The Orlando Clipper (Orlando, Okla.), Vol. 10, No. 39, Ed. 1 Friday, September 1, 1916 Page: 2 of 8

8he Refused to See the Opportunity*
Near Home and Created a Spirit
of Unrest and Discontent
Among Pupils.
The "best” teacher we ever had lu j
our old district school lmd u distinct- I
ly bod influence in the community,
says u writer in Farm Life.
Boru und raised in the country, site j
longed for the town with iter whole
She despised the rural life.
She thought all the wisdom of the
world was printed lu books, and that
all the worthwhile opportunities of
life were to he found in distant cities.
She did uot openly deride and mock
our parents, of course, but we knew
without being told what iter feeling
Site was full of enthusiasm, and she \
found it easy to inspire us with her
own top-lofty ambitions.
Most of the girls In the neighbor- |
hood wanted to be Jenny Linds and
Florence Nightingales. All the boys j
wanted to be heroes—great soldiers, ,
poets, judges, statesmen.
N'oue of us, of course, wanted to be
great in his own neighborhood. Each
thought he had to get away from home '
in order to have a chance in life.
Teacher could uot, in fuct, see the
The eyes of her soul were afHicted
with that disease which the oculists
call hypermetropiu. She could only see
distant objects.
The girls in the neighborhood, feel-
ing the Impulse towurd ‘‘wider hori-
eon,” drifted away to the towns and
They escaped the “deadening monot-
ony” of rural life by becoming wait-
resses lu hotels and workers in fac-
Some fared a little better and some
s great deal worse—but none of them
became a Jenny Lind or a Florence
The boys, too, were full of the grand
unrest. They turned their backs scorn-
fully on the old homesteads.
Each was “the architect of his own
fortune," and teacher hud taught him
to believe that ail the building mate-
rials were to be found in distunt
After they had failed as architects,
many of them came humbly but gladly
back to the old district and succeeded
as farmers.
Now as never before in the world
opportunity is found on the farm, und
every school teacher should know that,
There are more statesmen of real
worth and more genuine poets coming
from the tall gruss than from the tall
The wider horizon Is the privilege of
youth, but it is visible to everyone who
lifts his head at home, while it is too
often obscured by clouds of smoke to
the sojourner in the cities.
Do not let teacher till the minds of
your children full of cheap romance
while site ignores all the beauty and
dignity that should make rurul life so
It is often said that love Is blind,
and, judging by the experience of a
newly married couple, it husu’t much
sense of taste, either.
A few weeks ufter the wedding a
friend dropped into the bridegroom’s
studio and found the artist and his
bride laughing heurtily at some Joke.
“What ever is amusing you so
much?” he asked in amazement.
“Oh. it’s been so funny," gurgled
the young wife, as she wiped the
tears of Joy from her eyes. “My hus-
band painted and I cooked this morn-
ing, and now we are both trying to
guess what the tilings were meant
Aug. 28-31—Jefferson county fair. Ryan
Kept. j-s—Kingfisher county fair. King
Sept, 6-9—JlcCurtain county fair, Idabej
*uyl. 7—Football, Northwestern Norma
at Norman.
Sept. 7-8 — Woodward county fair
Kept. 7-8—Marshall county fair. Madlll
Sept. 8-9—tiarnion county fair, Hollis
Kept. 8-9—Tillman county fair,
b«pt. 11-13—nove county fair. Marietta
Kept. 11-18—Kiowa oounty fair. Hobart
Sept. 11-12—Choctaw county fair, Hugo
Sept. 12-14—iromotoc county latr.
Sept, 12-11—Custer oounty fair, Thom a*
Sopt. 12-11—Canudlau county fair, Ei
Sep. 12-11.—OkfuBHee county fair. Ok»-
Sep. 12-11.—Jonnston county fair, Ttsh-
hep. 12 -16.—Pittsburg county fair, Uo-
AJ eater.
Sep. 12-18.—Tulsa county fair, Tulsa,
nan. 18-15.—iaryuu count.v fair. Durant
Sep, 13-18.—Oamuigee county fair, Ok-
K«p. 18-16 — Aiayes county ralr, Pryor.
Sep. Ij-16.—Jackson oounty fair, Alt 's.
Kep. 13-18,—-Drear county fair, Mangum
S(r>-,—McClain county fair.
Kep. H-16.—Washita oounty fair,
ho,), ll-lf,—Lu timer county fRtr.
Kon. 14-16,—Carter oounty fair, Ard-
Sep. 14-16.—Garvin county fair, PauU
V ailey.
Kep. 14-16.—S8quoyan county 7alr, Sal-
hop. 14-18 —.UclntoBh county fair, Che-
hep H-16 —Haskell countv fair. Stlgler
hop. 11-18.—Grady county fair, Focas-
hep. 15-16.
hep. 15-16
Coai county fair, Coalgate.
- - Cleveland county fair,
hep 15-J6.—Noble county fair, Perry,
hep 16-16. —Lincoln oounty lair. Prague.
Sep. 16-19,—Creek county fair, Sapulpa.
. °ep- 18-20.—Comanche county fair. Law-
Sept. 18-20.—Atoka County Fair, Atoka.
Sop. 18-20.—Wagoner county fair. Wag-
Sep. 18-20.—Hughes county fair, Hol-
Sen. 18-21—Ottawa county fair, Miami,
hep. 18-21—Pottawatomie county fair,
Sep 18-23.—Grant county fair, Jeffer-
Kept. 19-20—Oklahoma Branch, . Na-
tional League of Third and Fourth Clam
Postmasters, convention, Oklahoma City
hep 19-21.—Oklahoma county fair, Ed-
Sept 20—21—Oklahoma County Fair,
Oklahoma City.
Sep. 20-22 —Logan county fair, Guthrta
Sep. 20-23, Craig county fair, Vlnlta.
h«p. 20-23 Beckham county fair. Elk
Sep. 20-23
. hep. 21-23-North Lincoln County Fair,
hep. 22-30—state Ffelr. Oklahoma City.
Oct. 3-7.—Caddo county fair, Anadarko.
Oct 3-7.—Washington county fair, Dew-
-Kogers county fair, Ciare-
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“I’m in tough luck. George. Old
doughbags refused to iet me marry his
daughter until 1 could show him fifty
thousand dollars that i had earned
I by my own efforts.”
"Too had, old clutp.”
“But that isn’t the worst of it. He
wouldn’t even give me a tip on the
; market so I could earn tlte money. A
poor man lias 110 chance at all these
Aids to Cupid.
“The telephone is a wonderful
thing,” remarked the man who poses
as a student of science.
“Sure,” replied his friend with a
sloping brow. “Next to tlie stage, more
girls have quit the switchboard to
marry millionaires than any oilier kind
of employment ever undertaken by the
fair sex."
4-7—Nowata county fair. Nowata.
4-7.—Pawnee county fair, Hallett.
Oct. 10-12.—Stephens county fair, Dun-
Oct. 14—Football, Kendall College at
Oct. 21—Football, University of Texas,
Dallas State Fair, Dallas.
Oct. 28—Football, University of Missouri
at Norman.
Nov. 1-3—Garfield county fair, Wau-
N'ov. 4—Football, University of Kansas
at Lawrence.
Nov. 11—Football, Kingfisher College at
Nov. 18—, Kansas Aggies at
Nov. 2.7—Football, University of Arkan-
sas at Fort Smith.
Nov. 30—Football, Oklahoma Aggies at
Oklahoma City.
March, 1917.— Southwest Live Stock
Show, Oklahoma City.
W. B. Carter, a farmer living two
miles north of McLoud, has harvested
from a four-acre tract 465 bales of
prairie hay, each weighing 81 pounds.
Governor Williams issued a procla-
mation ordering the socialist “fair
election Law” submitted to popular
vote at the regular November election.
A load of corn, the first of I he 1916
crop was marketed at Chickasha last
week. The dry deather has put the
corn in condition to be husked. Thu
yield was good, but (tie quality wr.a
not the best.
Announcement lias been made of
the appointment of four Oklahoma
postmasters. They were: Presidential
appointment, Roy Tennison, Com-
merce, Okla.; fourth class, John K.
Carr, Boyd; Davy R. Reeder, Vrona;
Cora L. Shoals, Ross.
Practically all state schools will be
represented with creditable exhibits
at the forthcoming state fair, it was
anno ".need by S'n'e Superintendent
Wilson. All of the normal schools,
he said, will ho represented < veept the
one ai Durant.
Mr. Leo D. Wege. manager of the Ideal
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thirty-day treatment today. Nashville Med-
icine Co., Dept. R. Nashville, Tenn. Adv.
A woman lms no right to grow old
until she has been married at least
need a tonic to tone up the system and
regulate the liver. Mothers are con-
stantly using with wonderful success,
our “Plantation” Chill and Fever Ton-
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New Accessory.
Chauffeur—Mrs. Non Spcederly, tin
car won’t run. It must have a hoodot
on It!
Mrs. Non Speederly—Dear me! »
thought I had every possible attach-
ment. But I’ll get one !—Judge.
Correct Answer.
“Why isn’t a nautical mile tlie saint
as an ordinary mile?”
“Because it is knot.”
It isn't the stage that needs elevat-
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“RAtlOU nnRATQ””"'11 **»«", Mice, link'
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W. N. U., Oklahoma City, No. 36--1916
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