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CARTER. U«d*rst rlff
Ctars. Atsr for PlalsUff
Certain-! ted
it. A L.)
7"Aw G
In our big mills we have
worked out the most scien-
tific method of producing
the longest-lived roofing
possible to make. The next
time you buy roofing, in-
vestigate the merits of
Qoabty C«r*-tf ed DuraWuty
—guaranteed to last S years for
l-pty, 10 years for 2-ply and 15
yrars for 3-p y. I hi* 's nof 3
(fuaranti e, hut rial one hackcd
up by the bi(|Ot roofing nulls in
the world
F:r t Pub. Se?C 9
.v* is h«r Sy gi'ea
lLa: in
of u jSii: o!
ike Countf
of Okl Co<
.: Qkhto-.1
m BM . ■
' -• - «f.t
^ «*•-
ksr.i* ~ 1
X>mi it. im.%
c m t>'
UJC .. I >f -
.* • .i* • =t.~->■ .
■ .. t ■ftMM
prescribed by Section 1, Chapter 6'^. ^ *>th
Seanion of 1910 by 7 2 Mills
AND WHEREAS sai-l Excise
Board Is of the opinion that such ex.
c<«ti> is r«k.vonably necessary for the
current expanses of said School Dis.
tric No 10 ' f<«" which the same if
prej ared.
THEREFORE, public notice is
' erebv givnn that a special election
will be held in said School District
No li>3. Canadian County Gkla
or. Friday the ,18th dav of Septein.
I 1 U. lor the purpose of sub-
1. 4 ■: •• qualified electors of slid
■ l-.'VjbI District >'o >02 the question
ins sucU increased levy
i -lection wilf be held at ' •
j- x> >t house -in apid District No 10.'
I .- tfi op^n at 2 p. in. and
<o«*M at 6 p iu.
F rm of the '.allot will b
day of September 1914.
Excise Board of Canadian Co
Hv W A MAI'ItER, Char;nan I
Attest . . I
"Ml N A JACKSON Pro ten) Sec
County h>\. i.-e p,«ard.
Hri t t r
of the
Is unit
«• way
# make
o( hin
.. jilclvB out tan real
. istoinei n and leav -m
who are not inter-
Eoneit Policy the Only Success-
ful Flau.
Business that tvotil'1
l<*afi <i ship in a competitive ii in
must a«lvertiM .v bin' nianu-
fact tiring concern doin* bujrt
nem cv- rywhtie and eapeciaiij
one whose aood* last j*o loin;
that tiny seil «■.•<•! consumer 1,1"
frequently, cannot ufionl tin- «•*-
pense of having men ev i :• \\Ii«im
on the kround to nolielt ord'-ih
t Mint t h" i i . ht nionient 1 hIH
tau H a <l« •''! 1 "I' n '
and bU' nellintf or Jobbing
terns Kindly do tin rest
wot k et dehvei - k the r
collecting f<> th-ni I '
the bent and moat "
way to do business
Advertising effeits a
by eronomb ally pa\m 4 I
for the nah-H inaiiaK* i t
sales quicklj ami easily
respondem * cm tlie call
prospe< t
out tho •
Th'-ro are nonent and dlnhon-
eut 1 II 'iH "T s.dvertlsiiiK. Facts
cleaiiy and honeHtly staten aie
the best sellin; ; «unn rits m
the WOIM 0id " ' ■ ' ' '
growth in buslne once a cer-
tain rate <>f pio^-re i«• i t- ^ 1 «;en
attained on an ln i • -t basia. trn-
business win Kenerat« its own
power and ascend the lull ol au«
' "if on tne otln r hand. th<*
Koods arc m 1 s r • p i • * «• " ' ' d
through dishonest advertising,
the confidence of the people in
that house will be shaken and
ruin will soon come from the
expense of the advertising with-
out the nc .".-sary volume ot
business from happy customers
lo pay for it. Such exp« "
affect the conflden« « ot
one in advertising In
and Injure, to n « • «tain
the honest advertis«-r
Advertising, to b« a succpsh
must be honest, not only in big
things, but in little things as
well TI •• people I . be fooled
part of the time, but the time
aoon comes when a dishonest ad-
vertiser finds out In < :•!, t fool
the DMfll rsry long, This ac-
counts for most failures in ad-
i xtent,
There's a Cerlain-teed .Iciler in your
locality. H • will It i^ i i-.I to give yeu
further information ainmt * ur extensive
line of eiiod) aiwl will quote you reason-
able prices *>n all of them. He sure tl.e
goeils are maJe ami yiiaranteed by u^.
General Roofing Mfg. Company
World' lanimt wmufhefurtrt of lUx.Jlng
„„ti .ig Pnprra
R. A. Long Building, Kan.a. City Mo.
Telephone Mem 3700 -Both Phone.
New Yerk City B0.I00 Ckic«« Pill.kerik
PMrMpki. Atl.ete CU.el.oJ J1'"*"
V. Levi, K.we, City
See Knociace Seellle twidon H.mkon Sydeej
it ien
4. £Ui-
So^xZt'j **. 'he r.t-: litle. in-
- «nd --s'.a.e tie said minors
i<! 1'! rt^lu ti'le and interest*
n d ewtatr ti«a .^eratjon j:
•herwi«- ac^iuif-d :n and 10
!. • • * lertain lots, pieces or p*r-
,.f land si'uated. lying and MttC
ounty o€ Canadian. State of
:,a. described follows -O.
,Th undivided twe third* Of
•wo three, f>*ir and fi e
1 I lo< k numbered seTenteen in
lark's Addition to the City of HI
Alahoina. as shown by the
re< rd d plat thereof
I 11I- fur t,he purchase there'),',
in 1 oe in writing and may be filed
in the County Court of Oklahoma
Comity, or delivered to the under.
,i| at his office. Rooms 302-304
Kmpin Iluilding. in Oklahoma City,
Ilaied this .",th day of September,
J. W MANEY, Guardian
Aniount of prorxisert lerv 12 2 mills
"Tor l.evy
Against i^vy."
Hated at El IJeno, Oklahoma this
-nd day of September, 1914
Bxcise Board of Canadian Co.
By W A MAI'RBK. Charman
M1NA JACKSON. Pro teiu Sec.
Countv l<isc«se Board
By H
Notice is hereby fiven that Roy
Puulk will [resent to the Board of
, ... .Pardons an ipplicatlon for a parols
■ Ku h Crlmsbj' exclaimed Mad- <jq (he -th uuy of October 1914 or
an- V( -in- the trav-ling medium. ag gj<>n lheerfttter as can bo heard
1. . s in this town'.' 'from a judyuieU and sentence frotn
"La >-
liUiinoiis. the little spy whose duty
It was to scrape acquaintances and
Bath r news in each town that they
vl. j, nodded. Know him?" he
u.-U-d "Oldish man—about seve.ity.
UI.U Metting a little credulous
"I've I'vo heard.of hlui." whlapered
the middle aged woman, sinking down |
into her chair. "What did you learn f
Why, he's gone crazy on spiritual- j LOS 1
keys and
the District Court In Canadian Coun-
ty on a charse i t grand larceny.
I.OS'1 -4-iolil chain aud locket. Re-
turn to Democrat office. 19 3tc
BAO— Containing
articles. Return to
19 StC
First Pub. 8ept- 15—iw.
State • <4 Okl*h oia, Canadian Coun-
Maud B Mui.hexd. Plaintiff
V8 No iyo'1.
Francis Muir'ioad, Derendant.
Tlie State of 'iklahoma to Francis
M uirhead.
You art hereby notified that jo'l
have bsen sued In the District court
within and for the cuunty of Csca
|<J.un, in 'ke d'ats of Oklab.inx and
must answer the petition filed there-
in by plaintiff, piay1n« tor a decree
of divorcement from you on tie
grounds of non .support and extreme
cruelty on or before the 30th day ol
October 1914, or the sail petition
will be taken as true, ajl judg-
ment for divorT to he-wine i.lic
lute from and after the expiraU>i of
six months fro-n its rer.-ditlou r.d
restoration of miiiln Mime
plaintiff, Maud D. Dale, will be i«n.
dered accordln{T.
Attornoy for Plaintiff
SEAL Clerk District Court
(First Pub. Sept. 12 lOd)
WH10RMAS, it being made to ap.
pfsr to the Excise Hoard of Cana-
dian County. Oklahoma, that the es-
timate certified to said Excise Tioard
fcr the current expenses of Frisco
Township exceeds the limit
prescribed by Section 1, Chapter 69.
Session Laws of 1910, by 1} Mills
AND WHEREAS, said Excise
Board is of the opinion that such ex_
ss is reasonably necessary for the
current expenses of said Township
for which the same is prepared.
THEREFORE, public notice is j
reby given that a special election ;
will be held in said Township
Canadian County Oklahoma, on Sat_ j
urday the 19th day or September, j
1914, for the purpose of submitting |
the qualified electors of said Town
ship the question of making such in-
creased levy.
Said election will be held at
Spring Creek School House in said
2 P- in. and
township Polls will be open at. 2
p m. and closed at 6 P- m.
Form of the ballot will be as fol-
"Amount of proposed levy 'i mills
"For Levy
"Against Levy."
First PuolUlifld Auk. it 30t
Notice of Sheriff's Sal4 ot Land
Notice s lore! given, lb it ii,
pureuain * of an rdei of sale issued
action where n tin Standard (Savln ,
and Ia>an Association was plaintiff
oui ot the Dint , i i ou-rt of Cana-
dian ill). Ma * .<■! Oklahoma on
the 26th day 'f August, 1914, in an
■-and Ft'-d i« . .'Edith Halne,
Thomas Thies-m, Charles 11 I rloe
and l>ong Bnnters Grocery Oxmpany
deftlirian's .directed to me, the tin
dersigned eli: ff ci Canadian Coun
ty, coininanuini, me to levy upon and
sell without a. AiHcmeut the ■ fol-
lowing' ilese i1 bed property Rtuated
in Can. Co., sta e of Okla.'towit. Lot
numbered ten CiO) in Slock ninety
sever (97j, In the city of El Ren >,
to sat sfy a Jud^.'ient and degree of
foreel sure in lavor or said platn.
tif. a d against the said defi-ndapts
obtained and made in said court m
the 2.'.th dsv of February, 1914, fo;
the m of t'M'J* 16 with Interest
there< n at ten ye<- cent from the Mt"
ilty of October, 1913
. |: " t;i, Incliid .-ii'. aji
First Published Sept. 9—30t
I u partjnent of the Intorlor, U. 3.
I .and Office at Guthrie, Oklahoma.
Sept. 8th, 1814.
Notice is hereby given that Harry
j Marsh, of Darlin*to«, Oklahoma
who, on November 16th, 1910, made
Homestead Entry Serial No. 04631
| for i/ot 2, -Sec. 14; Lot 10, Sec. 15
Lots 3 and 4, -'ec. 22; Lot 1 and NW
| L4 NW 1-4 Section 23, Township 13
North, Range 8 West, Indian Mer.
idian, has filed notice of intention to
make Final Three Tear Proof, to
establish claim to the land abovs
[described, before the County Judge
of Canadian Coanty, Oklahoma, at
• his office in El Reno, Oklahoma on
I he 14 th day of October 1914. Claim.
jant nhmes as witnesses:
j James B. Kell, Leonard R. Dull,
! I'annie Rutbinoon, V'illlam R. Foster,
| all of Darlington, Oklahoma.
I L. CALVERT, Itegistor
First Pub. Sept 14—2w.
In the matter ef the Estate
! Jtbn C. Oirnun, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given in pursu.
I of an order of the County
| i jrt of Canadian County, State of
< ; homa made on tba 22nd ('ay of
August, 1914, the undersigned Ex-
ecutrix of the Estate of John C. Oz-
Hiun, deceased, will sell at private> to the highest bidder-subject to
the e,.nfirmation by the said court,
on Thursday, the first day of October ^ ^ ^ ^ coiu(j hMe fo, lhe
1914'. at ten o'clock, a. m. at the law seance Marrk.d 30 years ago in Hat-
ofl -• - of Babtock anil Trevathan, at l[p (-r(H.k wife turned out bad She
Li Reno, Oklahoma, all the right, ran away with some cheap jack the-
t;tle and interest of raid John C. a iical c ompany, and he paid her five
Otmun and f his estate In and to hundred never to see the child a girl
the following described real estate again, Ten years ago Grimsby set-
c* , tlfd here Got hit bv spiritualism, and
situated in canadian County, sute ^,7* w.„r™med Lewi, trying
o. Oklahoma, town I he nortnwst ^ ^ ^ ^ nioney by holding private
one quarter of Section twenty two, sluings with hlm and getting the spir-
I" Township twelve (H) north ,u t0 teH hlm hl wlte' de d, and that i M m (>ow# elltler enauite or
„ range six ,(6) W. 1 M.. and the; v,r. I is to get all the money in h> Ught> st(.am heat> bath>
northw-st one quarter of S-t.on 22,1 st.-ad _ of Ada. Adas a nice hid. ^ of Uvlng roomB
I i>v, nship 1- N., K. 6 ^ • 1 - Never mind," Interrupted th6 ine Iu^uire of Qeorge bam be. lltfc
Said real estate will be sold upon N« ^ ^
the following terms and conditions „ rou UKNT_ Two furnished rooms
to wit for . ash subject Ko tnort- Yogara" intended to spend lor ]lsht housokeeiping. iB.OO per
gage for $9000.00 held by the estate thl.„„ (lay . and nlght8 ln Norlh Lynn m(mth inquire 311 S Bickford.
of I E Sheik, deceased. I -j |,a, js about long enough to reap the j 2tc
Hids lor the purchase thereof sUekHn of the credulous and to avoid
n:ust be in writing and must be 1 the attentions of the policfl. Of course 1
tiled in the county court or deliver, j mere ni
ed to the undersigned at the offices
oi Bibcock and Trtevathan, Attor.
LOST—Stick pin—A genuine Ameo.
ys stick pin Leave at the Aineri-
c n Printing office and got reward.
OR RENT I urnisht'd roc-m with
board, inquire 'SOI s. uaraer. aotp
Modern Rooms, either
neys. in El Reno, Oklahoma.
Dated the 12tU day or September
iney could be made by remain-
ing longer-in fact. U is the perma-
nent clientele that pays but then
Madame Yogara could not afford an-
other police court case. The last one
bad given quite a knock to the busi-
FOR RENT—Suite of modern house
keeping rooms. Modern a room cot-
tage 420 So. Choctaw. 14 6tp
She had advertised rather discreetly, '
by means of handbills, and that same j WANTED Fiv
ished house by
FOR RUNT Six rtioiu house, 1200
S Rock Island. inquire Canadian
Mill. Phone 8. 16 6tc
afternoon, as she was preparing for
j the seance, a young, smartly gowned,
' rather common-looking woman calle 1
"Madame Yogara?" she inquired.
"Let ine Introduce myself. I am Mrs.
John Lewis, and something of a me-
i dium myself." Here she winked bra-
First Pub. Sept. 9-sw
Notice is hereby given that the
Commissioners of the l.and Office at J
their office in Oklahoma City, Oltla. !
homa, will receive sealed bids until
neon, Saturday, September 2Gth, 1914
for a non-preference right lease for I zenly.
the year 191J on the f allowing "Yes?" queried Madame Yogara, on
S\V 1-4 36-11N-5W guard.
| SE 1-4 36 13N.7W. "Now, I'll come straight to the point,
| All bids must be accompanied by I because there's no use beating about
11 ash, bank draft or post office |
! money order and lease will be aw. !
i at ded to the best bidder. The right
Jin reject any and all bids is hereby (
I For further infonmatioin address, I
i JOHN R. WILLIAMS, Secretary
j To the Commissioner of the Land
Tlie date of the convention which
was to have been held at Okarche
Sept. 24 has been changed to Sept
six room furn.
1. Address "K"
16 6t
FOR SALE—Furniture, almost new,
complete for 5 room house. Must
sill at once. 512 W. Oak.
and about El Reno.
Phone 752 J.
18 6tp.
Dated at El Reno, Oklahoma tiusUn
First Pub. Sept —6w.
State of Oktataxma, Oounty o* Can-
adian ss.
Marks Higgins Co., Plaintiff
Hugb O'Connor, Defendant
Before C. A Bannister, Justice at
the Peace of ■! iteit" City Dlltrlct,
•aid county.
Said defendant, Hugh O'Connor
will take notice that he has been
sued in the above named court, by
the above plaintiffn to recover the
sum of $60.90 on account of Marks.
Higgins Co.. and that personal prop-
erty of said defendant has bean |
seized in garnishment, and said |
cause set for trial an the 9fh day of '
October 1614 at 10 o'clock a. m., at \
which time if said defendant falls to
appear, the allegations of plUntlffi
hill of particulars will be ,aku?i as
tru<:, and a judgment for said plain,
tiff in said action for said amount
and .costs | claimed and for costs, and ln the at-
attorney's fee | tachinent therein granted will be ren.
of fSlIi 8: w ih. nterest at the rate dereii accordingly
of ten per cent f 10m-the 2f,th day of Mated this 9tb day
February, 1911, and costs accruing j 1914
I will on the 2Hth day of September ' Attekt
0914, at the trour of 10 o'clock a, m
of said day, at the front door f the
"court house in Hie clly of JE1 Reno
In said county and state, offer "for
sale and" sell fo" the highest bidder
for cash, the i.isjperty .above descslb
ed, or so much tfcertof as will sat
lafy said judgment, with Interest an<l
of September
Justice of tho Penes
Fred t)||letle, Attomey for Plulntiff
Ik'lrsl Pull. Sept. J2, llhl)
IN school DISTRICT no. 103
C/.NADtAN county oklahoma
i WHBR0AS, It being made to ap-
Witness my hand this !tGth day of
August, 1914.
Sheriff of Can. Co. OVli.
|ear 1o the Excise Board of Cana-
dian County, Oltl^liorma, that fhe es-
timate certified to said Excise Board
for the Current expenses of School
District No. 1041 efcecdsr (he limit
In selecting your winter's supply of Coal, remember lliere is
no more ECONOMY in buying ft cheap grade of coal than there is
in buying the cheapest grades of clothing or anything t-lse.
The HchI is Always tin*
Cheapest in the End
Again this winter, as in the past, we are going to handle
nothing but the BEST GRADES
Mcalester lump
Mc alester nut
colorado nut
W e a re going to be in position to give our customers the very
best service in every particular, arid every tonof coal that leave
our scales is absolutely guaranteed to weigh liOOO pounds.
In other words, you get what you pay for.
Kor a short titnewe are going to give special rates on stor-
age coal, which will be to your .interest to look into. Call and let
us show you our coal before you buy, or phone No. t and get
our prices.
FOR SALE—Good five passenger
Maxwell car in good condition. Just
overhauled. Inquire 510 So. Roberts
or phone 687. IStfc
WANTED — Good woman
either white or coloired at
Cafe, 211 S. Bickford ave.
19 3tc
with all ice companies we expect to
cut down our delivery sen Ice to
abcut two wagons durir.;' the win-
ter. Believing it to be cheaper to
buy new horses in the spring than to
carry over our ppesont stock, we
have a few good horses for sale at
very reasonable prices. People's Ice
Your Putronage Respectfully
"You'll Do What I Tell You, If I Con-
vince You?"
the bush when two are at the same
game. 1 take It you are out for the
"All I can get," smiled the medium.
"And you wouldn't be averse to a
nice little windfall of a couple of hun-
dred dollars? 1 see you wouldn't. Well,
there's an old fool living here called
Grimsby. Seventy years of age, and
just ripe to swallow anything you tell
him. He want# to marry me, but he
wants to pass on bia coin to a child, a
girl with about as much brains as her
father. Leastways, he doesn't want
to do it, but he has a sort of sense of
duty. Well, he's worth fifty thousand,
and 1 think five Is enough for a fool
kid that wouldn't know how to spend
it: See? So 1 want his deceased wife
to come to him and tell him to hand
over forty-five thousand to me. He's
just on the pyint of doing it anyway.
If the late Minnie Grimsby pipes ln at
your seance that'll convince him."
"She's dead, Is she?" questioned
Madame Yogara.
"Hasn't been heard of for twenty
years. Old Enoch Grimsby divorced
her. Yes, she's dead enough, for our
"Do you think I'm going to do that
for two hundred dollars?" demanded
Madame Yogara with a show of in-
dignation "How do 1 know the spirits
will come nt all?"
"Well, seo here! I'll make It three,
cash, which 1b all I can afford. Three
hundred rash as soon as the late Mrs.
Grimsby has come. And say, put up a
hot argument, will you? Tell him that
Mrs, John Lewis Is his only true friend
on earth, and that It's a sin and a
shame to leave her destitute when she
is a powerful medium and needs the
nioney to devote herBelf to the im-
provement of the race by spiritual
guardianship Catch on?"
"Fifty in advance," said Madame Yo-
The other hesitated.
I have opened up a shoe repair shop
at the corner of Bickforl and Wadr
I respectfully solicit a share of your
patronage All w.;ik promptly and
neatly done.
Respectfully yours.
.1. V Schmelzel
Look Out for Cold Weather
Call the UNIQUE
and. let us get that overcoat or win-
ter suit before the rusli and then you
w ill be ready for cold weather.
Unique Cleaning Co.
I'honr 13?
216 South Rock Island
moderate prices open bveninos
new dentistry
21 2 1 i south ror k island.
The Prescription Druggist
Phone- 849 111 S. Kuck lsU 1
Horse Satisfaction
the spirits will come?" she said, with
a leer.
"My Lord," said Madame Yogara,
"If they won't come for two hundred
and fifty I'll eat my mink neckpiece
That's all."
Continued on Page 4,
When you leave your horse in our
care, it is assured of getti,.^ the
ery best of feed and attention, and
will be well taken care of at all
times. In knowledge of this fact
Ami also in the fact that when you
engage one of our livery rigs you
hrve one of the best that can be
procured ni the livery business. For
'Ydu're sure satisfaction of all kinds see us.
Martin Livery and
Boaruing Stable
Phone G1 El Reno, Okla.

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