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f' '(
Cured by Doan'i Kidney Pill* After
Veere o* Suffering.
P. A. Rippy, Depot Ave.. Gallatin,
Tenn., aaya: "Fifteen years ayo kid-
ney disease attacked
me. The pain In my
bark was so agonlz- I
ing I finally bad to
give up work. Then
came terrible attacks
of gravel with acute
pain and passages of
blood. In all I passed
25 stones, some aa
largo as a bean.
to the Elmore Record
Three tit it to banks, with a capital
stock of 110,000 each were authorised
to begin business last week. They
were the State Bank of Durant, the
Bank of Cyril, and the First State
Bank of Huff.
Editor of New York Papor Accepts
Trrasurership of Committee
NEW YORK: Herman Bidder has
been appointed by Chairman Mack, of
the democratic national committee no
treasurer of the committee to sue*
i reed Charles N. Haskell, governor of
Oklahoma, who resigned early Batur-
day morning.
Matters of Iotcrost Condensed for the Benefit of Busy People.
Mark acted upon express orders from
| William J. Bryan and Mr. Rldd r will \
at once take hold of collecting cam-
paign funds for the democratic na-
_ . __ . . , , . I tlonal treasury.
The Farmers and Merchants bank,of otw,
Nine yeara of this ran roe down to a Bschltl last week Bled amended art> ' p
Validity of Law Hinges on Whether
It is a Revenue Measure
GUTHRIE: The supreme court Fri-
In selecting Mr. Ridder, Chairman morning heard arguments In be*
a< U acted unon nrAoru from I ^ Qf and agaJnBt the ferret"
atate of continual weakness and I
thought I never would bo better until
I began using Doan's Kidney Fills.
The Improvement was rapid, and since
using four boxes I am cured and have
never had any return of the trouble."
Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
boster-MIlburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Reverend Gentleman Very Willing to
Evade Responsibility.
cles of Incorporation, changing the |
name to the Farmers and Merchants j
Bank of Oranfleld, the new town es- |
tablished as a compromise between
the rival towns of Eh- nlti and Kell.
Haunted B. Hill has been appointed
post muster at Choctaw vice* J. I*.
McClutig, deceased.
prletor of the StaatB Zeltung. Prior
to tb< Denver convention he called
upon Mr. Bryan at Lincoln and beg-
| ged him not to for pinnident,
pleading that it mm Impossible for
him to carry Ne* .k s* .te, and if
he lost New York its 0 he could not
bo elected. If Mr. Bryan waB nomln*
ated, Mr. Kidder proclaimed that he
would do the best he could for Mr.
Bryan s election and became associat-
ed with him In the campaign in the
publicity bureau. He has since then
Charles Cheshire and assessed his
punishment at life In the peniten-
tiary. The killing occurred October
28, 1906. Cheshire worked for Mul-
lins; the former had 1200 in cash
The trust and dependence which
characterized Rev. Mr. gown's attl
tude toward his wife’s Judgment In all
practical affairs were sometimes
touching, but occasionally they were
"Tmsbrry you've born troubled wltB I »n(l 8 hor6u when la8t B,'en Bll,,c'
the toothache," aald the family dent
tat. when Mr. Brown appeared In his j
office one day. "I gave you the first j
minute I bad freo after receiving your j
wife's telephone message. Let's aec.
After being out thirty-six hours a
Jury In tho district court at Tisho-
mingo found Dulln Mullins guilty of | ^^Vwork‘for Ihe ciecUon'ot
first degree murder for the killing of
which tooth Is It that's troubling you?"
"M m, It's not aching Just at pres-
ent." said Mr. Brown, after a mo
ment'x hesitation, during which he
made a cautious Investigation with hl»
tongue. "Didn't Mrs. Brown mention
to you which tooth It was? I always
Governor Frank Frants has secur-
ed the colebrated Prince Ranch, near
San Antonio, Texas, which ho Is di-
viding up In small tracts. This is one
of Ihe richest tracts In Texas and his
fnany friends trust ho will be success-
ful in securing purchasers for Ills
amall farms.
Figures from the state treasurer's
office show that the funds of tho
rely on her In such matters."—Youth’i, atate now In national hanks amount
Companion. j to 9495.261.36, and in state hunks to
$425,950.24. I.ast Ejecember the
PRESCRIBED CUTICURA amount of Btate funds carried in na
- | tlonal hanks was 1781,202.09, and in
After Other Treatment Failed—Raw slate hanks 1146,407.07.
Eczema on Baby'a Face Had -
Lasted Three Months—A* Last The Murray County Poultry assocl-
Doctor Found Curo. atlon has fixed the dales for Its third
- | annual show as December 7 to 12 In-
“Our baby boy broke out with ec- I elusive. The show will be held In
lema oa his face when one month old. j Sulphur, and will be participated in
One place on the side of hta face the
size of a nickel was raw like beefsteak
for three months, and he would cry
out when I bathed the parts that were
aore and broken out. I gave him
three months' treatment from a good
doctor, but at the end of that time the
child was no better. Then my doctor
recommended Cuticura. After using ■
a cake of Cuticura Soap, a third of a
box of Cuticura Ointment, and half a
bottle of Cuticura Resolvent he was
well and his face was as smooth as any
baby's. He is now two years and a
half old and no eczema has reappeared.
Mrs. M. L. Harris. Alton, Kan., May
14 and Juno 12, 1907.”
by poultry raisers from all parts of
the country.
Five miles east of Weleetka an oil
company la drilling a well and reports
say that the well is to he n deep one
and a thorough test Is to bo made. It
Is reported that the company haB over
1.600 acres of commercial leases in a
block surrounding (he well.
Mr, Bryan.
Attorney General and Commieeloners
Go to St. Louis
OllTHRIE: Attorney General Weat,
Corporation Commissioner J. J. moai-
ester and Assistant Attorney Gener-
al 0 A. Henshaw left for 8t. Louis
to attend the sessions of the Interna-
tional commerce commlaalon. Mr.
West Is Interested in tho Texas case,
attacking the ten per cent general
Increase In rates, recently announced
by eastern railroads.
The attorney general plans to at-
tend the national convention of rail-
road commissioners in Washington,
October 6, but probably will return
to Guthrie, September 30, when the
hearing on the petition of the Pull-
man and Western Union companies to
restrain the state board of assessors
from enforcing Its assessment on
their properties will bo had by United
State* Judge Cottcral.
Judge Campbell Refuses *o Appoint a
Receiver for Indianola Company
MUSKOGEE: Judge R. K. Camp-
trail, of the United States district
court, in session has given a deci-
sion In the case of the Baileys, of
Ottawa, O.. against Governor Haskell
law passed by the first leglslatu: '
the constitutionality of which la at-
tacked In the petition of George An-
derson, a real estate holder of Logan
county, against whom action was be-
gun by County Treasurer Rittsrhush.
Chief Justice Williams from the
bench, In the midst at the discussion
summed the issue o*. the argument In
a concise manner when he stated that
the whole question hinged on whether
the ferret law should be construed a
revenue measure, as that act !s de-
termined by tho constitution; that, if
the new statute la of such a nature It
ta Invalid, because It originated In
the upper house of the legislature and
was adopted during the last five days
of the session.
C. O. Hornor, of Guthrie, represent-
ed the petitioner before the court and
Judge M. Fulton, of Oklahoma City,
appeared for tho defense. The case
was submitted on arguments.
Battery to Maks Crest Country Hike
PORT SILL: Equipped with small
arms, camp equlppagc and all the ac-
couterments of war, battery B of the
first field artilery at Fort Sill under
the command of Lieutenant M. E.
Pratt, will leave the post here shortly
after tho first of October for a cross
country hike of 250 miles upon which
they vlli he absent more than a week.
Kay County Civic League Adopts Res-
olutions Against System
NEWKIRK: At a meeting of the
Ku.v county civic league held recent-
ly, the followiug resolutions were
unanimously adopted:
"That we are now, as we always
have been, In favor of state wide pro-
T’ march will be made from Fort j hibltlon as expressed In tho conatltu-
Slu to Oklahoma City, where the ,|on 0f Oklahoma; that wc are op-
; troops will atop a day or more and | posed to the adoption of article 1 of
the remainder of the necessary ills-j HenRtc bill No. 61, extending the
tance will bo made on tho march back state agency, but are not opposed to
j the present plan being to board a j the establishment of an agency sys*
i train after the 250 miles is covered, j tern In accordance with the conatltu-
I tion "
Refutes to Stand for Indiscriminate
Exchange of Books
GUTHRIE: "I don't see how tht
state ran remedy the situation, It It
Indeed serious,” said State Superin-
tendent of Education Cameron in dis-
cussing the refusal of Ginn A Co., one
of the largest book concerns holding
contracts with the state, to allow tho
retail dealers handling its text books
to exchange regardless of grades
Superintendent Cameron thought
the matter settled favorably to the
state bm a special representative of
Ginn A Co., who arrived from Dallas,
put a stop to the general exchange of
old and new books.
The contracts with tho companies
specify for the exchange of the books
of the same grade only but It also
applies to the law passed by the first
legislature. This act as interpreted
by Mr. Cameron does not limit the
exchange to books of the same grade
but provides for an indiscriminate ex-
Superintendent Cameron has re-
ferred the matter to the legal depart-
frantz &
Frank Frantx Orvtlla G. Franti
Bode Owners of
South Contral Texas, noar Beautiful
Healthful San Antonie.
Home Sweet Heme
Are YOU looking for a IIOMIC' lk»
YOU deal re a sure INCOME? U»
YOU des're a 1IOMK IN TOWN and
Do you desire a farm that will yield j
a net annual return of from $50 00 tv
$900.00 per aore? IH> you wish t«uu»* j
that everyone can meet?
Own Your Own Home
Our subdivision and plan of aale of
I • ITA-OII for It. Fourth Collage Nflasi OeL I. M*
Oklahoma »1ty Bxoluahety
tho trail* to wrtte f<
or prfciee.
\ hr l*at *!..n*t*4t ( I»I)0M4< of Ctilrnprerttc In the
«,.lj !•.*»I» Utioi anti woatl»m«m. Tu
A Wo •uptily l«»e-
■ Out
MV».. fw o*4ih«.aim$IN>W W# t'M'I'b
tu** tu *114*m (latlnatH* Vail farm begin*
let W*Ho *k« <•»» MeretOug IUoratiiM> A
the rich, black, sandy Artesian laihdn, j * uatuoav S It J c , Doom.'WILDEST D.OOR-
at wnwt, ntjWhooa* City. wU**m
Oklahoma City Merchants Successful
in Plea to State Board
GUTHRIE: After a hearing accord-
ed a committee from the Oklahoma
Two years agu the Kay county civic
league adopted resolutions in favor
of prohibition in the constitution. An-
other meeting is called for October
2. when steps will be taken to make
an active campaign against the adop-
City chamber of commerce, the Btate tion of the agency system in the
I form proposed and submitted to the
! people.
board of equalization has ordered
new assessment of merchants’ storks
and credits in Oklahoma county. The
state board had previously raised the I
assessments upon these classes of _
propevty from 100 to 900 per cent! Ok|ahoma Banking Board Finds That
above the returns made by the coun-, „ Has Money Enough
Charges were filed last week In
Creek county against two officials of
that county by F. S. Caldwell, prohi-
bition enforcement attorney. Viola-
tions of the liquor law are alleged.
The prosecution Is based upon affida-
vits filed by cltlxens of Bristow.
and the Indianola Contracting Com- ty hoard. A strenuous protest follow j <j['THKIE: The state banking
pany, of Muskogee. d from 1110 business men of kla- boarJ „dopted a resolution for the re-
The Baileys who own 20 shares of homa Clty who claimed that the ca'se- of the[r assessment to al nation-
rtcwk In the* company asked that a . workcd a great hardship upon the a, ba„ks wMch came |n under ,h9
receiver take charge of Its affairs on bllslne,<,8 inlercsts and boosted vaue- j depo,Uor>. guaranty law. It Is stated
receiver take charge
the ground that they were being mis-
managed by Haskell. The court held
that the allegations were unfounded,
and Ihe ease was ordered dismissed
at plaintiffs coat.
away above their actual cash value.
Former Probate Judge Indicted
EL .RENO: The grand Jury has re-
Judge—Do you understand the na-
ture of an oath?
She—I’m a telephone girl, judge.
Sometimes Hard to Tell,
George Eliot says that the expres-
sion on a woman's face when she is
sewing tells the story of the woman’s
heart. If she is happy and contented,
or possibly slovenly and indifferent,
she may smile and look tho happi-
ness she either feels or is Incapable
of feeling. If she has many things to
worry her and is possibly planning
how to make ten cents do a dollar's
worth of good, or if she is naturally a
vixen. it will show in her face, so aft-
er all It is not safe to predicate as to
what her sewing face reveals.
The board of freeholders elected to
write a new charter for Ardmore fin* ____ ____________
iBhod its labors and the charter has turned an indictment against James
been filed. It provides for a commls* 1 j. Phelps, of the law firm of Phelps
slon form with ward representation & Cope, of El Reno. He is charged
on the board of commissioners and with misappropriation of public funds
submits as a separate proposition the %o the amount of $2,268. Judge
question whether the office of chief phelps is one of the best known at-
of police shall be made appointive or ;orneys and politicians in western
elective. Oklahoma. He was twice elected pro-
bate judge of Canadian county and
It was during his term of office that
I the alleged irregularities were com-
That the county commissioners and
! the statutes of Oklahoma sanctioned
1 his keeping the money is the position
of Judge Phelps. His bond was fixed
at $1,060.
in the resolution that the full asses-
ments paid in by the bank will bo
returned, as the expenses of adminis-
tering the funds have been raoro than
exceeded by the Income from it.
Altogether fifty-seven national
hanks went in under the guaranty,
State Bank Commissioner Smock
has issued a cal! for a report of the
condition of Oklahoma banks on Sep-
tember 23. The call extends both
to national and state institutions.
The last call was issued July 15.
New Agricultural College Opens at
Tishomingo, October 5
STILLWATER: The faculty has
“on? ,twebnva:;
the opening al Murray state | converted into state banks or
school of agriculture at Tishomingo, have announced .heir mention of
October 6 doing so. Between thirty and forty
The president, Prof. James A. w 11-1 national banka will be affected,
son, is from North Dakota, but was! The resolution criticises Altoney
formerly connected with the school Oeneral Charles J. Bonaparte for glr,
of agriculture. Menominee, YVis.. ns ing "an ex parte opinion "vat nation-
al banks in Oklahoma must withdraw
from the depositors' guarantee law or
forfeit their charters.
near San Antonio. In Houth LVulral I
Texas, afford* you the opportunity to
have your nwu hoiue am!
A Regular income
for the rest of your day*, without
forever paying RENT and WORKING
FOR OTHERS. !>o you not dosira
these groat benefit*, if you c«n be
sure our proposition will bring these
inestimable blessings to you?
Easy Terms for AM
Five-acre tracts adjoining the town
of PRINCE, Tex.. $160.06—$60.90 cash
dow n, balanco $10.00 per mouih, with-
out Interest; $5.00 off for all cash.
Ten-acre tract next surrounding five-
acre tracts. $255.00—$76.00 cash down,
balance $16.00 per month, without in-
terest; $10.00 off for all cash. Twenty-
acre tract next adjoining ten-acre
tracts, $410.00—$110.00 cash down,
br.iance $25.00 per month, without in-
terest; $20.00 off for all cash. For
eighty-acre farms and larger write
us for terms and prices.
Farm Home and Town Home
You BUY a Farm Home—we GIVE !
you a Town Homo FREE. With every j
tract purchased we give you free aj
pair of residence lots, each 25 ft. by
140 ft., In the new town of PRINCE,
to be located near the Artesian Well, i
almost In the center of the Ranch. |
Last Cheap Good Lands.
To Wage Earners, called, and to j
all people possessed of average j
means or small savings—to the
Working People, Clerks, and nenters |
of others’ lands and lots—we wish to j
say: .
Buy Now
If you ever expect to own any land j
YOURSELF, you must ACT NOW, or
the Opportunity may pass from you
forever, never again to return—for
the remaining cheap good lands are
NOW rapidly being taken up by the
who realize that it is their last chance
Write us at once for full particulars
and we will mail you our booklet.
HUGH SCOTT, Secretary
General Offices Oklahoma City.
i VMg , (tiNii a..
II?. «
mIhif *M«i Uf**4,
IV autnmtr *ihI winter rtwort In th*
worn! ,rt»M*4*n •*!.-, <•*■? larma. Alto form
•imI **t.I*h imuU Win* for 4wv$(iw Ultra
IMF* Atklrm It** .*WI*4NT,
0. W. PATRICK. Bm M7. OSUAmu CM*. OAWAmm
Call tml ui ilurini tK« 3t*t« Fair. Oklt. Ckjr.
ll will flow while you sleep, DicuMndi of dollar*
hare been made out of investments made in Okie
hum* City real e»tate. You <*n do the Mm*.
Write me today and find out about the many b*r-
■•in* in City property ?h*| I have for til*. Or. if
you have property for mIt or exchange, or h*v*
money to loan on City property, write me *t once
Ac to ie*|»onMbility. refer you to City State Bank*
Oklahoma City W. L. PECK. 212 Security BW|
Oklahoma City. OkU.
All make*, rebuilt, $25 and up. Sent on approval
Send for prke-liat. All make* repaired. OKLA
Poet Office. Oklahoma City.
When In the market for Architecture
al Iron and Steel, Machinery and Ma-
chinery Supplies of every description,
and Boilers, Write N. S. 8herman Ma-
chine A Iron Works, Oklahoma City*
The city council of Sulphur haa or-
dered the paving of thirty blockB,.
work to begin within thirty days.
The atate school for the deaf at
Sulphur opened Tueaday with an on
rollment of 150.
Man and Beaxt Alika.
Only those who have suffered tho
agony of eye afflictions can appreclato
the blessing to humanity in Dr. Mitch-
cll a famous Eye Salve. Introduced In
this region na far back aa 1849 It ia
found to-day In all well regulated
homes hereabouts. Not alone the eyea
of man but those of the dumb animals
have enjoyed its comforts. Mltchcll'a
Eye Salve. Sold everywhere. Price 25c.
Debts of the Rich and Poor.
Debts, aa a general rule, are harder
to be colleoted from the rich man
than from the alave of toll, for the
former builds upon hla position In so-
ciety to excuse him from his obliga-
tions. while Ihe latter often makes
the attempt to discharge hla contract*
to preserve hls standing in the com-
Attempt to 8top Liquor Shipments la
fought In supreme Court
OUTHHIE: The application of the j
Oklahoma Liquor company of GaineB- j
rllle, Tex., for an order restraining
authorities of the state and Oklahoma j
county from seizing liquor shipments
was heard by Judge Cotleral of the
United States circuit court last week.
The matter was left pending.
Special Prohibition Enforcement
Officer Caldwell declared the weak
point of the petitioner's claim was
that agents of the Gainesville com-
pany have been soliciting orders In
the state. ThU, bo argued. Is In vio-
lation of the constitution. Ho cited
the case of Delameter vs. South Da-
I kota. wherein a decision of the su-
; prerae court construed such solicits-
j tion to be a violation of stato laws.
\V. D. Cardwell, of Oklahoma City,
represented tho petitioners.
J, W. Conway, of Coalgate, Thomas
A. McCorkle, of Lone Wolf, and E.
In the county scat election In Pitts-
burg county last week McAlester won
out over Krebs. The former town
received nearly seventy per cent of
the votes.
Charter to Irtterurban Company
GUTHKIE: A charter was Issued by
the secretary of state Saturday to the
Oklahoma. Kansas * Missouri Inter-
urban railway, which proposes to
build a line from Miami, Okla.,
through Hattonville, Llncolnvllle and
Ottawa county to Baxter Springs, a
distance of 20 miles. The estimated
cost per mile is $20,000.
Class Honors.
The girl graduate who carries off
the honors of her class deserves all
the good things that can be said of
her. and can afford to laugh at the
bad Jokes that are mado at her ex-
pense. 8he has worked bard and
studied hard, and the honors that have
como to her are well worth tho win-
ning —Baltimore American.
GUTHRIE; Acting Governor Bella-
my has Issued a proclamation calling
a second election In Kay county to de-
termine Ihe location of n permanent
, county seat for December 2. At tho
recent election Newkirk, the present
icounty sent. Blackwell and Ponca
principal. He waa born and raised
on a farm, but Is a graduate of the
Minnesota college of agriculture, and
has had a number of yearB experi-
ence In teaching agriculture and al
lied subjects In Wisconsin and Min-
nesota. He Berved as dairy Inspec-
tor in western Minnesota, and w-as
later appointed by Governor John-
son and served as assistant dairy
commtsloner, during which time he
held many farmers' Institutes and
did much to build up the dairy and
live stock Interests of that Btate. He
was also principal of the school of
agriculture at Crookston. Minn.
The other members of the faculty
are as follows: English anu matbe
mattes, Mrs. Pearl Tindall, Hickory,
Okla.; drawing and manual training,
F. W. Popp, Lockwood, Mo.; domes-
tic economy, Miss Emma Ghandler,
Stillwater; agriculturist, Shelby Rob
erta, Centerville, Miss.
Fr(6co Case to Supreme Court
GUTHRIE; Appeal wbb taken to
the supreme court In the case of the
St.' Louis & San Francisco railroad
vs. J. H. Couch, justice of the peace
of Woods county. In the trial court
the railroad sought a mandamus to
compel the Justice to approve its ap-
peal bond In the case of the Helena
Mill and Elevator company vs. the
Frisco. Judgment was secured by
the defendant In error.
Largest stock in Oklahoma. Lowest
prices. Send for catalog. W. J. PETTEE
& CO., Oklahoma City, Okla.
Make more
money picking
Saves hard
Children can
do a man’s
work by use-
ing the
Baltimore Building. AGENTS WANTED
Boa 1211 Oklahoma City. Okla
We have two pecks of coal;
That's going some.
We have a ham near whole,
Let winter come!
| L. Coffey, of Wewoka, havo been np- j City were candidates. None received
pointed railway mall clerks from Ok- | the requisite number of votes to def-
I lnttely settle the fight.
Tulaa County Give* Right to the Prai- ko*ee county
We Reiterate
That for more than fifteen years
Hunt's C’ure ha* been working on the j
afflicted. Its mission Is to cure skin a ° '
troubles, particularly those of an itch- GRAN-rS pipe LINE PRIVILEGE Railroad* Must Open Roads
Ing character. Its success is not on _ MUSKOGEE: Every railroad In Mua-
account of advertising, but because It I „____... ol„R, ,k. D..., I kogee county has been served with
■urely doe* the work. One box guar-
anteed to cure any case
Character Told by Thumb.
If the thumb be supple jointed the
Individual is easy-going, spendthrift,
careless of time, money, energy* op-
portunity and al) things. If it be firm
Jointed he is cautious, watchful, keen,
(hulomatic, tireless in planning, con-
fident and sure of success, self-poised
and self-controlling.
Important to Mother*.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTCU1A a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that It
Signature of
In Ubc For Over JiO Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
The Intelligent Witness.
••What was he doing when you saw
him?'' asked the judge of the witness.
"Well, sir, yer honor, ef I don't dts-
remember, he wuz a-raisln' of the
devil an* a-doia’ of notbiu'!”—Atlanta
rie Oil and Gas Company
TULSA: The commissioners of
Tulsa county have granted permis-
sion to tho Prairie Oil and Gas com-
pany, western branch of tho Stand-
ard, to cross the county with pipe
lines. That company had previously
obtained pipe line rights In Nowata.
WashlnfiOD and other counties, and
will begin laying additional pipe lines
at once, so it is said.
Lineman Electrocuted
GUTHRIE: Charles 8huler, of We-
leetka, a lineman in the employ of
tho Fort Smith A Western railroad,
was electrocuted by a live wire near
the union depot here. He was pull-
ing the wire from the street after it
had been blown down b> the high
wind. Hla baud came in contact with
it and he fell unconscious across tho
wires. Members of the fire depart-
ment lowered the body and Shuler
died without regaining consciousness.
notice to appear before the county
commissioners and show cause why
they have not opened up their cross-
ings on every section road in the
county. The old federal law and the
state law also requires the railroads
to make grade crossing where their
lines cross section line*, but the rail-
roads in many Instances have ignored
this law. County Attorney Crump
will prosecute the cases against the
Enid Buyer Says Com Crop is
and Price Will Hold Up
ENID: C. D. Smith, an Enid whole-
sale grain dealer, returned from a
ten days’ tour over the dtate in an
Inspection of the condition of the
corn crop. As a result of his trip
Mr. Smith states that Oklahoma has
the largest corn crop this year in her
history. He stated that in the Wash-
ita valley and in Craig, Ottawa and
Mayes counties especially is the yield
unusually large, exceeding by twenty
per cent at least, the yields of for-
mer years.
During the trip Mr. Smith pur-
chased 382.000 bushels and he states
that at no place he found corn sell-
ing for less than 45 cents a bushel.
The average price of corn In Okla-
homa will be 47 or 48 cents in his
opinion. This is caused by the crop
conditions through Kansas, Nebraska
and lows, where he said there was a
shortage to that of former years.
GUTHRIE: The hearing on the ap
plication of City Attorney Fred Green
for a writ to prevent the Pioneer
Telephone company from collecting
Increased rental or removing tele-
phones from the homes of the parties
who refused to pay the new rates
was continued before District Judge
Huston until November 10.
•Commissioners of Muskogee County
Appeal Case
GUTHRIE: The litigation over the
possession of the office of commis-
sioner of Muskogee county, which oc-
casioned statewide interest about the
time the two territories were admit-
ted to statehood, has been appealed
to tho supreme court.
The plaintiff in error, W. R. Har-
ris, was a candidate for the office
of commissioner against the defend-
ant, T. R. Palmer, republican. The
latter was declared elected, but on a
recanvass of the votes Harris was
placed in office. Palmer Instituted
proceedings and secured Judgment in
the district, court. Harris then ap-
Another case brought to the su-
preme court is that of Charles 1^
Flore vs. E. B. Sanders, from Atoka
county, where Judgment was render
ed* for the defendant In error.
"She vowed she’d sacrifice almost
everything to marry him.”
"She changed her mind w’hen she
found she'd have to sacrifice almost
Pear shupc
ion in Belgium
the base of th#
is claimed th;t
shape pierce t
far greater sp-
spherical hallo
arc steadier,
end prevents
•alloons are the fash-
( he point Is upward,
loon is spherical. It
c balloons of this
air vertically tCIth
than the ordinary
Consequently they
viso the upper pointed
ihe accumulation of
Commissioners Refused Request
MUSKOGEE. The county commis-
sioners of MuRkogee county refused
to extend the time asked by tae Prai-
rie Oil and Gas company to extend
their pipe and wire lines across the
county. Tho commissioners announc-
ed, however, that they wanted time
to investigate their authority and that
the pipe line people could at
date have another hearing.
BriRtow is to be Rupplled with nat-
ural gaa for domestic and manufac-
turing purposes within thirty days.
Coal Rate Coast Poatponed
GUTHRIE: Tho long anticipated
hearing before the corporation com-
mission in which the cost of mining
and producing coal will t>« invest!
gated, was continued tor SO days at
the request of the defendant compa
nies, several of whom had repre-
sentatives here. The attorney gen
a later j <»ral will secure additional evidence in
the interim. The operators declare
they favor the investigation and can
prove the present schedule of the
| mines only equitable.
Safe Route for Australia
A manager of one of the lines trad-
ing to Australasia has given a Jour-
nal of Commerce representative mo
reasons which have actuated shipping
companies to adopt "lane" routes for
their vessels. The primary one is. to
prevent captains taking their steam-
ers too far south, thereby risking an
encounter with the ice. The secon-
dary object is to insure that any
steamer requiring It shall have assist-
ance in the shortest time possible.
Any "lame duck” keeping the track
is bound to be picked up in a few
days by a vessel of one or other of
the lines, and in a case of fire of
other casualty where passengers
might poslbly have to take to the
boats the risk of lives being lost
would be greatly minimized.
Bristow is to be supplied with nat-
ural gas for domestic and manufac-
turing purposes within thirty days.
Low Assessment Prevents Paving
GUTHRIE: A delegation of four
Bartlesville business men held a con-
ference last week with the state
board of equalization, presenting the
complaint that the adjustment of the
taxable valuation !n Washington
county was erroneous. The board
was told that the 33 1-3 per cent de-
crease in the valuation of real estate
as returned by the county assessor,
would prevent the city of Ilartlesvllle
from proceeding with paving. The
matter waa taken under advisement
by the board.
Attorney General to Determins Claims
NORMAN: The opinion of Attorney
General West as to the legality of tho
claims of the faculty members of the
state university, who were discharg-
ed by the new board of regents, for
salaries from the date of their dls- i
missal to the close of the acholastlo |
year will settle the matter so far as |
the board of regents is concerned. •
The board 11 session instructed the
secretary to issue warrants in pay-
ment of the claims in case the at-
torney general's opinion favors the
moisture or snow on the surface,
which frequently weighs a balloon
down and destroys its power to ris*
"I called up to my wife It was Just
12 when I came in last night, and
Just then the cuckoo clock sounded
"And you cuckooed nine times to
make good. I know that old joke."
"So does my wife. Therefore 1
dodged out and went to a hotel.”
A government bill has 'been intro-
duced In the Mexican congress provld
ing for subsidies to the extent of $25,-
000.000 (Mexican dollar--49.8 cents)
to Irrigation enterprises to be paid
from special yearly appropriations. An
other government bill Is for a conces-
sion for a new bank which will allow
farmers to secure longterm mort
gage loans; the total amount of the
bonds which may he U3ued by the
banking company, the principal and
interest of which will be guaranteed
by the government, is not to exceed
A Slight Jolt.
•*I want you to understand, sir,”
said the pompous party, "that 1 am a
»elf made man.” , ^
• No doubt about It,” rejoined the
sarcastic Individual. "But It looks to
me as if you had spent too much
time on your feet and not enough on
your head."—Chicago Dally News.
Of Course.
•If the president dies who gets the
"The vice-president.”
"No; the undertaker."—Judge.
Literary Aspirations
It is announced that George Ade la
to run for congress from Indiana, saye
aa exchange. Opio Read, from Chica-
go, is spoken of as an aspirant for
sheriff of Cook county. Augustus
Thomas recently von political ap-
plause In making a nominating speech
at Denver. It Is declared that Mr.
Bryan would be delighted if the dem-
ocrats should nominate Mr. Thomas
for governor of New York. "Pete’'
Dunne would not get angry, so hls
friends assert, if hls dear friend, Mr.
Roosevelt, should nominate hlin for a
high place In tho diplomatic corps.
Now comes news from Maine that
John Kendrick Bangs has flung hla
castor into the political ring. Georgo
W. Peck once was governor of Wis-
consin; Nye was a Justice of tha
peace in Wyoming; Booth Tarking-
ton was permitted to make impress
on the lawmaking power of Inciiana,
while Robert Barr, formerly of De-
troit. hut now of London, is waiting
to be knighted by the King of Eng-
Gen. Dabney H. Maury tells in hit
••Recollections of a Virginian” of aa
old lady In Fredericksburg who was
.educed to taking In boarders in ordea
to make both ends meet. On one oo
casion of stress the larder was so
empty that the good woman took to
her bed and summoned her servant
"Nancy.” she Raid, "there's nothing In
the house for my boarders to eat ex-
cept mush. But give them thaL II
they are Christians they will accept H
in resignation and thankfulness. And
if they are not Christians, it Is a deal
too good for them."
No Personal Damage.
“Did you have a pleasant trip?" they
asked him.
"Yes,” said tho returned aeronaut,
"until we landed. We came down In
a farmer's pasture, where there was a
big red bull We got away safely, but
the—er—balloon is there yet."—Chi-
cago Tribune.
Appropriate End.
"What do you think the fashion
critics ought to do about the sheath
"Knife it."—Baltimore American.
<a ' i-

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