent Sunday with Cap Wilker.
Mrs. Everitt McAnally and
Mildred spent Sunday with her
mother, Mrs. G N. Clark, west
of Vassal-.* .
Mrs Bonnie Spaulding re-
turned heme Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Askin and child-
ren, Ivan Shoemaker, ’Ray
Smith, Esther Westfall, Mary,
Essie. Lizzie and Funsie Frasier
spent Sunday at W H. Cariiers*
(Please get nl a da) earlic.
—FAditor) * •
Jtne tccp'.nl mil,, r
j celebrated Diamond K flour,
I Stockton Grocery

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